Thursday, April 30, 2015

4/30/2015 On the Road to Show Low

(Williams – Show Low, AZ)

We were on the road at 8:30 this morning because we had a stop we wanted to make before we hit the highway.


We’re going to stock up on meat at Sam’s Club.  Our freezer is empty along with the freezer over the refrigerator.  It’s time to go shopping.  Of course we got there earlier than the store opened for the public and we asked the manager if we could start shopping even though it was time for the member’s who have the upgraded membership.  He was reluctant at first which I totally understood so I told him how much money
we were going to be spending.  It swayed him and he let us in.  Just this time.

So we filled one of those big carts that Sam’s Club has with many pounds of meat, laundry detergent, butter, cream cheese, some canned goods and of course the case of beer.  And ice….we have to keep this all cold for the next couple of hours.

Some scenery as we traveled.


We made a pit stop in Holbrook, Arizona.  Now before I tell you what I found so unusual about this town let me lay some groundwork.

If you go to a town or city and see Delaware Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Maryland Avenue, it would be a safe bet that the roads are named after states.  Another example would be if you were in a town or city and saw street names like Elm Street, Maple Avenue, Willow Road, that the streets were named after trees.  Wouldn’t you agree?  One more example just to make sure you’ve got the drift now.  Washington Street, Jefferson Street and Lincoln Boulevard would surely all represent presidents.  With me here?  Imagine my surprise when I saw this street sign.

Bucket of Blood Street????

As the story goes, what was once Perkin’s Cottage Saloon was the setting for a brutal shootout back in the late 1880’s.  Supposedly the floor was covered with “buckets of blood” and the saloon was promptly renamed the Bucket of Blood Saloon.  Sure doesn’t sound like a place I’d want to go on a Saturday night.

We finally made it to Show Low!


We found Juniper Ridge RV Resort with no problem.


We stopped at the Administration Building to sign in and it was then official, we’re home for the next five months.

Here’s an overhead view of the main complex.


Take notice that the pool and buildings are all made in the shape of a cross.  I understand that this was first built as a Baptist retreat.  Evidently the church couldn’t sustain it and sold it to a developer.  The resort was developed.  I don’t know if this started as all RVs and then changed to a majority of park models or if the park models were brought in right from the git-go.  Well, the developer went belly up and the park model owners were allowed to buy their lots from the bank.  Some RV owners bought lots as well and extended the patios, added sheds and landscaping.  The bank still owns some lots and we  understand that they have been reduced in price once again.   Hmmm, could this be our summer home?

We met our next door neighbors, Mike & Alice.  They workamp for the real estate agent handling the lot sales.  They are his onsite reps since he works out of Mesa, several hours away.

Now we just need to get settled in.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

4/29/2015 Time Is Dragging

(Williams, AZ)

We’re bored.  We want the time to pass so that we can get on the road to Show Low.

We watch all the people in the RV’s around us and by 9 a.m. they are all out and about doing the Williams/Grand Canyon tourist thing.

Today I emailed the resort we’re going to and asked if we could come in a day early.  We got a quick reply that said, “Yes, come on in!”  That made us happy campers!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4/28/2015 We Arrive in Williams, AZ

(Williams, AZ)

We arrived in Willams without any problems.  We’ll be here for three nights.  We aren’t scheduled to be in Show Low until the 1st of May.

We’ve spent several days here before so we weren’t really into going out and sightseeing.  Besides, its chilly and cloudy.  When I registered us I did pick up the brochures for trains to the Grand Canyon and the local sights.  I don’ know why I did that because I knew we weren’t going to be dong these things.  I did go through them once we got set up and I think someday I would love for our sons and their families to meet us here.  It would make my heart happy to watch them as they see the wonder of the Grand Canyon for the first time.  It is such a sight to behold.

Because of the weather we didn’t venture out much.  After being in Parker, this place is COLD!

Monday, April 27, 2015

4/27/2015 Making Plans

(Parker, AZ)

Today we took a ride into Lake Havasau.  Not for anything in particular, just to get out of the house for awhile.

We had a wonderful meal n a restaurant called Mudshark.  Since it was late in the afternoon by the time we decided to eat we ordered a dinner like meal.  Bob had a salmon dish that he raved about and I had a chicken breast with pineapple in a teriyaki sauce.  Hmmm, hmmm, good!

When we got home we sat down at our computers and figured out where we were going to stay in Williams, our next stop.

We packed up all we could although we’ll be in no hurry to get on the road in the morning.

