Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8/27/2013 Arizona In - Indiana Out!

(Arizona City, AZ)

Well.  Plans get made.  Plans get changed.  Indiana is out and I have to tell you I’m not sorry.

The last couple of days, unbeknownst to me, Bob has been mulling over this trip to the factory.  He did the route, the stops, found campgrounds/Elks Lodges along the way, calculated the cost of said campgrounds, figured the mileage, estimated the fuel costs and wasn’t happy with total he came up with.  Nearly two thousand dollars, round trip.

He explained how he saw things to me and I totally agreed!  Our rig is still under warranty, rather than go to the factory on our dime (ten dollars?) he found a dealership in Mesa.  I contacted the place, and yes, they could fix our problems they said.

I emailed my buddies at the factory and let them know that weren’t going to be coming after all and that we had found a place locally that says they could take care of us.  Of course I made sure that, if in fact, this dealership can’t fix our problem then we still have the option open for a springtime visit if need be.  I told then that since the problems we have are ongoing and well documented that it would only be fair to us.  They agreed.

So now, we’re staying here, in the heat.  We have an appointment to take the rig to Mesa on September 3rd.  Keep your fingers crossed that we can get things taken care of once and for all.

Monday, August 26, 2013

8/23- 8/26/2013 Cleaning Things Out!

(Arizona City, AZ)
(Arizona City, AZ)
We’re finally down to a comfortable seventy six degrees in the house.  Its totally unbearable outside.  If we say it once a day, we say it a dozen, “How do people live here all the time?”  It just baffles us but then we figure they go from an air conditioned house to air conditioned car to air conditioned work back to the car and back to the house.  These people must live indoors!

Bob has decided that hot weather or no he had to get the shed cleaned out.  He started early morning and emptied it.  He sorted as he started putting things back.  He found places for everything and started two bins for me.  In these bins are things like this.

A desktop lighted water feature.  I didn’t even know we had this!


Fishing shoes!  Well, that what’s I call them.  They go on your shoes so you can stand on the rocks and keep a good footing.  Bob doesn’t fish the rocks anymore.


A Euro Chopper!  I have no idea where this came from or how long we’ve had it.

How about this brand new, still in the packaging gun caddy.

We found this yard flag that’s all about Mr. Fixit.  We bought this with the idea in mind that we would hang it out and let people know that Bob was pretty handy, which is putting it in the simplest term possible, and then he would pick up side jobs.  It’s never been out of the plastic bag until now and I truly shudder to think what we paid for this thing!  Actually, the price tag is still on it and I wonder, “What the hell were we thinking?”

So why do I have pictures of all these things?  One four letter word,,,,,EBAY!  We did so well with EBAY when we were preparing to go on the road that we decided to try it again.  Sure beats throwing this perfectly good stuff away and I absolutely refuse to give a thing to Goodwill. 

So, I’ve taken pictures of all the things we’re going to put on EBAY.  Of course this won’t happen until we we get back from Indiana, whenever that may be, but in the meantime I’m writing up the descriptions and getting prepared.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

8/22/2013 It’s Hot in the Desert in August!

(Arizona City, AZ)

Whoo boy is it ever hot here!  By morning the house was cooled down to 82 which is downright comfortable compared to the 110 degrees under our carport or the 115 out in the sun.

I pulled the rest of the dust covers off furniture we hadn’t used yet and made a grocery list to get us through the next week that we’ll be here.

While I was doing that Bob took a ride over to the storage facility to check on our 5th wheel and when he came back he said he was glad that he had put the  jack stands under the frame because sure enough the hydraulic system failed, yet again, while we were in Delaware.  The 5th wheel was resting on them in the front.  Other than that everything looked good.

We made a trip into town so I could go to the grocery store and Bob could pick up a few things he needed from Lowe’s.

We’ve got a busy week ahead of us since the park model has to be ready for our friends to come stay in it in December.  While we certainly don’t want to be in Indiana much past mid October, and preferably out of there by the beginning of October, well, you just never know.  I mean, who ever thought we would be in Lazy Days Tucson for 97 days!

