Saturday, September 30, 2006

September 15 - 30, 2006

We've had calls from home buyers wanting to the see the house. They came, they saw, they didn't buy.

We had our first open house and Bob made himself scarce but I hung around with Rick, our agent. I had even put a roast in the crock pot so the house smelled oh so good We had two people come through and I left out the back door as soon as they drove up. What a disappointment! What is happening? Why isn't this house selling? Its been six whole days and not one offer! Oh well, at least we had a good dinner.

Meanwhile, we're still downsizing.

We did manage one camping trip to see our campground owner friends, John and Patty of Warwick Woods Campground. If you ever get to Pennsylvania, in their neck of the woods, be sure to look them up and tell them Bob and Snookie sent you. They run a very nice campground. John and Patty treated us to dinner and it gave us a chance to talk without the "business" interfering with our time together. Thanks John and Patty!

On September 29th Bob retired from his full time job with the Delaware National Guard. To celebrate we joined our nearest and dearest at a crab feast at the Elks Club where we're members. A good time was had by all.

Friday, September 15, 2006

September 1 - 15 2006

The painting is done and new carpet was installed the first week of this month. We have just a few little odds and ends projects to do. Its time to call in the real estate agents to interview. We decided to interview three agents, two from well known agencies and one from an agency that neither one of us had ever heard of but advertised 3% total commission. Now THAT is right up my alley, the more money we put in our pocket the happier I am. It was a hard decision to pick just one, we like all of them. In fact, one of them is even a friend of ours. The dollar signs swayed me and we went with the lesser known company (to us) Sellers Connection.

On September 9th we welcomed Brittany Pierce into our family when she married our nephew Dusty. Of course Brittany has been a part of our family for a lot of years already as they started dating when they were young teenagers. She was a beautiful bride and we wish them many years of happiness.

September 10th is the date Bob has been waiting for. Today is the day he retires from the Delaware National Guard. We arrived at the armory at 7 a.m. and met my parents and uncle there for the ceremony. Bob was awarded several medals and given some special mementos of his National Guard career. He was also promoted to the state recognized rank of Sergeant Major (E-9). Bob served 33 years in the Armed Services with tours in Vietnam and Desert Storm.

This is the last project did for the National Guard during his weekend drills. He worked with local Seabee unit to complete this.

On September 12th the For Sale was planted. I cried. This was after all our first and only home for the last 26 years. As our agent, Rick Carll left he said, "I wouldn't be surprised if it sells this weekend". Bob and I stood in the front yard waving goodbye to him thinking the same thing. Bob had put so much work into it these past few months it was just in great shape and also had that all important "curb appeal". Little did we know that September 12th is the date the market died in our area.

September 15th marked my last day at work for Horizon Services. I had only worked for this company for a few months in a part time status but they were kind enough to surprise me with a little going away party. Although I hadn't worked there very long I truly did enjoy it and more importantly, the people I worked with.