Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1/31/2012 We Wear Curtains Here in Texas!

We feel good! Both of us! Up and at em’ this morning like nobody’s business. Good thing too because today is laundry day.

I gathered everything up and went to the laundry room to take care of the washing and drying and while there I heard this laughter. Lots of laughter. Bunky had stopped by when she saw me in there and we went to sidewalk to see where all the laughter was coming from.

The pool. Something is going on at the pool. I was done folding everything so we walked over to find out what was so funny.

It seems they were modeling some swimsuit cover-ups that they each made with own two hands. Well, maybe one didn’t.

It all started when one of the ladies made a blue swimsuit cover-up for herself using some, shall we say porous material. An open weave material to say the least.


She sewed a piece of elastic to the top and called it a ….cover-up. It does the job.

A few days later some of the ladies went to ROPA to see what treasures they could find and one of them pulled a lace curtain out of the pile and when her friend saw it they had the same idea at the same time. You guessed it! Cover-ups.

Now another one of their friends wanted to be part of this also but they only had a enough curtain panels for the two. Being the clever lady she is, and while no one actually told me this, I’m assuming she has a naked window at her house right now!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Trade Winds Bathing Beauties!


Just before I took this next picture somebody yelled out,,, Girls UP!


I just love the pleats in the cover-up, second from left.

Ladies you done good!

Monday, January 30, 2012

1/29-1/30/2012 Sleeping in 12 Hour Shifts

The past two days, we slept. A lot. Sunday night we were both in bed by eight o’clock and sound asleep by eight thirty. And we got up at eight thirty Monday morning. Twelve hours of sleeping. This Texas Crud drains you of everything you have. There is no energy for anything other than walking to the kitchen, bathroom, to the computer desks and back to the bedroom. (In a 37 foot 5th wheel that really isn’t a whole of steps to begin with) The cough isn’t as bad now and the achy feelings are gone its just this incredible lack of energy that’s left now.

Monday was a repeat of Sunday. This has to pass soon, we just can’t deal with this anymore. It’s over two and half weeks for Bob now, and nearly two weeks for me. Enough already!

On a happy note we get to welcome Michael and Dee to our Frequent Reader family. We hope you enjoy the journey!

Better days are coming. I hope.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

12/7/2012 Deck the Hulls Party

No, I didn’t spell that wrong in the post title.  Think boat hulls.

We joined most of the volunteers in the park at Caribbean Club for dinner and the parade.


Everyone brought something to share to eat and our volunteer coordinator, Elena, made arrangements to have two picnic tables reserved for us.



Once again, good food and good company.


Although we had some low sitting clouds the sunset was still pretty.


It was a great evening to sit out near the docks.  No bugs and temps in the mid-70’s.


The spectators that were going to watch the parade by boat in the water were starting to gather.


Paddleboards seem to be quite popular on this calm water.  There were about a half dozen paddling around this evening.


The bay side bars from Key Largo to Key West were all busy this evening with Deck the Hulls parties and boat parades.



By the time darkness fell the Caribbean Club picnic and dock area was jam packed with people waiting to watch the parade.

One of the boats coming in to get in line.  If these are rain clouds, we didn’t get it.


The parade got started a half hour late but we didn’t mind as we were all sitting around talking and most were enjoying adult beverages.

It was around this time I took notice of my camera and the settings.  Half strength battery.  I never checked my battery level, tonight of all nights.  I could have taken a lot more pictures but I had to be very careful with a low battery.






There were so many more but again, a low battery kept me from taking pictures of every one, besides they weren’t all that spectacular.

We’re glad we went!

1/28/2012 We Missed the Whole Thing!

I have been looking forward the 75th Texas Citrus Festival for the last month or so. It wasn’t just a one day thing it actually spanned two weeks and we didn’t see any of it! None. Nada. Zilch! I am sooo disappointed.

Some events were scheduled when we were also scheduled to work. Other days Bob or I were sick. Now today, the finale, the big party, the huge parade and Bob is back down again.

This Texas Crud is just going to keep going back and forth, I can see it now.

I felt well enough to at least go to the parade but it did get kind of chilly when a cold front came through and it was quite windy. However, there was no way Bob was going.

At least I got to see the float that Mission Bell/Trade Winds had in the parade.

