Tuesday, September 30, 2008

9/30/08 Changes, Changes, Changes

I ended yesterday's post with:

That's about it for today, can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Well, let me tell you, I didn't expect today to bring what it did!

As of this morning I am the new Activities Coordinator for Quail Run. This is something Jeannie approached me about a couple of months ago and I took my time getting back to her and in the meantime she asked someone else if they would take on the position. I took my time because I had many doubts if I wanted to do this or not. I saw what Bruce and DeAnn went through last year and didn't know if I wanted to put myself through that. Then again, because of the great job they did last year everything is organized and if the team is anything like last year it could be fairly smooth sailing.

For whatever reason, its between Jeannie and the couple who were supposed to be the Coordinators, they have backed out and she came to me. I was a little taken aback when she knocked on the door and handed me a sheet of paper listing all the Activities Workampers info and up in the corner was our names as coordinators. I told her I had to talk to Bob, keep in mind that I just found out seconds prior, before I could give her an answer as to whether or not I would do this.

Well, I did talk to Bob and I do understand that the majority of the responsibility is going to be on my shoulders. I told her I would TRY it. She said that's all she asks and if I decide I don't want to do it she would then bring in someone else. She thanked us profusely for taking on the job.

Oh what have I gotten myself into?

Bob and I wanted to fill up the gas tank with fuel before the prices spike. We don't know that they will but with the market and futures all over the place, why take a chance? When we came in we saw that the station closest to us had diesel for .....


Now we didn't think that was too bad considering we've been paying more. In our travels today we had to go get a propane tank filled and on the way there saw another station with diesel at $3.53, needless to say we filled up there! These fuel prices are killing us! Even at cheap to us, $3.53. How much is fuel in your area?

When we returned I tackled the kitchen. I went through all our cabinets to weed out anything that didn't have a lid with if was supposed to, for things we just didn't use, for cans and bottles with their expiration dates long passed and just generally straightened them all up. Now Bob even has a shelf where "his" stuff goes in the pantry. Stuff I won't eat. Refried Beans. Kipper....and the like.

I also got all the mirrors shined up in the living/dining room. The desk area has been rid of all useless papers and it is all dusted and straight. I'm just moving right along.

Once again the heat is getting us down. How someone lives in the desert all year round is beyond me. It was even too hot to cook so we ordered a pizza in for dinner.

So today was a day for major changes in how our winter is going to be spent. Then again, maybe not. Time will tell.

Monday, September 29, 2008

9/29/08 And the Cleaning Begins!

DUST! Where did it all come from? I started the major cleaning today and have found dust in more places than I knew existed in this rig. I don't know how it gets in as we travel down the road but it finds a way.

It was extremely hot here again today, triple digits once again.

Three more rigs came in to today but the place is still empty. We're still the only ones on our street.


Bob spent his day getting our water all hooked up with the filter and water softener and special shutoffs in case of a problem. With having to come in out of the heat that pretty much took all day.

I got as far as the bathroom completely cleaned. The drawers have all been gone through and cleaned out and old stuff gotten rid of. Shower walls are all shiny again and the mirrors sparkle. I figured if I did one room a day I'd be done in a week. It took me all day to do the bathroom too. I'd clean the medicine cabinet mirror and go play a few games of solitaire. Hmmmm, no wonder it took me all day.

When outside I tried to stand in the shade of our tree every chance I got.


Isn't this the most pitiful thing you've ever seen? Someone was hired to trim the trees and evidently they had something against fig trees because they just butchered this one.

Here's the shade we have on our site. Now doesn't this just give you a cool feeling all over looking at this shade?


Late this afternoon the new Activities Coordinators/Directors arrived. I went over to meet and welcome them but I caught them at the end of a long day and he seemed very tired. I made a quick exit and went on my way.

That's about it for today, can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

9/28/08 Back to Arizona City, Arizona

Today is the day. Today we move back to Arizona City or more specifically, Quail Run, the place we spent last winter.