This was a great state park and I wish we were staying longer.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

4/26/2015 We Take a Short Hike

(Parker, AZ)

People who know me know I don’t hike.  I don’t climb mountains.  Now that said, Bob came in the 5h wheel late this morning and said to me, “Do you want to hike up that mountain with me?”  I looked at him like he had grown another head.  I replied, “WHAT did you just say?”   He chuckled as realized to whom he said that.  Then he turned serious and said, “Really Snook, we can do it, I’ve already gone up and there’s steps and you can do it.  So I grabbed the camera and off we went.  Well it had gotten considerably warmer in a very short time and we decided we had better put this off until after dinner.

We sat around outside most the afternoon and after dinner, as planned, we took our hike.

See the flag on top of this hill/mountain?


This hill/mountain is in reality way over there!  Good thing or a zoom lens!


The view we had from our perch.  Is this gorgeous or what?



Bob asked if I wanted to climb up higher.  I really didn’t see the need.

I took this close-up of this cactus, well, because I could.

When we got back Bob decided we just couldn’t go a second night without TV so he set our dish up.  I don’t know if Bob has just gotten that good at putting this dish up and pointing it just right or what, because when we tried it the signal came in at 94%.  That is very unusual to get a great setting right from the git-go.

So we settled in for the evening, listening to the TV and the kids playing in the campground and it was all good.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

4/25/2015 On the Road to Parker

(On the road / Parker, AZ)

We were up early this morning.  I think we are both anxious to get on the road.  We’ve spent enough time here in Quail Run this season.  Without going into detail, we are both glad to be away from here for awhile.  It wasn’t the best of years.  One too many drama queens.

So we started out like busy beavers, trip after trip to the 5th wheel with food, last minute items and our computer stuff.  By 8:30 we were ready to hit the road.

And we’re off!


It seemed strange to be following my home down the road.  This is a first for us.


Scenery along the way.




We stopped at a rest stop and Bob said, “You haven’t driven this far in a long time.”  I had to agree.  When we were back on the road I got to thinking just how long it had been.  Now we’re driving just over 300 miles today, the last time I drove this far, by myself, was 1976 when I went to Florida to visit my grandparents.  I was 23 years old.  Sure I had lots of 100 mile trips over the years but none this long with me driving.

We arrived at River Island State Park in Parker with no problems.

It’s a nice little state park situated on the Colorado River.  The homes you see in the picture above….that’s California.

Most of the sites here offer just water and electric for hookups.  We lucked out and got full hookups, water, electric and sewer, because the volunteer camp hosts have left the park and their spot was available.  The rates were extremely reasonable at $18.00 a night.  We’ll be here for at least three nights.

There were very few people here when we arrived and I imagine the ones who are here probably arrived yesterday and will leave tomorrow.


There is a tenting area and there are some young families and a group of 20 something’s who are here with jet ski’s.

This is parked across from us.  When I first saw it my first thought was, “Oh there’s no way!”  But then logic caught up with me and I realized that they whoever is in this camper is doing just that, camping. 

This is our view out of our side windows.  I’ll take it!

After we got set up we took a stroll down to the river, about 250 feet away.


The water was surprisingly warm.


We talked with this fellow a little bit while he fished.  His dog’s name is Lola and for a Labrador Retriever she isn’t much of a water dog he said.  Just as soon as he got those words out of his mouth a piece of cardboard, the size of a dinner plate, floated by and in a flash Lola was in the water, swimming out to it and brought it back and laid it at his feet.  He just looked at us and shook his head.  We all had a good laugh.

This evening we feasted on pancakes and bacon for dinner.  I knew we were having pancakes earlier in the day and when Bob suggested that we have pancakes and bacon it just amazed me that we were so much on the same page.  Of course it probably doesn’t matter that it was 4 p.m., nothing was thawed, we didn’t even have bread let alone lunchmeat for sandwiches and we were both too worn out after these last few days to even think about going out.  Yeah, none of that mattered, we’re definitely just on the same page.

A good thunderstorm rolled through around 7 o’clock and gave us a great light show.  Hmmm, after reading that sentence I took notice that I described the thunderstorm as a good thunderstorm.  I wonder if someone who doesn’t enjoy thunderstorms like I do would have described it as a bad thunderstorm?

I do believe this is going to be a relaxing, pleasant three days.

Friday, April 24, 2015

4/24/2015 Not Enough Hours in the Day!

(Arizona City, AZ)

I will say right here and now that I had a lot more to do today than what I thought.

