Friday, October 2, 2015

10/2/2015 No Sleep!

Arizona City, AZ

Bob got absolutely no sleep last night.  He said he was up all night worrying about the rig being that un-level.  Soooo, we're going back to tomorrow to move it.  He says he just can't leave it like that, we have to move it.

We unpacked the car and truck and then of course I had to re-pack an overnight bag for us to take tomorrow.

Today we had a chance to look around the yard and we were surprised at how much our cactus and other plants had grown over the summer.

Bob wasn't expecting to have his picture taken.  He wasn't hiding he was checking the irrigation lines.

We have oranges!

This cactus grew so much.

The oleander is way overgrown, this will have to be quite way back.

We did manage to get the inside temperature down to 76 degrees inside last night.  The AC didn't shut off once.  But at 76 it was actually quite comfortable considering how hot it was outside.

We've decided that we'll spend the night in Show Low when we go up to get the rig moved since driving 10 hours a day is just something we don't even want to do.

We called it an early night since we're getting up early tomorrow morning to head back to Juniper Ridge.  We'll make a stop in the morning to get diesel fuel because we noticed that it costs about 20 cents a gallon less down here.

This ride back and forth is getting old!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

10/1/15 Farewell Juniper Ridge

Show Low to Arizona City, AZ

Today we depart what we now refer to as our summer place.  

First we had to get the 5th wheel over to the lot where we are keeping it for the winter.  This proved difficult at best.  Bob had checked out the lot and the best way to get into the space and was concerned with a bend in the road that he was going to have to navigate to get into the lot.  He was so concerned about the route that he really didn't notice the lot itself.  Oh, this was a lesson learned.

The lot was very much out of level and evidently there had been a water leak at one time near the water spigot.  The lot had lots of stone on it and it was very deep which makes for lousy traction.  Back and forth he went trying to get it close to the patio and away from the worst part of the un-level area.  Needless to say the rig was leaning!  You can get an idea of how much it was leaning from this picture.  We aren't hooked up here, we just didn't move the truck yet.

Trust me, this is leaning alot.  After we got it in there we had to clean up the site of ruts we made and make it look it presentable again.  Neither one of us was looking forward to the four and half drive ahead of us to Arizona City but our "summer house" was now put away for the season.

So we headed on down the road.  

When we got to Arizona City it was HOT!  This picture was taken at 5:30 in the afternoon, in the shade.

This one was taken inside after we got the electric on.  We had to get this place cooled down enough to sleep in!

All Bob talked about was how much the RV was leaning and how worried he was that when the area got snow and ground got saturated that the ground would give.  Now I was worried too!

So here we are in Quail Run for the winter and we're in our park model.  This makes me very happy.  What doesn't make me happy was having to unpack this!  In this heat!

Needless to say we took out what we absolutely had to have, the rest can wait until a cooler tomorrow morning.