We got up to go to work this morning and I knew that the final touches would be added to the float so I grabbed my camera on the way out the door.

Sure enough, the decorating crew was hard at work. The float has a definite Mardi Gras theme.



This took a lot of fruit and a lot of slicing!




I think they did a wonderful job on the float.



What’s Mardi Gras without masks and beads?



Kudo’s to the decorating committee!

Bob woke up with a sore throat this morning and is feeling worse by the minute. I’ll be so glad when this work shift is over! We both need to totally rest.

While we were out I took notice of these yellow Texas roses.



These blossoms are so incredibly fragrant!


They sure do grow the trees in a strange way here.


The float was ready for the parade.


Our Queen,,,Margie. Sitting with her is Scott our park manager as Margie lost her husband a few months ago.


If only we could have seen the parade.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

1/26/12 Meds–1Liquid, 1Powder, 2Pills & 2 SHOTS!

MucinexDM – EXTRA STRENGTH, I’m sure you are one very effective OTC medicine for a normal cold but I don’t think you are a match for the Texas Crud. You guessed it another sleepless night. It wasn’t as bad for Bob this time because I sat up a good portion of the night sucking on butterscotch hard candies. That seemed to keep the coughing at bay. However, I just had to catnap every once in awhile because I was just worn out.

We’re on our work schedule right now, day two. Oh I didn’t feel like I had the strength to do anything and I had the chills so I pulled out sweats and my heavy winter jacket to wear. I can imagine what we looked like riding around in the golf cart, me dressed for the dead of winter at the Artic Circle and Bob in his shorts and T-shirt.

Anyway, we were at the park across the street and Bob was clearing the shuffle board courts of the few remaining straggling leaves and I was tidying up around the fountain/sitting area. It was here that it hit me just how bad this Texas Crud is. I just started crying. I didn’t have strength to even pick the rake up and one of the winter residents walked over taking note of my tears. She went to get Bob. Bob rolled up the cord to the leaf blower, came over to me and said, “Snookie, we’re going to the hospital.” I readily agreed because breathing was getting to be a real chore.

I had gotten the address from the office for the Urgent Care clinic close by and off we went.

They had to determine if they accepted our Tricare insurance and after a few phone calls it was determined that yes they do. That was good new to these ears as our next option was to go to McAllen to the hospital and I just didn’t want to go there.

After about a half hour wait I was called back for the Doctor. Doctor Cirillo is young, nice and seems genuinely concerned for the person sitting across from him. After the usual first Doctor/Patient round of questions we got down to business.

I don’t have pneumonia yet. I’m right on the line. Right now my diagnosis is acute bronchitis. Dr. C. explained that it can cross that line and go into pneumonia very quickly and that we would treat this aggressively. He told me that he would write me three prescriptions and that he had three medicines here in the office. ALRIGHTY THEN! Let’s get this show on the road.

He first handed me a sample of an Advair inhaler to help me breathe easier if I felt I needed it. He then handed me a prescription for a cough suppressant. I wasn’t too happy about this one as I saw the word expectorant and I didn’t see the words cherry flavored anywhere. The next prescription was for Prednisone. Oh no! Days of food tasting like cardboard were ahead of me. The third prescription was for an antibiotic. I held my hand out for the next in office meds but none were forthcoming. This is where he dropped the bomb on me.

Dr C: “The last two medications I have for you will administered by injection.”

Me: “WHAT?????”

Dr. C: “Yes, injections, either in your arm or your buttock, you can make the choice.”

Me: “I don’t do needles.”

Dr. C: “Oh ok, then how about when I make my hospital rounds in a few days I stop in to see you? How will that work for you?” (This man has watched himself some Dr Phil!)

Me: “Isn’t there a pill form?”

Dr. C: “Yes.”

Me: <<<< Perking up and grinning from ear to ear upon hearing this news, yeah, go pills!

Dr. C: “But, we have to treat this aggressively, remember? This is the way to do that.”

Me: “Damn Texas Crud!”

Dr. C: “It’s your choice, what’s it gonna be?”

Me: “Do you have little needles?”

Dr.C: spreading fingers about an inch “There not bad.”

Me: ::sweat-soaked:: “OK, I’ll do it.”

Dr. C: “I’ll send my assistant in”.