After our usual morning routine I took off for town and Bob went to get the 5th wheel.  Change of plans needless to say.  We pulled it in beside the park model and plugged it and got the fridge going.

I had to deposit the Bingo money in the bank for safe keeping.  Oh what a mistake this was!  It’s Friday,,,,payday!  The line was nearly out the door, don’t these people have direct deposit???  I spent quadruple the time I thought I’d be in the bank.

I wanted to get my quilt and mattress pad washed before we go.  Since they are king sized they wouldn’t fit in the washing machines and dryers that are in the park’s laundry room.  I needed those       B I G machines.  I went to the Laundromat and there was a line waiting for the big machines.  Not that there were people actually waiting in line but there were laundry baskets lined up holding the places.  This task isn’t going to be competed.

Next stop was to get a fingernail I broke fixed.  I was told that they could fit me in in 20 minutes.  That was really cutting it close because I had a 12 o’clock appointment at the Penney’s salon.  I left.

I got to Penney’s with a half hour to spare so I did some shopping in Michael’s and the shoe store next door.  Oh I could have spent a fortune in the shoe store, but I walked away empty handed.

My appointment at Penney’s was running late.  I did not need this.

Back to the nail salon.  It was like everyone cleared out and I was taken right away.

Errands done, it was almost two by the time I got back to Quail Run.

Now it was time to start packing the 5th wheel.  The original plan was to pack the car,which we’re taking with us, and the truck and then transfer everything to the 5th wheel when stopped for the night.  I like the 5th wheel being right here so much better.

I packed and packed and packed.  I had no idea we had taken so much into the park model.  I got 90% of what was going with us in.  Food had to wait until tomorrow, computers would wait, and anything we were going to need between Friday evening and Saturday morning would have to wait.

Dinner was easy, meatball sandwiches from Subway.

I took a ride around the park to say so long to what few friends are still here and I called it an early night.  As did Bob.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

4/20-4/23/15 Preparing for Summer

(Arizona City, AZ)

After a day of rest we really needed to get started to pull out of here for the summer.  Saturday is our target day to be on the road.

I have a sixteen pound turkey in the freezer that has to be cooked.  I got it out to thaw on Sunday and checked out what was in the freezer that I could use up this week.  Of course once the turkey is cooked, all sixteen pounds of it, we’re going to be eating turkey a lot! 

Our 5th wheel is still in storage and our plan is to use the cooler with dry ice until we can get someplace where we can plug in and get the fridge cold.  I’ve got a lot of food to use up this week, we have a big cooler, but its not that big!

Bob has been doing stuff around the park model all week.  The window shade screens he put in last year needed new clamps.  The ones that came in the kit were made of plastic.  Well, in the Arizona summer sun plastic just doesn’t stand a chance. 
So he replaced them all with metal ones.

On Wednesday I made the turkey.  Sixteen pounds for two of us.  When I bought this bird the plan was to deep fry it and have a bunch of people over.  Well, for various reasons, that just didn’t happen, so now, here we are!  I made it with all the trimmin’s, just like Thanksgiving.  Cranberry sauce, cole slaw, rutabagas, peas, biscuits, yum, that was one good dinner!  And it was just as good the next night!  My two turkey sandwiches were good too.  We cleaned the bird and the rest went into the freezer.  It took up a lot less room this time.

I did enjoy doing the laundry this week!  There was only one other using the laundry room at the same time.

I had great plans of spending my afternoons at the pool and as it turned out I only got a quick glimpse of the pool.

This week is just going by way too fast.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

4/19/2015 Are We Ever Tired!

(Arizona City, AZ)

We didn’t do much at all today.  We’re tired after that long day yesterday. 

Bob puttered around the house, got the golf cart unchained and usable again and relaxed in front the TV a good bit too.

I didn’t get much more done than unpacking our suitcases.  I also relaxed a good bit but my time was spent between the TV and computer.

It was nice to be back in the high 80 temps.  Of course I only enjoyed this when I had to run to the Dollar Store for coffee filters.

I don’t think we’ll be long out of bed tonight.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

4/18/2015 What a Trip Home!

(Delaware, Pennsylvania, Arizona)

Our time here in Delaware has come to an end for this trip.  It’s a trip I wouldn’t have missed for anything in the world.  To be there for my mom’s surprise 80th birthday party and to have this week with her, well, I don’t have to put this into words you all know how and what I’m feeling.

So this morning mom and I ran a few more errands.
We like hot cherry peppers and cannot get them in Arizona. 

