Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I'm baaaaaccccckkkkk!

Hey, remember me?  I'm blogging again!  Not as much as the last time, just when we travel.

A lot has changed in my life since you last read me.  Bob and I are no longer together which isn't a bad thing.  There is a new guy in my life.  Well, that isn't exactly true.  Walt is a guy that I went "steady" with for three years when I was 18 to 21 years old.  Three years!   When we broke up all those years ago we remained good friends all through these last 45 years, always calling at birthdays, Christmas and maybe two or three times a year just to check in.  Well, circumstances brought us within 30 minutes of each other in Arizona where I had settled after coming off the road.  We got together and fell in love all over again.

I missed the traveling so we bought a Jayco camper and we take off in that.

We just got back after 8 weeks on the road.  I put everything on FB but I didn't like how the text was on top and all the pictures were at the bottom.  Nope, didn't like that!

So I started moving everything over to the blog.  I'm almost done and if you'd like to follow along go to WaltSnookie.blogspot.com.  You know the drill, go to Blog Archives, click on September, scroll down to the bottom and start there.  Remember to follow along.

We are on the road again right now, so I'll be updating at the end of each day.

Welcome back!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

He Had High Hopes......

(Show Low, AZ)

Next time your found
With your chin on the ground
There's a lot to be learned
So look around.

Just what makes that little old ant
Think he'll move that rubber tree plant
Anyone knows an ant, can't
Move a rubber tree plant

But he's got high hopes
He's got high hopes
He's got high apple pie
In the sky hopes.

This song went through my head all afternoon today.  Why?  Why am I thinking about an ant and a rubber tree plant?  Because today I made a "rubber plant".  Yes, a "rubber plant".  Made from, well, rubbers!  Or condoms as they are more commonly known today.  

Here's my creation....

I signed up for this class a few weeks ago not knowing anything about it.  When I arrived for the class ladies were picking out flower pots already stuffed with that green foam stuff you stick artificial flowers in.

I found the class leader and she instructed me to pick out eighteen condoms to start with.   WHAT???  There two gallon storage bags filled to overflowing with condoms of every color inside.  These came from the Dollar Store.  Half a dozen for a buck, how could they possibly be good for anything other than flower making???

Our instructor then said, "Watch this!" and proceeded to pour a bottle of water into a small glass thing which looked very much a flowerpot complete with dirt.

We were all a little startled at what started growing!

Turns out there were three Alka Seltzer tablets in the bottom and the "fizz" got things going.   Hmmm,,,,,a bottle of water and three Alka Seltzer tabs, a replacement for Viagra perhaps?

There were HUNDREDS of things to choose from for decorations for our "flowers".

In addition to stickers of all sorts we had "greens" to pick through to fill in our flower pots.

We were instructed to lay out our condoms and you could hear lots of laughs and the call for a blue one or a red one.

Jeannie, the instructor, then proceeded to tell us how to make the flowers.

We had to hold the condom and then gently blow into until a nipple stuck out the other side.

I just can't believe I'm doing this!

Next we had to hold that nipple between our thumb and forefinger and then wrap the wire that is attached to floral sticks around it.

Royal Imports 12" Green Plant Stake, Floral Picks 25pcs

Sue was quite happy with her flowers!

The finished "flower", ready for decorating.

Here are the finished creations.

Look at the word this lady chose to add to her flower pot.  We had a great laugh over that one!

This was the most fun craft class I've ever been in!   You never heard such laughter!

Jeannie with another "plant" she grew.


Monday, January 11, 2016


Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! 2016

Happy New Years Everyone!

Oh how I am struggling with this blog.  Do I want to give it up?  No, I don't think so.  On the other hand the last six months have been fun and eventful but it seems so overwhelming to play catch up.

So I think what I will do is start fresh again today and fill in the back pages as I can, when I can and just post a link to it here.

So where are we?  We're in Arizona in our park model in Quail Run.  As you will find out (eventually) as I fill in the past six months, we left the 5th wheel up in Show Low.  It turns out that once the wind died down we really loved the Juniper Ridge park.  Again, as I fill in the missing months you'll find out why.