We were on the road by nine and had an easy run of the 120 miles we had to go. We stopped at the local Walmart to get beer and Pepsi's and a few groceries in to get us through the next two days or so.

I stopped in at the nail salon inside Walmart where I get my nails done. Christine, the lady who did them all last year was there and she saw me right away and greeted me with a big smile and a hug. I'll be back to see her this coming week.

As we drove the last 8 miles to our winter home I had all kinds of things going through my mind. I'll be working on the activities team again and I wondered if we'll have a great group like we did last year. Will we work as well together as we did last year? Will the coordinators be as good, no, make that as great as Bruce and DeAnn were? Last year we heard over and over again, "This is the best year we've ever had here"....this years team has big shoes to fill. I've made up my mind that I'm going into this with the attitude that I'm going to be an asset to this team, I have a good idea of what worked last year and what didn't. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we've got a great team again.

We pulled in and went right to our site. We're on the same street we were on last year as per our request. Its nice knowing going in that you're friends will be here shortly.

It is blazing hot here! Again, we're in triple digits but the difference is we can't sit inside the air conditioning today, we've got to get set up. We have a screen room that attaches to our awning and we're putting it up this year for more living space. We had to get lined up just so with the cement patio and that seemed to take forever since there was no shade to stand in. Back and forth, back and forth, sometimes just moving the rig over as little as an inch. Bob, the perfectionist! I would have looked at like, "Hey, we can see the patio, its close enough!" He finally got everything right where he wanted it and we could start the set up. We just got the basics done today, enough so that we could get inside where it was starting to cool down. Mid afternoon is NOT the time to be setting up, trust me.

Shortly after we pulled in, Jeannie, the park manager, showed up in her little golf cart. After hugs, she welcomed us and asked that we come in sometime tomorrow to the office. She seemed sooooo happy, I think maybe she is glad to welcome back the winter residents.

This place is empty! There might be a half dozen rigs in the whole place. We did meet two of the three camp hosts and one couple who is going to work in Activities.

Late this afternoon there was a knock at the door. I answered and was so surprised and happy to see Sandy, our line dance instructor and Darlene standing there. Neither one of them knew we were coming back this year and they had met the couple from Activities at the pool. In talking with them they learned that they had met us, Bob and Cookie. They knew right away who they meant and came over after their swim to welcome us back.

We had homemade steak sandwiches for dinner and I settled in to watch the first episode of this years Amazing Race. There's a guy from Delaware on it this year. In fact, he is the son of the orthodontist we took Bob's son, Timmy, to for braces. I could win the game of Six Degrees of Separation from an Amazing Race participant!

After AR I went over to Sandy's to say hello to Cactus Carl. Its so good to see them again!

I'm glad we're back, I'm really glad we're back!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

9/27/08 Bob Gets Started....

Again, we had a lazy morning. TV, computers, coffee and a Pepsi.

Bob decided he was going to get started on his chores that he has in mind to get done when we reach our winter perch. He washed the back of the rig and started waxing it. In this HEAT! I can't even imagine.

He did take this picture of the front of the rig to show what happens when you are going down the road day after day after day.



There's no sense in even washing that off yet as we have another 120 miles to go before we settle in. There would only be bugs on the front again.

It is so incredibly hot here! We're in the triple digits. There is no one out walking around, not even sitting outside. I don't know how he's doing it. But that's my Bob, he can't sit still for too long, always has to be doing something.

So that we didn't have to deal with cooking and washing dishes we decided to order something from Beni's which is very close by. The couple that owns this place are transplanted New Yorkers. I was tempted to get a sub because I thought they just might know what they are doing and I'd get a good one. I ended up with something else completely because manicotti caught my eye and I went with that. It came with a salad and a roll and was very, very good! Bob opted for a sausage and cheese and he raved about his too. Kinda, sorta makes me wish I had the gotten sub now because I know it will be a long time before I get one again.

I was outside at eleven tonight and it was still 92 degrees! Our A/C is running constantly and its not keeping up. I think we're going to have to look into a second unit for the rig. One is not enough!