We also can’t get walnuts in syrup for ice cream.

I bought five jars of peppers and 4 jars of the walnuts at the store the other day and now they needed to be shipped.

I just love the flat rate boxes the post office has now.  This box would have cost me just under $52.00 to ship because it was going across country and it weighed 15 pounds.  There was lots of packing in that box too!  So I got it sent off for a mere $17.90.  Now that’s a deal for me!

While we were on the eight mile round trip we both took notice that seemingly overnight the trees burst forth with their spring time offering of flowers.  When we arrived just 10 days ago the branches held tightly bound buds.




Everywhere we looked, pinks, whites, bright greens.  Spring has sprung here in Delaware.

Before we knew it it was time to head for the airport.

We had a direct flight. Five hours from point A (Philadelphia) to point B (Phoenix). Easy?   Should have been!

We arrive at the airport two hours early as required only to learn our flight is delayed 1 hour 15 minutes due to mechanical problems. Ok, we'll deal with that. Then we're told the problem is bigger than they thought and we'll be getting on a different plane altogether.  Ok, we'll deal with that.
The plane is still flying to Philly but as soon as it gets here they'll get it ready for us and we should be in the air by five is what we’re told. Ok, we'll deal with that.
I was getting concerned about our luggage.  Our suitcases are filled to the max with all the clothes and stuff we brought and then I added a whole bunch of new clothes to both our wardrobes and a 3 piece cookie tray set my mom no longer wanted.  Shhh,,,Bob doesn’t know that’s in the bottom of his suitcase.  You see, we volunteer to check our bags at the boarding area.  Checking bags there is free and I hate the thought of checking a suitcase at $25.00 a piece.  You know, its that Queen of Cheap thing I have goin’ on.  If we can by with carrying our luggage aboard then we do by all means, but never on the return trip.  At least not if there is a Boscov’s nearby.

Due to connecting flights we lost about a third of the passengers as they were re-routed with other flights. I went to the desk and asked if they were going to ask for volunteers to check their bags. Quite frankly, I didn’t they would and I knew our bags would never meet the acceptable dimensions.  She said yes they would probably ask if a few passengers wanted to check their bags since we were going to be picking up some passengers from another flight that was late getting in. I volunteered on the spot.
the plane arrives, they get it ready, we get on, and we sit. And we sit some more. And then a little bit more. the pilot finally comes on and says, "Folks, we've got a problem. The number two engine isn't turning and we're talking with the tower to figure out what we're gonna do. Hang tight I hope to have an answer within 15 minutes." the mechanics did their thing, they run a test start up and we're told, "Folks, this is your captain speaking. We're in communication with the gatekeeper and it has been determined that we will sit here for the allowed 90 minutes while they figure out what we're gonna do." Groans could be heard throughout the plane. At the 90 minute mark we were told that we were going to get off the plane and we'll get on one that is in the air flying in from Orlando. More groans.

Off the plane, back in the terminal, the Orlando plane arrives. You never saw so many mouse ears" coming off a plane! We wait for them to get it ready for us and we board.

Out to the runway,,,,,finally. And we sit. And we sit some more. And then a little bit more. Planes are taking off all around us. Pilot finally comes on and says, "Folks, we've got a problem." Massive groans.
Pilot says he's talking with tower to figure out what we're gonna do. Bob and I swear we'll never fly American again. Pilot comes back and assures us that the FAA says its ok to fly with only one of the two fuel pumps working. Somehow that does not give us warm and fuzzy feelings. We're not given the choice if we wanted to get off the plane. I really think that should have been an option.
We're finally moving to get our place in the take-off runway. A cheer goes up. I'm not cheering until those wheels leave the ground!
The flight itself was without any trouble at all. And....AND....they gave us FREE snacks and drinks to compensate us for our inconvenience.

Sooooo,,,,,,our day which started with us being back in Arizona by 7:30 east coast time (4:30 local time) didn't see us back here in the Grand Canyon state until after one o'clock in the morning the next day and after ten local time.
Needless to say, it was a long day, but we're back in the desert and happy to be here.

Friday, April 17, 2015

4/17/2015 Cousins Come Visiting

(Wilmington, DE)

Today mom and I did some last minute errands.

We made one last stop at Boscov's.  The four pairs of shorts I bought for Bob didn’t fit. I thought they looked fine but he says they didn’t feel right.
So back they went and I bought him three more golf shirts.

Next stop was to the Newark Farmers Market to get long hot peppers. 


