Thursday, November 28, 2013

11/28/2013 Thanksgiving 2013

(Arizona City, AZ)

First of all Bob and I want to wish each and everyone of our readers a Happy Thanksgiving.

We spent the morning moving more things into the 5th wheel.

We had Thanksgiving lunch in the Carnival Room with lots of other residents in our park.  This is the last year I will do this.  I have my own ideas of what makes Thanksgiving dinner and people bringing desserts when they were supposed to bring a vegetable, well, that just doesn’t get it for me.  I also don’t care for Thanksgiving dinner at one o’clock in the afternoon.  So next year, we’ll invite some friends in for dinner at the park model.  I would have done it this year but its just too hard when its so close to the time when we are moving out and we’re in major cleaning mode.  I haven’t checked but I’m hoping Thanksgiving falls earlier next year.  The 23rd of the month would be nice.

By two o’clock dinner was over with and we were back to cleaning out the park model and loading the rig.  I didn’t know we took all of this stuff out of the 5th wheel when we moved into the park model.  I guess I have to also take into account that we have done quite a bit of shopping too.

I’ve done quite a bit of Christmas shopping so far and I have to move all that too, plus the boxes I’ve collected for wrapping and shipping.  Actually, it was good that I had to move all this because I’ve put the gifts out of the way and I had forgotten I bought some of them and exactly how much I had bought.

This hasn’t been the easiest of Thanksgiving’s.  Its on my mind all the time that it’s the first one without my dad.  I haven’t talked to my mom today and I won’t until tomorrow.  I’m sure we would both just cry.  These firsts are much more difficult than I thought they would be.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

11/16-11/27/13 Playing Catch Up

(Arizona City, AZ)

I’ve gotten so far behind on this blog.  It’s time to get it caught up.

We’re starting to get worried that our rig isn’t going to be ready when we need it.  It’s still in Mesa in the shop.  I know I told them to take their time and get it done right but I guess I just didn’t expect it to take this long.  I called and talked to our service writer and found out that one part was still not received.  Dale promised to call and get an update on the availability of the part and to get an estimated delivery date.  We are running out of time fast!

I spend most afternoons at the pool.  Bob spends his doing “stuff” around the house.  He can always find something to do to keep busy.

Work on the Breezeway mural is really coming along.  Not quite done but getting there.


I’ve taken on the job of running Bingo this year.  Marilyn, who has done it for years has to stay away from crowds,,,,and dirty money,,,,by the order of her doctor.  Brenda, our park manager, has tried with no success to get someone to take over this task.  It was either step up to the plate or the park was going to lose its weekly bingo game.  I just didn’t want to see that happen.  So I signed on. Bingo won’t start until the first Thursday in January when many more people are here.

We heard from our Service Writer, Dale, and got an update on the part we’re waiting for.  The part has to be made.  From scratch.  Once its made it has to be sent to Lippert for them to do their hydraulic magic and they in turn will send it back to our 5th wheel manufacturer for the finishing touches and then it has to be shipped.  We are running out of time!  We don’t have a clue what we’ll do if the part is going to take a while to get here.  Dale will call back as soon as she knows something.

Bob has turned into a serious walker.  Everyday, without fail, he goes out and walks a few miles.  It seems every few days he adds a bit more to his travels.  Me?  I’m doctoring a hip that is bothering me.  I was doing really good with the pool walking but I think I moved too much and the water resistance was more than what I thought it was and I’ve hurt myself somehow.  It was bad enough that I went to the doctor which is saying something for me.  I’m on a muscle relaxer twice a day but its too soon to tell any difference as yet.  Its really interfering with my sleep and going up steps is a killer.

Well, Dale, the service writer, called us back.  If there are no problems in shipping we can pick up our home on the 26th of November.  This is going to be tight.

The couple renting our park model called and asked if they could come in early.  There is just no way we can entertain that request.  We’re just not ready yet.

The 26th finally arrived and we took off for Mesa.  We’re going to get our home back!  We didn’t talk much on the way up.  I think we were both wondering what we were going to find when we got there.  Would the hydraulics work?  Were they able to fix the screw up Lazy Days did on our siding?  Would the other little things be taken care of?