Moving day tomorrow, I better get to bed!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

9/26/08 Ya Gotta Love These Little Towns!

After a lazy morning Bob and I decided we had errands to run.

We've been having trouble with one of the truck tires losing air pressure and we couldn't find a nail or any other kind of puncture causing this slow leak. Since we had lost 20 pounds of pressure in the last 48 hours we knew we had to get this tended to. We just couldn't keep towing this heavy rig down the road with all the weight in the bed of the truck and expecting three tires to carry the load instead of the four that should be sharing it. So off we go in search of a tire place. I should tell you now that we are in a little town called Black Canyon City. Trust me, the word "city" doesn't even come into play here. I don't even know if town would be a correct description. Village and hamlet come more to mind. Got the picture? We're in a small place, not many businesses. When we started out we thought maybe we would even have to go to Flagstaff which is 100 miles away. So we ride into the downtown area and we see a Shell gas station that advertises tire work. Well, its the only game in town so we didn't have much choice in this location. We kept on going just in case we could find a real tire business. We couldn't. Back we go and Bob asks the guy if they are equipped to work on dually's. (It's the inside tire we're having a problem with) The man assured Bob that he could fix whatever was wrong. Good! That's what we wanted to hear. I went to the waiting lounge, 4 chairs and 3 magazines. My choices were Time, Ebony and an eight month old People magazine. Bob went to the parts store on the same lot to pass his time. In what seemed like just minutes the fellow who was working on our tire came into the lounge and told me we were done. Already? Did you even take the tire off? I went to get Bob in the parts store and told him we were done and free to go. He gave me a look that said, "I knew this place couldn't fix it!" Well, they did! It turns out that the only thing wrong was the stem was loose and we were losing air through that. Being the inside tire, Bob couldn't reach the stem itself only the extension on it so it can filled. Bob asked the fella how much he owed him and he replied, "Nothing, I didn't do anything". Bob questioned him again and got the same answer. Bob insisted on paying him for his time and the guy literally RAN away. Bob went after him and insisted the guy at least have a beer on him. THAT got the guys attention and he agreed to accept several dollars for that.

Our next stop was across the street at the Hair Nook. We are both in need of haircuts but they were pretty busy so Bob got his cut since he was in more need of one than me. By the way, I took a picture several weeks ago and somehow forgot to get it posted. Below is a picture that I took when we were at Steve and Carol's in Salt Lake City, primarily for the deer in the picture. Take notice of Bob's ball cap.


See the seams? This is what happens when you don't change ball caps!



Oh boy, is he gonna yell at me when he sees I put this on here!

Anyway, he got a GREAT haircut! I wish I had time to get mine done by the lady who did his.

From there we went to the grocery store. I've been craving broccoli. They didn't have any really fresh broccoli. Oh, they had some but the stems were rubbery and it was past its prime. We settled for frozen peas with our meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

After dinner we watched the debate between McCain and Obama. That's all I'm gonna say here about it. We watched it. Oh one thing, I do think one of the candidates needs to learn to NOT interrupt when someone else has the floor.


Why do psychics have to ask you your name?

That's it for today.

9/25/08 Back in the Land of Saguaro's

We're back in the desert. How do we know that? By the cactus of course!


We got settled into Bradshaw Mountain RV Resort for the next several days. Bob found an online coupon for buy one night - get one free. At $35.00 a night that is quite a savings. Actually, this is a nice park but I don't think its worth $35.00 a night but at $17.50 per night its perfect! Since we're staying here for three nights the actual cost is just over $23.00 a night, which is still good to this Queen of Cheap.

Wow! Its H O T here! We're in triple digits and are thankful for our picnic table UNDER the tree on our site. If you are in the shade it isn't bad at all but that sun is brutal!

Since it is so hot outside we spent our time inside with the air conditioning. Our A/C doesn't shut off but then we didn't really expect it to.

Other than getting set up we didn't do a whole lot today. Dinner and TV were the order for the evening.


How much deeper would the ocean be if there were no sponges?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

9/24/08 You've All Heard About....