It is our hope that we’ll get in and get out of the factory in a short amount of time because we have several things we’d like to get done to the park model before the season starts.  Of course to do this we have to be here.

Neither one of us is looking forward to this trip to Indiana.  It’s a long way to go for what hopefully will be a short time and then turn around and come back.  It has to be done, we don’t have a choice.

After our errands we just hung around inside rest if the afternoon.  It’s even too hot to go to the pool!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

8/21/2013 We’re Lea-vin’ On a Jet Plane

(Wilmington, DE – Atlanta, GA – Arizona City, AZ)

…and we DO know when we’ll be back again.  Next summer or the minute my mom needs me/us.

Our shuttle was supposed to come for us 9:45a.m. but showed up at 9:30 instead.  We were ready but I wasn’t happy about losing that 15 minutes more I could have had with my mom.

Bob said his so long’s and once again it was just me and mom.  She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “Snookie, I’m not going to cry!”  I sucked it up and replied, “Neither am I!”  We hugged each other tight and I told her that if the winter got to be too much for her alone to call me and I’ll be home for a two week visit anytime she wants me.  With that I went out the door.  I’m so glad she walked down a few steps and that my last view of her wasn’t framed by the doorway.   I would have never left if that was the case.

We made it to Philly airport in record time.  Our shuttle driver was just delightful and kept a conversation going all the time so the time just seemed to speed by.

I had booked us aisle seats going back to Arizona and the plane didn’t change so we were comfortable on both legs of our trip back to Arizona. 

On our way to Atlanta I sat next to this fellow who was very nice and talkative.  On several occasions I made mention of him going back to school or being on summer break.  Finally he laughed and said, “Just how old do you think I am?”  I looked at him good, taking into consideration his Phillies baseball cap and the T-shirt that said I Grew Up on Tastykakes!  Mid-Atlantic state residents will “get that”.  I told him that I would guess his age at 21 or 22.  He then said, “YOU are my new best friend!”  He proceeded to tell me he was 44.  I called him a liar.  He showed me his driver’s license.  I was beyond dumbfounded.  This guy came from a family with not good, but GREAT genes!  He told me he gets carded all the time when he goes to bars.  I have no doubt.

We had an hour and a half layover in Atlanta and my seat buddy went on for his connection to Washington state.  Our time in Atlanta was uneventful and passed quickly.

The last leg of our trip,  Atlanta to Phoenix, was a smooth flight and had an even smoother landing.  When we were in Philadelphia they asked for volunteers to check bags so the overhead storage areas wouldn’t be so crowded.  We jumped at that because its really a pain to get your carryon luggage up in the bins, and down again, especially if you have to change planes like we were.  Let them worry about our luggage.  Little did we know that everyone we were traveling with and who had checked their luggage had black and navy blue luggage with no distinguishing  tags or such for easy retrieval….just like us.  Baggage finally claimed, I called our shuttle person who was waiting in the cell phone lot for us to call.  Within minutes we were on way back to Quail Run.

We let ourselves into the park model and immediately looked at our indoor thermometer.  Ninety six degrees!  Bob set to task to get our AC uncovered and up and running.  We knew the AC wouldn't shut off all night.  And it didn’t.

By the time we went to bed it was a cool 88 degrees in our house.

We also didn’t have anything to eat.  No bread, nothing in the freezer we could throw in the microwave.  Nothing.  Oh well, its not like we were going to die if we missed a meal.  Unfortunately, we hadn’t eaten anything all day, not since we grabbed a donut and bagel this morning in Philly airport.  A trip to the grocery store will be in order tomorrow!

It’s good to be home,,,,I guess


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8/20/2013 Bob’s Birthday Dinner

(Wilmington, DE)

Our last full day here.

We started our day out with a couple of hours with my our great niece Cassidy.  She, or her sister Talia, normally come on Thursday’s but with a change in plans of their parents schedules we were able to get one more day in with this little one.


This is the part I don’t like about not living here anymore.  I miss out on so much with the youngsters in the family.  They grow so much between our visits and the youngest ones have to learn who we are all over again.