This young fellow, probably mid 20’s comes in to meet me and talk about the procedure. I started to talk about my intense fear and he held his hand up and said that Dr. C had informed him and that he was there to let me know he has a gentle hand and that it will be over before I know it. Oh where have I heard that before????

My right buttock was the first target area. Oh. Em. Gee! He was right, he had a gentle hand. I felt it to be sure but the serum be injected had to be as thick as molasses! It hurt! When he was done I rubbed the area and it felt like a large marble had been slipped under my skin. He suggested I keep rubbing it as it would help disperse the serum and it would get into my system faster.

Then Mr. CNA cheerfully announced he was ready for the other side whenever I was. I should have never asked if the serum was as thick as the first. That was a mistake because when he said he wasn’t going to lie to me, that it was, then I knew what was coming!

You know, its very hard to say, “Ok, I’m ready” when you know something very unpleasant is about to happen to you.

I suffered through it. It hurt like hell too!

Finally done I went out to the truck and we headed toward the pharmacy. Prescription medication in hand, we headed home.

I’ve got a complicated time regiment in front of me to remember when I have to take these pills and take the expectorant. One with food, one without, one is two in the morning, one after lunch and two after and dinner and one before bed and the cough suppressant is three times in a day in six hour intervals. I am so not a pill taker!

So I took the cough medicine for the first time. This is some nasty, nasty stuff! Vile! It makes me feel very strange. I do things but I’m not really aware I’m doing them. For instance, typing, I can see the words appearing on the screen but I cannot relate that my hands are touching the keys. I can’t feel it. The label said, “Drowsiness may occur,” I was sound asleep a half hour after taking it. I hope that happened this time (I just took it) just because I’m so sleep deprived. I have to take this vile, nasty stuff for the next 10 days. And it had better work during the night time hours.

So there it is, the latest update on the Texas Crud.

When we returned this morning Bob went back out and got his hours in. The dog pen was in much need of lawn mowing and I think he did a sweep around both parks for trash, fruit and fallen limbs.

It’s been quite a day and the cough medicine is starting to kick in. I’m ready to sleep.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1/25/2012 No Sleep for the Weary

We didn’t get any sleep last night. I was up hacking all night long. I had gone to the store earlier in the day and bought the OTC med the pharmacist highly recommended as did Frequent Reader Selene from North Carolina. MucinexDM – MAXIMUM STRENGTH

Actually, I had some Mucinex in the house already but not the MAXIMUM STRENGTH. I took one the night before but it didn’t help much all. Upon closer inspection I did take notice that it expired this past August.

I decided on putting off taking this new Mucinex until about an hour before bedtime because when I’m in an upright position I don’t cough as much and I really needed it to work during the sleeping hours.

Since it was going to be an early night because of our lack of sleep the night before I finally took the pill around 8:30.

I popped one out of the blister pack and the first thought through my mind was HORSE PILL! How am I ever going to get this down?

(Not actual size, may be exaggerated slightly, but not by much!)IMG_0361

Did you ever go to take a pill and for whatever reason it didn’t go down and now you have this wet pill sitting on your tongue and you have try again? Yep, that happened to me with this one. It has a nasty tasting coating on it. I just shivered all over again typing that. I hope it works!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1/24/2012 Texas Crud Update

The aches have subsided. That’s a good thing.

The runny nose is a thing of the past. That’s a good thing.

Everything seems to have moved to my chest,,,read that as lungs. That is not a good thing.

I’m getting winded very easily and no matter how hard I cough I can’t get anything up. This is not a good thing.

I am susceptible to pneumonia having had it twice already. This is really not a good thing.

Do you remember my last bout with pneumonia a couple of years ago? Read about it HERE. (to get the whole story click on newer post once)

I had to do laundry today. There was no putting it off any longer and that is just simply a job that is better off not done by Bob. When it comes to laundry Bob is colorblind. Bob must also be suddenly illiterate because the man obviously can’t read a care label. No, I’ve learned, I do the laundry in this household. Sick or not.

I’m having difficulty breathing after walking even short distances which is reminiscent of my last bout. Ironically, its very humid here right now but I know not to blame it on that now.

Toni and Bunky were in the Friendship Hall when I went to check mail and like hovering mothers I was felt for fever (yes, I have a low grade one and don’t even want to think about my core temperature) and was told all about the benefits of a pneumonia shot. Oh yeah, like THAT’S gonna happen!