....Best Laid Plans. We had planned on staying in a FamCamp for two days in New Mexico. Scratch that. Not gonna happen.

We drove through to Williams, Arizona. We stayed here last spring just before we went to the Grand Canyon. It snowed the last time we were here. HA-HA! No chance of that happening this time around! It's HOT here!

Bob is insistent on telling me the temps in the area of Arizona where we're going to be very soon is topping out each day between 110 and 115 degrees. Bring it on! I'm ready! After all, our air conditioner works!

I took a few going down the road pictures today.



We saw smoke from a fire in the distance and kept an eye on it as we got closer.


It looks like a big fire whatever it is.


A little ways down the road we saw one of the message signs telling motorists that the US Forest Service was involved in a controlled burn. These houses look awfully close, I hope it IS controlled.


I heard on the news yesterday that a new storm (hurricane) is brewing down south. These cartoons came to mind when I heard that.




Thanks to Elaine of Lewes, DE for the cartoons!

Here's something else I'd like to share with you. Click on this link and just sit back and watch. This is just amazing. Watch for the elephant!

YouTube - Pilobolus - "Summer In The City"

This is about it for today. We're just stopped for the night, ready to move on tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

9/23/08 New Mexico Bound

Before we pulled out this morning I took the time to watch the chipmunks play. I could sit and watch them for hours as they chase each other in whatever chipmunk game it is they're playing. I watched them scurry here and there as looked for whatever it was they dig in the gravel for. It wasn't unusual to have 5 or 6 of them playing in "our yard" at one time. They don't seem to mind humans until you get just a tad too close.



This is a morning shot showing the aspens are starting to turn to their fall colors. That's something I miss, the fall colors,,,,not the crisp air, not the raking, just the colors.


So we finally got all hooked up and were ready to hit the road once again. Here's a picture of Bob getting the rig across the river/bridge again.




Now this was a dumb thing to do! I had to chase after him to the other side and bridge was ICY! I thought it was just wet at first with morning dew but after that first slip I soon figured out I was looking at black ice.

Down the road a piece this car passed us with a huge elk rack tied to the roof. Oh how Bob would love to go elk hunting and get one of those.


It had to happen sooner or later. We knew it would, just not when. Well, today was the day. We stopped for a rest stop and when Bob went into the rig to use the facilities he always checks things over to make sure all is well. Usually, it is. Until today. When he came back to the rig he told me the dishes had spilled out of the cabinets and glass was everywhere. OH NO! My favorite dishes too! There wasn't anything I could do at that point so we just kept going. All in all it wasn't too bad, we lost a dinner plate and three salad bowls. I now have a serving for three,,,,looks like new dishes are in my future!

About four hours later we pulled into the campground where we'll stay the night. We made it as far as Gallup today. It sure is different than the one we just left. This one is a gravel parking lot but it'll do for the night.


First thing I did was get out of the jeans and sweatshirt that I had on when we left Colorado. This is definitely shorts and T weather here in New Mexico.

I didn't have to cook tonight as they offer a "Cowboy Dinner" here each night during the summer. Even though it is officially fall, it is still very much summer here! Bob went and got something for himself and came back with a large order of ribs, a ton of french fries, a big garlic roll and it seems to me there was something else on the plate but I can't recall it right now. He raved how good it was. I was hungry when we first got here and made myself a salad and then of course wasn't hungry at our usual dinner time.

I noticed these big ol' buzzards sitting in a tree near by. The one with its wings spread isn't just landing or getting ready to take off. It just sat there like that for the longest time.


I sure am glad we have the rigs we have today instead of like this one from yesteryear. I mean, really, where did they keep the cooler of beer and Pepsi's?


No one seemed to be out and about this evening while I sat at the picnic table and read. Must be everyone is just passing through and here just for the night, therefore staying in and resting, getting ready to hit the road again tomorrow. Just like us.

Monday, September 22, 2008

9/22/08 Dear Readers.....


H O O R A Y ! ! !