This afternoon was consumed by packing, running to the post office to mail off what we couldn’t fit in the suitcases,,,,darn you Boscov’s,,,and soaking up every minute with Mom.

I also firmed up plans for shuttles to take us to the airport and to pick us up on the other end.

Since we aren’t going to be here on Bob’s birthday this year, Mom took us out to dinner to celebrate tonight.  As usual the one who is celebrating their birthday gets to pick the restaurant.  In years past each of us has always picked Michael’s but this year Bob opted to change his usual pick and we went to Red Lobster for their all you can eat shrimp special.  Mom and I both ordered the garlic shrimp and let me tell you, you can only eat just so many garlic shrimp!  They were good but the garlic was a tad overbearing.  Someone must have been a little heavy handed with the garlic seasoning.  I forget how Bob ordered his shrimp but the waitress had to bring three plates before he declared himself full.

After dinner, back at home, Bob settled in for some TV and mom and I settled into jammies and worked on a puzzle we had going.  We had started it in the dining room on the table there and just pulled the tablecloth over it when we were done.  Mom decided that she wanted the puzzle on her puzzle board that she has so that she can take it to the front porch and work on it there if she wants to.  I never gave that a thought when I put all the pieces out on the dining room table and started and getting the outside edges together.  So how does one get a partially put together puzzle and its pieces from one area to the next?  By spatula of course!

Hey, don’t laugh, it worked for us!

Mom and I stayed up until the wee hours, talking about my dad, what she’ll do this winter to keep busy and how hot its going to be in Arizona in August!

I hate leaving tomorrow!

Monday, August 19, 2013

8/19/2013 Guinness Comes to Delaware

That’s right, Guinness came to Delaware today.  I don’t mean the Ale, that’s been here a long time.  I’m talking about Guinness Book of World Records.
Do you know what this is?


This is a close up, a very small portion of this!


I took a ride out to John Dickinson High School to see the tower built by area students.
Lego brick by Lego brick the students of the Red Clay School District spent the past couple of months building this nearly 113 foot tower.  Think an eleven story building, taking into consider room height and the space between ceilings and floors.


It was built in sections and put together by some contractors who volunteered to stack them.   The tower is built around a metal cylinder and uses tension wires to keep it from tipping over.  The tower in no way leans against the cylinder holding it up.

Picture courtesy of Delaware Online

In all there are over a half million Lego bricks and it weighs about a ton.   (no taxpayer dollars were used in this project)

The previous record Lego tower was 106 feet and erected in Prague.

Said District Superintendent, Mervin Daugherty, when asked of the value of such a project, other than the gone too soon fame of a Guinness World Record, “We want kids to get a message out of this.  One kid could never put this together. But when we all work together, when we’re all a team, we can do something that people probably thought would be impossible.”

The world's tallest Lego tower. Ever. (I don’t know the name of the person who took this picture to give credit to)

Quite an accomplishment for the students I’d say.

The evening brought Monday Night Wrestling, ice cream cones and card games.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

8/18/2013 I Can’t Help But Stare…..

(Wilmington, DE)

Let me start this with our visit home last year.  We were camp hosts at the beach downstate and every other week or so we would come to Wilmington and spend our days off with my parents.  The last time we came up before we left for Florida left a picture in my minds eye that I will never, ever forget.

It was our last day there.  The truck was packed with our belongings and we were in the house for the last time.  I was making a final sweep to make sure we hadn’t left anything behind and Bob was on the front porch with my parents saying his so longs.  I always hated this part, I always told myself I’m not going to cry.  I always did, always do, probably always will.  It was my turn.  Try as I might I couldn’t hold the tears back when my mom gave hugged me as tight as she could, told me she loved me and that she would miss me.  Then it was my dad with his bear hug, his ‘I love you babe” and “be careful on the road”.