I had to promise that if I did not feel better by tomorrow that I would go to the doctor. Yeah, ok.

On to other things….

Heather Applegate, welcome to our group of Frequent Readers! We glad to have along for the journey.

We also have a new reader from Council Bluffs, Iowa who is reading the blog from the beginning, welcome, whoever you are.

We’re back to work tomorrow, I can’t wait to see how this is going to go.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

1/22/2012 Hangin’ In There,,,,Barely

Even though I have prayed, “Please God, take me now” more than a few times these past two days, I am still hangin’ in there. For a short while I actually thought I felt better and was over it but that didn’t last too long.

I hate being sick. I mean, I really, really hate being sick. I’m We’re not getting much sleep. This hacking cough is keeping both of us up all night. When Bob had this it didn’t bother me because I slept right through his coughing spells. Being a somewhat light sleeper, Bob isn’t so fortunate. During the day we’re both catnapping whenever my cough slows down enough to allow it.

I’m not eating much and Bob has been fending for himself for meals as I just don’t have the energy to do it.

So I just have to ride this out. Some have been fighting it for two weeks, I’m hoping my bout with the Texas Crud doesn’t last nearly that long.

On a happy note, we had a pair of fellow fulltimers join the ranks of Frequent Readers. Welcome John and Jenie! We hope you enjoy our journey, Texas Crud and all.

Friday, January 20, 2012

1/20/2012 It Was Too Good To Be True

The last several weeks everyone in this park has been sick with the TEXAS CRUD as its known in these parts.

A hacking cough, sore throats, runny noses, chills, aches and just a miserable feeling all the way around. It would come and go, one would feel lousy for a few days then feel good. Before said person could say, “Whew, glad that’s over.” it was back with a vengeance.

I didn’t get it! Everyone around me did and they all swore I was the carrier because I was still healthy. Not anymore. I woke up this morning with a throat so raw I could hardly swallow. Muscles and joints hurt and I had that hacking cough. This is not gonna be fun.

My friend Toni would ask, “How come you aren’t getting the Texas Crud and my quick answer was, “Because I drink Pepsi!” Now think about this. I had my last Pepsi Wednesday morning and sometime late Thursday or early Friday I get struck down in my tracks.

Maybe it’s a sign….ya think?

A frequent reader, Michael, wrote in and asked if I could drink Pepsi’s in moderation. I’ve tried that before Michael. Maybe in time I can but right now I have to get past this sugar addiction. I’m hoping the next time I have one I will find it too sweet and just won’t want to drink them.

I am making Crystal Light by the half gallon pitcher twice a day. I just have to tell you, I never thought anybody could pee so much! I can’t even look at the bathroom door without having to suddenly go. I’m hoping this passes quickly because quite frankly it’s a pain in the butt.

Frequent reader Jackie,,,thanks so much for your words of encouragement and good luck to you on cutting down on your coffee.

Frequent reader (and fellow workamper and friend)Toni, in answer to your comment on the last post I have this to say. Toni, Toni, Toni, hell will freeze over before I stand in front of Coke machine and cry. Only If I have no other choice, like in a restaurant, do I willingly drink a Coke. Besides the corner store is right across the street and they always have a good supply of Pepsi’s.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1/18/2011 I Can DO This! I Can DO This!


Long time readers know that a couple of times a week Bob and I make a beer/Pepsi run. I have been a Pepsi drinker from the time I was a little girl. I’ve even been told that in my toddler years I had Pepsi in my bottle. My mom denies that but I’m not so sure.


When most people get up in the morning they head for the coffee maker or the tea kettle. Not me, I head for the fridge and grab a Pepsi. Throughout the day you will rarely see me without a Pepsi nearby. Except for the occasional ice cold glass of milk with a meal of spaghetti and meatballs, I drink Pepsi. All. The. Time.

I’m not sure if I’ve told this story before or not and if I have, well, you’ll just have to suffer through it.


