Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 2006

The house is still on the market and I'm holding open houses on my own every Sunday. We've had quite a few come through but still no offers. How discouraging.

We've got a list now of who's getting what as far as the household furnishings are concerned.

Time is flying by for us now. We're making many more trips to Goodwill and our trash collectors hate us. Some weeks there is so much we have to put out stuff at our neighbors, Ed and Bev's. Thank heavens for great neighbors like them.

Our goal is to be out of here by the last week of October or the first week of November at the latest. We'll go to Virginia to meet up with good camping buddies, Rich and Jackie Burck of VA and Bobby and Shelly Evans of lower, slower Delaware. We met Rich and Jackie several years ago at
Kiptopeke State Park in Virginia and have been friends ever since. They started their full timing adventure this summer but haven't made it out of Virginia as yet. We met Bobby and Shelly through RV.Net an online forum for RV'ers. They too will start their full time adventure soon. Their house sold for asking price in one day! Lucky them! Both Jackie and Shelly will be travel nurses, moving to a new assignment every 13 weeks or so.

Bob and I will be "workampers", a term to describe people like us who live in their RV and work at campgrounds (or sometimes on the outside) for site and wages. Typically, Bob will work at maintenance since he is a carpenter by trade and well versed in the others and I'll work in the campground office/store.

We've got a job lined up in Florida for the winter and a job for summer of 2007 in Missouri