When I got in the truck and went to put my seat belt on I turned to my right saw my dad in the doorway.  I hooked my belt and looked back.  He put his hand up in a wave and I put mine up in return.  And there he stood, my dad, the last time I would ever see him up and about  It even went through my mind that day that I could be looking at him like this for the last time.  Bob and I both noticed that last summer that he was slowing down and while not in bad health he wasn’t a picture of health either.  Besides he was pushing 80, and well, you just never know.    So I stared at him.  My dad, framed by the doorway, hand raised, staring back at me as if burning this picture of me into his mind as I was of him.  When I think of my dad that’s how I see him, standing in the doorway.

Our time is running short here.  We only have a few more days before we head back to Arizona.  I find myself staring at my mom.  I take in every silver strand in her salt and pepper hair.  I take notice of the laugh lines at the corners of her eyes and shape of her lips.  I look into the brown eyes, the color the same as my own.  The cheek, once so smooth has lines I hadn’t noticed before.  I’m burning her image into my memory.

My mom can rock herself to sleep in her rocker in a matter or minutes and keep rocking in her sleep.  I sit and watch her.  Its these times I forget the TV and just stare.  How she folds her hand down and rests her  head on the back of her hand.  I want to remember every detail.

I love the lilt of her laughter.  How she leans forward and laughs heartily if something really tickles her funny bone. 

This woman, my mom, I love so much and I can’t help but stare.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

8/15–817/2013 Home Again…

(Wilmington, DE)

We woke up this morning and Bob is feeling completely normal again but weak.   This past week really knocked the stuffin’ out of him.

He spent his days on the front porch catching up on email, playing his golf game and resting.

Mom and I BOSCOVE’D!  Am I ever glad we went.  Bob is now the proud owner of four more golf shirts, I think that makes an even dozen after he gets his birthday presents later this month.  He better start playing golf!

I also scored two beach towels that started out at $27.00 a piece, a price that I would never, ever pay, and I got them for a song!  They were marked down 70% to $8.00 and then the 15% discount we get brought it down $6.80.  I just love a sale like that!  Now I have to wonder how I’m going to get them home!  There’s no room in the suitcases for a beach towel, let alone two.

The weather has broken here on the east coast.  The windows are up, the humidity is low and mom’s new air conditioner has never even been turned on once.  I’m also hoping for a heat wave so that it wasn’t bought in vain.

Late Saturday afternoon I rode over to our friends, Dian and KK’s house.  I had something to deliver before headed back to Arizona.

If your remember Di and KK visited us down in the Florida Keys.  I made a memory book of their vacation for them and it had been delivered to my mom’s house.

I just love making these books!  It seems that since so many companies are starting up and making these photo books now that great sales are always available.  I got this copy of the book and one for us too, both for the price of a little less than one.

So I took it over to them so I could watch them look at it for the first time.  It was like going on vacation all over again!


We passed the rest of time playing cards, watching TV, sitting out in the yard, just being.  And that was ok with me.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

8/5–8/14/2013 We’re Off to the Beach Again!

(Wilmington – Rehoboth Beach)

Monday:  Bob didn’t sleep well last night.  In fact, practically not at all.  His summer cold is getting worse and we went back and forth on whether we should head to the beach.  Since the whole plan behind it was to give Mom some much needed space he decided he would be sick no matter where he was so we might as well go down.

I gathered everything we would need at the beach and we got the car loaded and took off.

We made a stop along the way, about two thirds of way down to the beach.  When we got back in the car the driver’s side car door wouldn’t latch when Bob pulled it shut.  You know that little peg thing’y that sticks out that your door latches on to?  Yeah, that thing.  Ours didn’t.  So Bob had to hang on to the door for the last 25 – 30 miles.  Do you have any idea how heavy a Mustang door to a two door coupe is?  H E A V Y ! ! !  It didn’t help that poor Bob felt absolutely drained as it was.

We got to the beach, turned on the AC and I unpacked the car.  Bob just didn’t have it in him so he headed straight to the sofa which was fine with me.  While he napped I went to the grocery store to get food in for at least the next few days.

An early night was called as rest was surely needed.

Tuesday:  Guess who woke up with a summer cold?  Yep, we’re both down now.  I did not feel nearly as bad as Bob did so I made the trip, holding the heavy car door shut which was quite a feat on turns, back to the store for tissues, cherry flavored Nyquil and and few comfort items.  Think chocolate!  Other than that neither one of us left the house.