9/22/08 A Quiet Day in the Gulch

We didn't do a whole lot of anything today. These past few days of doing nearly nothing is just what we needed. We needed this time to relax.

Bob fished and caught two! I worked on the blog, did the laundry and cooked dinner. How's that for a day?

We've decided we're going to leave here tomorrow. We're going to take four days to get to Arizona and spend two at a FamCamp in New Mexico on the way. Nice, easy travel days, none more than 200 miles so we'll be in camp early in the day.

Oh, before I forget. I heard from the office pals in New Jersey. Looking at my stats report it seems as though they are from Livingston. How ironic....our legal "hometown" is also Livingston except ours is in Texas. Now come on office pals....sign up on the Buddy Map!

Looking at the stats,,,,I'd like to know more about the readers from Reston, VA. Quite a few pages being viewed from there. Drop me a comment please.

That's it today for this post in Quinn's Awesome Journey.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

9/21/08 To Cortez We Go!

Another beautiful day here in Colorado. Everything is right with our world. Well, almost. I'm down to two Pepsi's and Bob has one beer left. It's time for a run.

We decided to go into Cortez where we'll be able to find a WalMart. Its a 26 mile drive but its a nice day to be in the truck riding.

We found the WalMart with no trouble and stocked up on our beverages of choice and also got in a few groceries.

The best part of the ride? We hit cell service! I made good use of that time and caught up with some family and friends.

This is the campground that Bob and I wanted to workamp in next summer. We've changed our mind. This would be a great place to spend a month but we think any longer than that we would go crazy. No phones as of right now, no satellite TV if you can't get your signal over the trees, 52 mile round trip to go do a big grocery shopping and a bit of a drive to go do "something" since this place is out in the boonies. AND...I talked with one of the workampers today, not letting on that we put our resume out there and I found out that all the workampers are expected to work at least 32 hours a week and in fact during the busy summer months you can count on 40 or MORE. Uh-uh, not for us. We're glad we came here this week and figured these things before we made a big mistake next summer!

On a sad note, today we lost a friend. You've heard me ask for prayers for our friend Joe. He gave a strong fight against the cancer that took him but he was suffering so much at the end that his passing is a blessing. Joe. What can I tell you about Joe? He had a contagious laugh. He was one of the kindest people you'd ever want to meet. If you needed help, Joe was there. He was too young to leave this world as he had just turned 50 this past June. Joe is in a better place now. He's whole and free from pain. Everyone who knew Joe will miss him. He's just that kind of guy.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

9/20/08 Pics from Priest Gulch

A little warmer today and that is a good thing. Jeans and T-shirt is a comfortable combination for the temperature here.

I did venture out to take some pictures today.

Here's the site we are in. See that little patch of green grass? Every site has a bit of green lawn and it is perfect! Not a single weed, thick and it feels oh so good under the feet.


A view of the street we "live" on.


The lots across the river.


The view from the bridge we had to come over looking down river.


And I did a 180 and took a picture showing up river.


Bob finally broke out the fishing pole!


See our fire ring behind the rig? This campground even gives anyone who wants it,,, FREE FIREWOOD! That is just unheard of! At least we've never encountered this before.


There's a section on the street we live on where all these painted rocks reside. I guess who ever wants to add one to the pile is free to do so.


A close up. You can tell a lot of work went into some of these.


Bob didn't catch any fish today but he's still trying.

Friday, September 19, 2008

9/19/08 Whoa....Break Out the Sweats!

We're all settled in for the next few days and already we have had to turn the furnace on, get the little electric heater out of storage and break out the sweats! Brrrrrr, its a little chilly here in the valley between these two mountains. There won't be any shorts for us for the next few days. Arizona is starting to sound really, really good.

We ventured outside a few times but not for long intervals. We're just not used to this chilly weather. The thing is, its not really COLD outside. We don't get the sun until after noon so we're in the shade all morning, keeping the temps down.

I continued to get the blog caught up, and it seems like a never ending task! Bob went out this afternoon and sat in the sun and just vegged by the river running right behind our rig. He hasn't broken out the fishing gear as yet and I'm surprised at that.