It's been cold here in desert this year.  Cold enough that I had to put jeans on!  Something I haven't done for the last several years.  I talk with my mom and friends back in Delaware and while its 59 degrees here they are having temps in the mid 70's,,,,IN DECEMBER!  Tell me again why we're in the desert?

We're going down the street this afternoon for the first party of 2016.  I'll post pictures tomorrow!

Gosh, I think it feels good to be back!

Friday, October 2, 2015

10/2/2015 No Sleep!

Arizona City, AZ

Bob got absolutely no sleep last night.  He said he was up all night worrying about the rig being that un-level.  Soooo, we're going back to tomorrow to move it.  He says he just can't leave it like that, we have to move it.

We unpacked the car and truck and then of course I had to re-pack an overnight bag for us to take tomorrow.

Today we had a chance to look around the yard and we were surprised at how much our cactus and other plants had grown over the summer.

Bob wasn't expecting to have his picture taken.  He wasn't hiding he was checking the irrigation lines.

We have oranges!

This cactus grew so much.

The oleander is way overgrown, this will have to be quite way back.

We did manage to get the inside temperature down to 76 degrees inside last night.  The AC didn't shut off once.  But at 76 it was actually quite comfortable considering how hot it was outside.

We've decided that we'll spend the night in Show Low when we go up to get the rig moved since driving 10 hours a day is just something we don't even want to do.

We called it an early night since we're getting up early tomorrow morning to head back to Juniper Ridge.  We'll make a stop in the morning to get diesel fuel because we noticed that it costs about 20 cents a gallon less down here.

This ride back and forth is getting old!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

10/1/15 Farewell Juniper Ridge

Show Low to Arizona City, AZ

Today we depart what we now refer to as our summer place.  

First we had to get the 5th wheel over to the lot where we are keeping it for the winter.  This proved difficult at best.  Bob had checked out the lot and the best way to get into the space and was concerned with a bend in the road that he was going to have to navigate to get into the lot.  He was so concerned about the route that he really didn't notice the lot itself.  Oh, this was a lesson learned.

The lot was very much out of level and evidently there had been a water leak at one time near the water spigot.  The lot had lots of stone on it and it was very deep which makes for lousy traction.  Back and forth he went trying to get it close to the patio and away from the worst part of the un-level area.  Needless to say the rig was leaning!  You can get an idea of how much it was leaning from this picture.  We aren't hooked up here, we just didn't move the truck yet.

Trust me, this is leaning alot.  After we got it in there we had to clean up the site of ruts we made and make it look it presentable again.  Neither one of us was looking forward to the four and half drive ahead of us to Arizona City but our "summer house" was now put away for the season.

So we headed on down the road.  

When we got to Arizona City it was HOT!  This picture was taken at 5:30 in the afternoon, in the shade.

This one was taken inside after we got the electric on.  We had to get this place cooled down enough to sleep in!

All Bob talked about was how much the RV was leaning and how worried he was that when the area got snow and ground got saturated that the ground would give.  Now I was worried too!

So here we are in Quail Run for the winter and we're in our park model.  This makes me very happy.  What doesn't make me happy was having to unpack this!  In this heat!

Needless to say we took out what we absolutely had to have, the rest can wait until a cooler tomorrow morning.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Dear Readers,

I’ve gotten your comments here on the blog, your emails, your texts, your phone calls.  I hear you.

I haven’t posted since June because I didn’t have much to write about, things weren’t really into the swing of things here and quite frankly, I just didn’t know if YOU were still interested or not.  So, I let the blog get away from me.  Then the next thing I know things are busier than ever here and time is in short supply.

All the same, I hear you.  I will continue to write The Quinn’s Awesome Journey.  By now I’ve probably lost a lot of readers and that is certainly no ones fault but my own.  It doesn’t matter, those of you who contacted me and reached out to ask if we were ok,,,,you matter.

So I will do my very best to play catch up.  I can only do that by covering a few days or even a week at a time.  So bear with me…..  When you visit this site just scroll down to see what I've added.