Wednesday:  The highlight of the day was feeding the birds in the yard.  


Thursday:  This is really knocking Bob for a loop.  We’re not so sure that maybe his allergies aren’t contributing to how he feels.  Bob’s allergies haven’t bothered him in the last six years but we are back in Delaware and we are nestled in amongst trees and grass.  Hmmm…maybe.  Needless to say there was no beach, no fishing, no boardwalk this day for us.  Being at the beach is so darn fun!

Friday:  I’m on the mend and Bob is still down.  I was going stir crazy so I ran down to the Indian River Inlet to see our workamping friends that I knew were there.  It was good to get out of the house for awhile.

Saturday:  It was a dreary day today so neither one of us minded staying in today,  It was a good day for movies on TV.  Thank heaven for small favors.

Sunday:  Bob is starting to feel better but not yet 100%.  We were invited down to the Inlet today so Bob could go out in the boat fishing with our friend Dave and I could spend the afternoon playing cards with Sue.  Bob is feeling better but not good enough yet to spend the day on the water.  I went!  Sue and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, playing cards, talking and laughing.

Monday:  Bob decided he had better get this car door fixed, otherwise it would be a very long ride home.  He took it all apart, saw the parts needed and I got on the phone calling junk yards in the area.  On the second call we hit the jackpot!  The part was already harvested and the price was right.  Off we went and it just felt so good to be out and about together.  Part bought and paid for we headed back so Bob could put it all back together.  It all went back very easily and in no time the door was shutting again as it should.

Tuesday:  Bob suggested we go look at some campgrounds in the area as he wants to find a place to put our 5th wheel for the summer season.  This is NOT something I want to do.  I’m not ready to hang up the keys yet.  Bob says he getting tired of traveling and worrying about the RV breaking down.  Between you and me, I’m hoping this was just frustration at the difficult year this has been talking.  If we must travel between our park model in the winter to a fixed destination where our RV is parked permanently, I don’t want it to be in Delaware.  I really don’t want to go back there.  I’ll fly back for a few weeks a year to see my mom and friends but other than that I have no desire to live there again.  I want to stay out west.  The perfect scenario for me would be to go someplace interesting for a month.  Explore the area and then move again and set up for another month.  There is so much out here we haven’t seen yet.  I went on this excursion but I wasn’t happy about it.  That said, we did check out an acceptable campground but it really isn’t someplace I want to be.  I’m hoping after our trip to the factory in September, all of our problems will be ironed out and he’ll have confidence in our rig again and will want to the take the road.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday:  Its time to go back to Wilmington again.  Time was spent packing up, cleaning the place and driving home to mom’s.

This is just unbelievable, we’ve spent two and a half weeks total at the beach this trip home and we never set foot on the beach, never walked the boards, and Bob never got a fishing line in the water.  Not exactly what we expected or planned.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

8/4/2013 My Name is Snookie…. re-visited

 (Wilmington, DE)   

….and I’m a Facebook game junkie. 
It all started several years ago, back in 2009, with Farmville.


I’d plant and harvest, plant and harvest, buy more land and plant and harvest some more.  In that game, the more money you made from harvesting your crops afforded you bigger farm houses, fencing, a swing for the yard and the list just went on and on to the point that it got ridiculous as they added new embellishments.  Day and night I harvested my  crops as fast as the grew to put more money in my bank.  The problem?  Being the Queen of Cheap I never bought the bigger houses, I bought a little bit of fencing and wouldn’t get off the bucks needed to buy the swing for the yard.  My farmer stood.  Isn’t that pathetic?

I knew my Farmville addiction was getting out of hand when we were in Alaska.  Bob and I were Denali on an eight hour bus trip and I kept thinking about my crops that were ready for harvesting.  Finally the day came that I said enough and quit playing.   Hmmmm,,,,wonder if my farm is still there, waiting for me to plant again?  No!  I cannot go look!

Next came Words With Friends.  Think Scrabble.
I would have twenty games going at one time.  Since my opponents all came on at different times of the day I always a move to make.