Back in ‘75 when I went through Basic Training with the U.S. Army I was not allowed to have Pepsi’s. They were a privilege and had to be earned. It was going to take three weeks at least before we were allowed treats like soda. Or so my Drill Sergeant thought. Shortly after boot camp started I had to go on sick call because of blisters on my feet from my very uncomfortable combat boots. It turned out those blisters were an answer from heaven. I had gone to the base hospital, waited in line for my turn, had my blisters treated and padded strips taped to my feet to protect them and was told to put the boots back on and wait for the bus to take me back to my area.

I was on the 4th floor and went to the elevator. I don’t remember exactly what my choices of buttons were but I do recall it was confusing. Did I want “LL” or “ # 1” and I think they might have even had a button labeled ground. Why they didn’t have one labeled, “Snookie push this one” is beyond me. So I pushed and down I went. I was the only one in the elevator and when the car stopped and the doors slid slowly open….they stood there. Four of them. They glowed with a golden light and the trumpeters trumpeted and the angels played their harps and I knew I had arrived in the Promised Land. My own personal utopia!


They hummed in unison. Their compressors doing whatever it is compressors do. Yes, standing before me was four, count em’, four Pepsi machines. I couldn’t even move, I was so taken with my good fortune. I finally stepped forward, fearing that somehow this was all a mirage and in fact I would be standing in front of machines that dispensed Orange Nehi or Grape Nehi or worse yet, Yoo-Hoo’s. They were real and my next thought was, “Oh please, please don’t be sold out, oh please.” I was in luck. I quickly dug into my black, service uniform purse for quarters. Oh, please let there be quarters! Yes! Half a roll. I promptly put a quarter in each machine and pushed the proper button and my beloved Pepsi’s fell out of each machine. I gathered them like a crazed person and sat down in the corner out of sight in case someone came down on the elevator. I sat there and held an ice cold Pepsi up to my cheek. Well, that didn’t last long, after all I had some serious drinking to do! I downed only two of those Pepsi’s because quite frankly I just couldn’t get the last two down. Oh my gosh, I never burped so much! I guess I wasn’t used to the carbonation.


I still had two and had to get them back to my area. I easily put one in my service uniform purse and the other I wrapped in paper towels from the ladies room and slid it inside my waistband of my fatigues. Oh that was cold! I got back to my area and promptly went to my friend that I had made in the days prior. We excused ourselves to female latrine and downed those still pretty cold Pepsi’s.


Lucky for me I had a real problem with blisters and made numerous trips to sick call.

So here I am today and I’ve decided that I need to give up these Pepsi’s. That’s not to say I’ll never drink another one but I’m introducing Crystal Light Iced Tea, Peach flavor to my liquid intake. I drink way too many Pepsi’s and I know it. They can’t be good for me but except for the extra pounds I can’t see where they’ve done me any harm.


I’m going COLD TURKEY! Wish me luck and pray for me. (We’ll see how long this last. Smile

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1/17/2012 Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

welcome blue 1 clip artThis post is about nothing else other than welcoming some new readers. Some I know their names and others only where they live.

welcome blue 2 clip artWelcome to Toni & Eddie, we met this couple several years ago in Quail Run and then again here in Texas. Toni has become a frequent reader although I don’t now why because she’s living it with me. Regardless, welcome Toni & Eddie and we look forward to you being part of future blog posts.

welcome green 2 clip artJackie has joined in as a Frequent Reader but I don’t know anything about her. Welcome anyway Jackie, we hope you enjoy the ride.

welcome red 1 clip artViola Cook was here in this park for a short while but has since moved on. Welcome Vi, I hope our paths cross again with you and Craig.

welcome green 1 clip artRick and Kathy also signed on as Frequent Readers. If you are RV’ers let us know and perhaps our paths will cross. Welcome, enjoy the journey.

welcome red 2Welcome Russ K! Russ is a fellow RV’er and a fellow blogger. You can find his blog at Therapy Travels. Welcome my new friend and we’ll have to see about making our paths cross. Would love to meet you and your wife.

Now we have some frequent readers that I don’t know their names as yet but they sure have been reading a lot. I can tell from my Feedjit widget that they have started reading the blog from the beginning. I love when new readers do this because I’ll click on the page that they are reading and sometimes I come across things I had forgotten we’d done, or seen, or places we visited. These posts are always fun to re-read.

welcome blue 1 clip artSo new readers from Palm Coast, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia and Apopka, Florida,,,, we welcome you! Enjoy the trip and feel free to leave comments if you want.

Welcome one and all!