Bob loves these hot peppers cooked up in olive oil.  I had already cooked the ones we had in the freezer at home so it was time to replenish our stock of these too hot for me hot peppers.
We had to stop at the Post Office to pick up a flat rate box for shipping stuff home.

The afternoon brought suitcase packing and repacking and packing a box for shipping.

Cousins Ronnie and Patti came over for the evening and we started our visit with Casapulla’s cheese steaks.  Our final fix.

We had a great time talking and spending time with these two.

Tomorrow we head home.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

4/12-4/16/15 Spending Time With Mom

(Wilmington, DE)

We had great intentions of visiting with a bunch of people this week and it just didn’t happen.

Bob went to visit one of his best friends, Bill.  This is the guy he is going on the annual weeklong fishing trip with in July.  I spent several hours with one of my best friends, Cindy, while shopping with my mom.

That was it for seeing people.  We didn’t even get to see our oldest because of his work schedule.  It’s a good thing we’ll be back in July!

I did do quite a bit of shopping!  I just love not paying sales tax and my favorite store, Boscov's had a great selection so I went wild.  Then two days after my shopping spree we got a sales circular and most of what I bought had gone on sale so I took my sales receipt back and got the difference.  I saved $32.00 by doing this.

Spring is having a hard time getting to Delaware.  There are tiny buds on the trees but nothing has started leafing out yet.  Tulips are up and the flowers are there but not opened.  Daffodils are blooming and that makes me a happy camper because that is one of my favorite flowers.

Its been a quiet week for the most part.  We were home more often than not and I cherished every minute I had with my mom.  I think she enjoyed having us too.  She made things for dinner that she normally wouldn’t make just for herself.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

4/11/15 Happy 80th Birthday Mom!

(Bear, DE)

We were up pretty early this morning.  I think for me it was the anticipation of just seeing my mom.  It’s been nearly a year.

I called my brother at ten to find out what time he wanted us to come over to help with whatever needed to be done.  They hold so many of the family parties at their house that they have a routine down pat and had everything under control. 


We didn’t have to go over until two.

So we stayed put and played more WII bowling and enjoyed our time with Dian and KK.
We bid our friends so long and made the seven minute drive to my brother’s home.  His son, my nephew Dusty, lent us an extra vehicle they have for our use while we’re here.

Family and friends were to arrive at three and they all did, right on time, all within minutes of each other.

Mom thought that she was being taken out to dinner for her birthday.  My sister-in-law’s mother, Mildred,  lives just a couple of miles from my mom and they are very close friends.  Of course she was invited to go to the birthday dinner.  Mom picked up Mildred and was to meet Billy and Michelle at their home and then drive further to the restaurant together. 

Always a little early, it was a given that if they told mom to be there at four she would arrive at three forty five.  And she did.

When she and Mildred arrived my mom couldn’t help but notice all the cars parked along the roadway.  Luckily, the people who live across the street and down one house were also having a party so the parked cars extended even past their house.  Mom said to Mildred, “I bet Billy & Michelle told those people that their guests could park in their front yard because they are having a party.”  Let me explain this a little bit so that you don’t think this is some redneck neighborhood where people normally park on the front lawns.  There is no street parking here but the driveways are long enough to accommodate six or seven cars, more if they are small cars.  There are no sidewalks as this a development built on a country like road.  When having parties it is not unusual to have cars park on the grass down by the road.

The two great granddaughters were sitting on the front step and were called inside when mom pulled into the driveway.  Mom had seen them and asked Mildred where did the girls go.  Mildred didn’t answer her.  Mom looked at her and said, “Mildred, do you know something I don’t know?”  Her curiosity was piqued.  Mildred just smiled.

Us, waiting in the dining room.


So mom came in….


Right away she saw Michelle’s sisters who were NOT going to dinner with them.

Mom trying very hard not to cry.


Mom seeing who is there.  My brother, Billy and his wife Michelle are in the background.

After a couple of minutes Bob and I came out of the dining room.

She did a double take when she saw me.


And then mom noticed someone else she hadn’t seen yet.

Lots of hugs from in-laws, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

Mom and her sister-in-law Joann.

Mom and her nephew Chris.

Scenes from the party.




Lots of conversations going on all over the house, inside and out.  So wonderful for all of us to see so many that we haven’t seen since our dad’s funeral a little over two years ago.

After eating it was time for the cake and gift opening.





Then it was picture taking time.



It was such a great party and I’m so glad that we were able to be here for it.

Just one thing left to say mom….