Enter Candy Crush Saga.  This is the DEVIL’S doing!  Addiction like no other.  It’s the crack of Facebook games.  Day after day, matching colors to clear the field, trying to get the acorns from the top of the screen to the bottom or trying to get X amount of points in X amount of seconds.  Madness I tell you!  Madness! 

People spend months (coughcousinKathycough) on one level.  I spent just over two months on Level 65.  Those of you reading, familiar with Level 65, just had chills run up your spine didn’t you?  Be honest, you did!

I do believe I am ready for this!

So I spend the majority of my Facebook time matching little colored squares on the screen.  Of course that’s just one game that I play.  I also play Papa Pears,,,,but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

So there, I said it.  My name is Snookie and I’m a Facebook game junkie.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

8/3/2013 Bob is a Happy Camper!

(Bear, Delaware)

In spite of Bob still fighting off a bit of a sore throat and the sniffles we decided to keep a date we made for this evening.   Actually, I don’t think a hospitalization required bout of pneumonia and a blazing fever would have kept Bob away.

I think this says it all.


Put a plate of crabs in front of him and the man is in his own personal heaven!

So we went over to Dian’s & KK’s and had a great visit with those two and Di’s mom, Louise.

Louise is one of our favorite people.  She and Bob go back many years, he first met her when he was a teenager.  When Bob and I first started dating back in 1980, her house was one of the first places he took me to.  I think he took me there for her approval if the truth be told. 

Of course Louise gives  Bob what for when he deserves it.

In addition to the crabs we put these to good use to.  Nothing like sweet corn in August!


The moment finally came and this was set before Bob,  His sigh was audible!

I ate one crab.  I love blue claw crab meat, I just don’t like picking them.  Since I only clean one crab a year these plates KK found came in handy.


KK doesn’t like picking them either so she also made some chicken parmesan.  OH EM GEE!  This girl can cook! 

Bob borrowed a fishing pole from Dian while we were there because we take off for the beach tomorrow.

Before we knew it the time had come to hit the road back to mom’s house.   I snapped one last picture of Louise, Bob and Dian before we left.

Sorry KK,I took a picture of you too and it wasn’t flattering and I don’t post bad pictures of good friends.

Friday, August 2, 2013

8/2/2013 Oh, the MEMORIES!

(Wilmington, DE)

Today we had a busy day.  Mom and I went for our last Boscov’s visit for this week and then dropped the Mustang off at the VFW club for Bob.  He comes home today from his weeklong fishing trip but Mom and I have plans for later today and he’ll need a ride home.  When I called him to let him know the car was there and where I put the keys  I was surprised to find out that he was inside the club already.  They were waiting on the fellows with the coolers filled with  fish to arrive.  They had a great week fishing.  All the coolers are filled to the brim with salmon, brown trout, lake trout and who knows what else.

He did arrive at Mom’s not too much later and we invited him to join in with our plans but he declined because he was tired and felt a cold coming on.  It was just as well because he would have been kind of lost with nothing to add to the conversation that would be taking place.

Today is the day that we, Mom and I, are having dinner with our old neighbor Marie and her daughter Cathy.  Cathy and I stay in touch and thought it would be a fun evening to get together with our mothers.

The plan was in place that we would meet at Madeline’s Italian Restaurant near where Marie lives.  The plan was to meet at six and even though we got there a few minutes early they were already there.

Hugs and how are you’s and you look great’s out of the way we settled in for a full fledged memory fest.  Not only did the Gregory’s and us live a yard apart in Delaware, we lived a couple of streets apart during summer weekends at Crystal Beach Manor in Maryland.  Lots of history between these two families, that’s for sure.

Drink orders taken, we started right in with bringing everyone up to date on what we knew about long ago neighbors and what each of the neighborhood kids are doing today.  There were seventeen of us just on our block and that isn’t counting the ones we played with from the next block over. 

Our waitress came to the table a couple of times to take our order but we hadn’t stopped talking long enough to even look at the menu’s.  We finally, much to her relief, gave a quick peek and decided in no time flat what we all wanted.