After dinner we once again surfed our three channels and called it a night.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

9/18/08 Farewell Utah!

Today we take our leave of Utah. What a great state! One I'm sure we'll come back to and explore some more.

We were on the road by ten this morning and heading towards Colorado.

We passed this on the way. What a clever advertising idea! We saw the sign and I was expecting to see the "hole" but when we got closer there were arrows painted around the mountain directing one to the other side. Once you got past the mountain there sits a tourist trap type T-shirt store called none other than "The Hole N' The Rock.


A going down the road picture.


We were surprised to see this arch, outside of the national park. This one is called Wilson Arch.


It wasn't long before we reached the Colorado state line. Now take a look at their sign. They boast of their state as COLORFUL COLORADO on the plainest brown sign you've ever seen. Seems to me someone should have gotten their box of crayons out when they designed this sign!


Someone was having rain when we passed down this section of the road. We could see it falling from the clouds.


We are headed to a campground called Priest's Gulch in Dolores. We visited this campground earlier in the summer when we came through this way although we didn't stay here. Bob and I really liked what we saw when we stopped to check it out and sent our workamping resume in hopes of workamping here next summer.

We arrived by early afternoon and got a space on the other side of the river. Here we are following the golf cart over the bridge.


This place is so peaceful! The most noise one hears is the occasional bird, the chatter of the chipmunks, which are in great abundance here, and the water lapping over the rocks in the river.

We had to wait for our site as the rig that was in there had to be moved to storage. We were offered one that wasn't on the river but we really wanted to be parked there so we opted to wait. It took about twenty minutes but the time passed quickly because the campers already in place came to the truck to talk while we waited. Friendly people here!

We paid for three nights here and I made sure they blocked out four more in case we decide to stay.

Bob tried to set up our satellite dish for TV but couldn't get a clear shot over the trees to the southern sky. So while we're here we have a choice of ABC, NBC or Fox. Three channels, that's it. Oh yeah, and there is no cell service here either. We are in a valley and no towers are installed here. We hear that will change by next summer. I don't know if its every provider but it is a definite no-go for Verizon.

So we get set up which took longer than usual because everyone came over to say hello and talk for awhile.

After salad and spaghetti and meatballs for dinner we channel surfed our three channels all evening.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

9/17/08 Arches National Park

Waking up well rested it was time to get out and do something. Today we are going to Arches National Park.

We got on the road around eleven. I know, I know, we should have been on the road long before this but there is a reason. You see, we have our morning computer time that neither one of us likes to give up. We both have other blogs that we follow, forums to read, email to read/answer/forward and its part of our morning routine.

We stopped at the office on the way out to pay for our site for a few more days. When we arrived I had the lady block out a few more days after the original three we paid for. I usually do this because in the beginning of our adventure we would pay for a week and find after two days we hated the place. Doing it this way we leave the option open and I've never had a problem with doing this. Until today. I was informed that our site would not be available to us as it was already given out with a reservation. I told the lady behind the counter that the site was supposed to have been blocked out for an additional three days but she couldn't find where that was done. The campground is full and the new arrivals couldn't be put anywhere else and there was no place for us move to. We didn't know this is the "high season" for this area. Oh well, we'll have to cram all our sightseeing into today.

We hit the road....

Our view as we drive through town.


I don't know what its like where you live, but in Delaware our roadside view is billboards for the most part. I would much rather have this to look at.



It didn't take us long at all to get to the park.


Our view as we drove up into the park.


Here we are in the park.


Our first stop was the Park Avenue Trail. LaVon, I thought of you as soon as we got out of the truck and I saw this! Here's your dead tree for the day.


At some point in time there had to be some kind of seismic activity that caused this rock formation to crack, move and position itself like this. Just amazing!


We walked the short walkway to the end of Park Avenue Trail and gazed out at this beautiful sight.


After doing some research as to why this is called Park Avenue I found that it is called this because it mimics the skyline of that famous street. Personally, I don't see it but then again I've never been on Park Avenue if they are referring to the one in New York City.