We arrived without incident and found our 5th wheel right where we left it.  The first thing we looked at was the siding material.  Oh wow,,,just as straight as could be and not a ripple to be seen.  YES!  We could tell the outside had been recently washed and that was a good thing too.

I went into the office to let Dale know we were there.  We were greeted with a big smile and a “I’ll be right with you.”

Within minutes we had started the explanation of all that had been done.  Bob looked at the hydraulic tubes and wires and couldn’t see any drips of hydraulic fluid.  This is a good great thing!  They fixed it!

We checked the other minor things and everything was corrected.  Only one thing was left undone.  A new slide out tray in the appliance garage needed to be ordered and they were sent the wrong style.  It will be re-ordered with the delivery address changed to Quail Run.  An easy fix.

Bob and I got the surprise of our lives when we walked inside the rig.  It had been cleaned from top to bottom and front to back.  There was not a speck of dust to be found.  The carpets were all vacuumed and the windows were done.  We so did not expect that.  We thought for sure we would have to clean it before we could start putting our stuff in.  This was such a help to us.

We are happy campers and will highly recommend Robert Crist & Company if you ever need repairs done and are in the Mesa, Arizona area.  A top notch operation for sure!

We got the rig back to the park and got it parked and started the move into it.

The next day we moved a good part of our belongings into the rig.  With the exception of the refrigerator stuff of course.  We had to get the freezer and fridge cooled down first.  We held clothes back because we are going to be in the park model for the next two or three days anyway.

It feels so good to have our home on wheels back.  This first year has been a real nightmare with all the time we’ve spent in service centers.  Hopefully, that is behind us now, the bugs are ironed out and all will be well.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


Friday, November 15, 2013

11/15/13 Bonnie & Snookie “Do Art”

Bonnie called this morning and said, “Let’s go to an art class!”  I thought for half a second and agreed.  I should have thought longer.

Art classes are led by Lorraine, one of our Breezeway mural artists.  When we arrived in the Oasis building Adriana was already busy at work.  Bonnie and Lorraine looked over her new art supply box.

There were lots of art books spread out on the table so we each chose one to find something to use as a guide for our first painting.  Trust me, it was hard to type first painting with a straight face.

Bonnie found what she wanted right away.  Me?  Eh,not so much.

Bonnie got right to work.


See the line down the middle in the picture below?  Bonnie drew that!

And I’m still sitting here taking pictures of Bonnie drawing.

I just wasn’t feeling it.  I thought maybe if I walked around and looked what the others were doing the desire to put pencil to paper may come.  Or not.

Another of our mural artists, Judy, hard at work on her painting.  This is the view she has out her back door at home in Canada.

Adriana has hers all drawn out and is now adding the color.

I settled down to get started on my own.  I picked a picture of flowers.  They were big oversized flowers which I thought was a good thing because I would have to draw less.

Of course it was just then that Bonnie called for help.  Well, there may have been good info coming forth so I put the pencil down to listen.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that Bonnie was actually drawing a water scene with a dock and boardwalks and buildings.  I thought she was drawing a farm scene!

I couldn’t put it off any longer.  I had to put pencil to paper.  I drew a circle.  Well, let’s make that an oval.

That’s as far as I got.  I am not an artist!  I have no interest.  I felt bad because Lorraine was doing her best to encourage me.  I finally just picked up my camera and said, “This is where my interest lies.”  Everyone agreed that this was my art and I was satisfied with that!

Bonnie adding in the water to what I thought for sure was a pasture!

Judy’s painting by the end of class,,,,this was  blank canvas an hour earlier.

Bonnie’s painting the end of the first class.

The afternoon was spent at the pool and Bob went golfing.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11/12/13 A Ladies Luncheon

(Arizona City, AZ)

November 12, 2013.  11/12/13.  Certainly a day to go out with eleven friends to lunch.

Marlene, one of our favorite friends here in Quail Run, who isn’t here yet, was talking with Bonnie recently and brought this date up.  She asked that 12 women from the park get together and go out to lunch to acknowledge the unusual date.  Bonnie brought the idea to me and we ran with it.  So we invited ten others and went to Olive Garden for lunch.


What an enjoyable few hours that was!  We talked, we laughed, we ate, we drank and we laughed some more.

You get twelve women together who are all friends you never know what topic will come up for conversation.  Trust me on that one.