Waiting for our dinners to arrive, Cathy excused herself and said she forgot something in the car.  She returned minutes later with a brightly colored gift bag in her hand.  We had both just celebrated birthdays the weekend before and my first thought was, “Oh no, a birthday gift and I didn’t get anything for her.”  It turns out it wasn’t a birthday gift at all but a “memory bag”.  She filled it with things to remind me of our childhood together.

It all came rushing back,  the hours we spent playing jacks and Pickup Sticks, the yards and yards of that white paper with the candy buttons stuck to them that we ate, the dozens and dozens of Teaberry (remember the Teaberry shuffle?) and Black Jack gum we chewed.  The one thing that brought back the most fun memories was the bag of licorice.  Cathy and I would go ask for a dime from our mom’s and then we collected bottles (this was before aluminum cans, all soda came in bottles) to return so that we had thirty cents.  Once we had the amount we needed we would march off to the store and buy a bag of Letty Lane black licorice and then run and climb the tree on the corner and devour the entire bag.  This was a once a week, at least, occurrence.  I can’t remember how many times Cathy’s brothers and other kids in the neighborhood walked under that tree while we were up there eating candy to our heart’s content.  Oh. the memories.
We ate but I really don’t think any of us really tasted what we were served.  It was like, take a bite, hurry up and chew because you had something to add to the lively conversation going on.  I do think the other diners looked at our table with envy because we were either smiling or laughing out loud the whole time.
What a great time we had playing remember when.  Cathy and I were very lucky that we grew up in the neighborhood that we did.  Times were good, very good.  We lived in a neighborhood where the mom’s played hide and seek with us or turned the jump rope for hours on end.  Jars were readily supplied for the lightning bugs we caught and pizza parties on summer afternoons were the norm.  Oh, the memories.
As it is with all good times our dinner had come to an end.  I think the tables had turned twice by the time we got up.   Of course once we got outside the goodbyes took quite awhile.   The hugs, the we have to do this again’s and the so longs went on and on.  We didn’t want to leave!
As soon as I got in the car I realized that I didn’t bring my camera, there was no picture to preserve this time,   I was so mad at myself.
We were about six blocks from the restaurant when my cell phone rang.  It was Cathy asking where we were,  When I told her on Union Street she yelled pull over, we’ll be right there!  I told Mom to pull over and we waited for about two minutes and Cathy and Marie pulled up behind us.  They got out of the car laughing and we joined them on the sidewalk.
Cathy said, “We have to take a picture!”  She whipped out her phone and we gathered on the sidewalk for a picture to remember this time together.


(Mom, Marie, Cathy and me)

Once again, we went through the so longs.  What a great time this was!  We were all so glad we did this.
Oh, the memories.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

7/29–8/1/2013 Girls Week!

(Wilmington, DE)

Starting today its just mom and me.  Bob left on his fishing trip early this morning.

Monday - We started the day off with a trip to none other than Boscov’s.  A pair of shorts I had gotten for Bob needed to be exchanged.  Took care of that and bought four more shirts.  It’s just hard to pass up $42.00 Haggar polo shirts for $10.00.  I mean, could YOU do it?

After taking care of that business we went to the VFW to pick up the car.

Tuesday – My cousin Kathy came over and spent the day with us.  We played a game of Mexican Train and a card game she brought with her.  Dinner was next on the agenda so it was off to Michael’s Restaurant for their salad bar and brick oven pizza with Bananas Foster for dessert.  The three of us re-lived so many memories of year’s gone by and laughed so much

Wednesday – Another trip to Boscov’s was on the agenda again today.  We didn’t necessarily have to go there but we wanted to have lunch at Bertucci's Restaurant and it happened to be in the same complex so it only made sense to check things out while we were there.  Neither one of us bought anything.

Thursday – Today was chore day.  Hey, stuff like laundry and housework still has to be done even during Girl’s Week.  In between chores we spent our time playing cards and just enjoyed being with each other.

Our time together is flying by.  Bob comes home tomorrow and this Mom & Daughter time will be but a sweet memory.  Not that we don't Bob to come back but we surely are enjoying this one on one time.