Have you ever noticed when you go on vacation and its picture taking time in front of a monument or pretty scenery that one of the couple or one of the group takes the picture of the other(s) and therefore they aren't in the picture with their companion or group? Well, that's something that really bothers me. You may have noticed that there are a lot more pictures of Bob on this blog than me, that's because I'm the one with camera most of the time. For the most part, that's fine with me because I hate having my picture taken enjoy taking the pictures and I love my camera! Well, we got to the end of the trail and there was this lady taking a picture of her husband and I asked if she wanted to be in the picture too. She enthusiastically took me up on the offer to use her camera to record this moment in their history. In return, she took ours.


More views from the road as we travel through the park.


Some rock formations have been given names. Some I get, some I don't. Here's one called THE SHEEP. I get this one!


I also understand the next one. Its called THREE GOSSIPS.


I'm thoroughly confused by the next one. I don't see an ORGAN on the right of the formation or THE TOWER OF BABEL on the left side. Do YOU see it? (the far right formation in the picture)


We were back on the road again.


Our first look at the natural arches. (center of picture)


BALANCING ROCK from a distance.


The balanced rock looks as if it was carefully placed on the stand, but in reality, the sandstone around it wore away. It will fall down eventually.

Bob posing on the rocks.


One of me, but I think if the truth be told Bob wanted a picture of "his" truck.


We finally made our way to the Balancing Rock. This formation is 128 feet tall and rock on top is 55 feet! Pictures can be deceiving can't they?


A closer view.


Views from the road again...


The next area we visited is called THE WINDOWS.

The North Window from a good distance away.




And closer yet.


One B I G rock!


Walkway to the Turret Arch in the same area.


The South Window.


Both the North and South Windows in one shot.


Here is the Double Arch. We thought about walking to it but then thought again so you'll have to settle for this picture of it.


LaVon, I couldn't pass up this dead tree for you.


This next picture is of Delicate Arch. It was a three mile round trip to and from and our time in the park did not permit us to walk to it and there was no freakin' way we were walking that far! Uphill no less! The arch has a five foot thick top and the opening is 45 feet high and 33 feet wide. I'm sure it was something to see up close.


These next two pictures are of The Wall. I don't know how far it goes on but it seemed like it was outside my window for a long time. It seemed to go on forever!



There were several more arches to see in the park but we ran out of time since there was something else we wanted to do. Maybe someday we'll get back this way and will visit to see the rest. I hope so because these arches are not going to be here forever. Gravity and erosion will undoubtedly take their toll. In fact, just recently one of the most photographed arches fell. It was located in Devil's Garden and was the 12th largest arch in the park measuring in at 33 feet tall and 71 feet wide. Since 1970, 43 arches have fallen.

So we cut our trip through the park and decided we would get something to eat and then continue on with our plans.

We passed the Elks Lodge (# 2021) of Moab and stopped in to see if they were serving anything or at least to get a beer and a Pepsi. They were closed due to being in the middle of a state audit so we moved on.


Next stop was Smitty's Golden Steak Restaurant. I bet you are thinking your day wouldn't be complete if I didn't add at picture of at least the sign where we ate.


Smitty's is your typical small town diner, nothing fancy, but the food sure was good! This is probably where the "locals" come to eat. In fact, I'm sure that's true because our waitress called everyone by name when they came through the door.

Bellies full, we took off for our ride down Rt. 128. This is suppose to be one of those scenic byways. Its over a hundred miles for the round trip so we decided we would drive 35 - 40 miles and turn back. This would at least give us a chance to see the scenery. We weren't disappointed!


We pulled over at one pull off area and even found a sandy beach.


It was so nice to just drive down the road and have this to look at.


Its in this area that a lot of John Wayne movies were made.


I have to wonder if the people who drive this way everyday even appreciate "their" scenery anymore, does one get immune to this?


Driving along the Colorado.


So our time here is shorter than what we thought it would be but that's ok. We can always pack up the house and come back.