Bonnie and I happen to sit next to each other and had a short conversation between just the two of us and decided that since this was so much fun we would make it a monthly get together for lunch.  In November the plan is to invite twelve more women.  Twenty four of us!  Oh what fun that will be.

Monday, November 11, 2013

11/11/2013 Veteran’s Day

Today Quail Run celebrated and honored our veteran’s once again.  Veteran’s from both the United States and Canada.


We started our ceremony off with a video about the history of Veteran’s Day which was very interesting.

Canadian, Shirley Kemp and US citizen Lawrence Wilson presented our national banners.


Pastor Dale Novasky led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and I can say for certain, after watching the video on the history of Veteran’s Day that I, for one, stood a little taller and perhaps spoke a little louder.  My voice was filled with pride for the service my family and myself have given to our country.

Next we sang the National Anthems for both countries.  Do you know the one for Canada?  I really like it.

Pastor Dale spoke of each branch and Frank Maquire played each song for the branches of our Armed Services and those in the audience who served in that branch stood.


Following that musical tribute we watched a slide show on the loss this country has suffered.  It showed how many servicemen and women were lost to battle all over the world through the years.  The numbers were staggering to say the least.

Dennis and Georgina Danielson then went to the podium and presented a piece titled “What to Say to a Veteran”.


Before retiring the colors, Carole Novasky gave a Reflections Update.


We ended our Veteran’s Service with us all, Canadians and US citizens alike, singing God Bless America.

This Veteran’s Day was especially moving for me for today I wore my dad’s dog tags.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

11/8-11/10/13 Artists Hard at Work

The biggest news this week is that Sandy is back!  She hasn’t ever left the park but she did leave the line dancing teacher position for awhile.  But she’s back and we’re so happy that she is!

She doesn’t know he’s behind her!

Sandy makes class just so much fun, I think we laugh just as much as we dance.  Welcome HOME Sandy!

Work has been continuing on the Breezeway wall and is coming right along.  Dayle Harmon joined our other two artists, Lorraine Paddick and Judy Salisbury, this week.

Lorraine hard at work.


Judy working on her section.

People come up to the breezeway everyday to see the progress and cheer the ladies on.

It’s really coming along!
I’ve been attending church services here in the park.  Pastors Dale and Carole Novasky came to this park four or five years ago and ended up staying, as so many of us do.

Music is led by our very own Mr. Piano Man, Frank Maquire.


Its still very early in the season so not many are here yet but every week our little church grows.


While I certainly enjoy the message, the singing, the fellowship, my favorite part is the cookies afterwards.  Shhhh, don’t tell Pastor Dale.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

11/1-11/7/2013 November Already!

The first of November already!  Time is flying!  We can now say Christmas is next month.  Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?   I have found the most incredible buys on EBAY, new merchandise with tags still on it and free shipping to boot!  I’ve also been to Michael’s several times and is my friend too!  It’s going to be an all day affair just wrapping all this.

On Saturday Bob and I went to the Moose Lodge to play Bar Bingo again.

This time wasn’t nearly as much fun because I didn’t win!

I don’t know if I’ll play this again or not.  You figure a dollar for each card and some are two buck with no winners, well this just doesn’t sit well with this Queen of Cheap.

Last week or so, Brenda, our park manager asked me if I had any idea where to get some southwestern pictures or western pictures to replace the ones that are painted on the wall in the breezeway area of our main building.  I told her I didn’t have a clue but suggested that she talk to Lorraine, one of our resident artists, about painting two for her.  She liked that idea  and I went on my way.  A few days later  I stopped in the office to talk to Brenda and Lorraine was there and they were discussing what was going to take place in the Breezeway.

Just a few days later I happened to be in the area and turned in the Breezeway and found that they had actually started!

Three resident artists, Lorraine Paddick, Dayle Harmon and Judy Salisbury are painting a mural!

You can see in the picture below that there used to be window shutters on each side of the painted picture, as if you were looking into a window.


Judy starting to paint her section of the mural.

Lorraine hard at work.
Judy’s wagon wheel….

Lorraine made good headway on her door.
Needless to say the mural painting is the talk of the park.

Bob is spending his days doing small projects around the house and I’m spending my days at the pool with the girls.  Life is good!