Saturday, March 28, 2015

3/28/2015 Our Final Ladies Luncheon

(Arizona City, AZ)

Today the ladies gathered for our final Ladies Luncheon at the Olive Garden for the season.

These have been times for all of us and I think everyone is looking forward to them again next season.

Lots of people have left already so we only had 23 for lunch this time.   Half of what we normally have.



Till next season ladies….

Friday, March 27, 2015

3/27/2015 Flowers Everywhere!

(Arizona City, AZ)

No words needed. 








and for Easter……


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

3/25/2015 A Surprise Arrives in the Mail

(Arizona City, AZ)

Do you have that one friend, that one friend you’ve had since before you even started school that you are still in touch with?  That one friend that you share very special trips with, perhaps to Hawaii like me and my friend?  That one friend who s always there?  For me that friend is Susan. 

You first met Susan HERE.  Well, she did beat it.  Yes, there was chemo, radiation and an operation but she came through it and our friendship continues to this day.  Fifty six years now.  We see each other every other year or so and we talk on the phone every couple of weeks.  Its funny, I can think about her and usually within the hour she’ll call me.  Of if I’m the one who makes the call, I’ll hear, “I was just thinking about you!” and we’ll pick up where we left off a couple of weeks before.

Next month Susan will be five years cancer free.  Except.  Except that she’s not.  In January she went for a check up and something was noticed not to be quite right.  Further tests proved what we hoped wouldn’t be there.  The cancer has returned.  The good news is that they found this very, very early.  The doctor is extremely positive that this can be taken care of with no problem.  I pray he is right.

So while Susan is dealing with this, I don’t care what she says this has to be on her mind 24/7, she is also finding time to think and do for me.

I got a very heavy package in the mail today.  It took me forever to unwrap it.  Layer after layer, paper, bubble wrap, more paper, a large padded envelope, heavy cardboard, it was a lot of work!  But so worth it.

My friend works in stained glass.  In fact, she is so good at her craft that teaches others how to work in stained glass.

Susan, my forever friend, designed and crafted this beautiful piece for me.

The quail, the cactus, the sun, the mountains in the background.  Its all so perfect!

Susan, I’ve told you this already but I have to say it again………



Yes, all caps because this means so much to me that I would yell from it from the rooftop.

Susan, you are the best and I’m so very glad you are a major part of my life.

Thank you, thank you my friend.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3/24/2015 The End of Era for Quail Run

(Arizona City, AZ)

Vine to the right, Vine to the left. Lines are our friends! When Sandy is talking nobody talks! There are no mistakes in line dancing,,,,just variations. Words we've heard dozens, no, hundreds of times.

Today we danced with Sandy, with her as our line dancing instructor, for the last time.


How many years did Sandy teach us? 12? 13? 14? Alot! And we enjoyed every Tuesday or Thursday morning with her.


Sandy never, ever, forgot the newbies. If someone arrived in February, she started from the beginning. Eventually she added an extra half hour of dancing to help the newbies catch up or help someone having a problem with the jazzbox step.


We all knew it would come to an end eventually. We dreaded it, we tried to talk her into another year, we begged. She is adamant though so I guess we'll have to accept this decision, even though we don't like it.


So Sandy, we're going to miss you but more importantly every one of us loves you.

If I have to name one song that encompasses all you are, I can't think of a better one than the one you ended each dance class with .....PRETTY WOMAN!

Yes, Quail Run has definitely reached an end of an era.

Today we also had a our Line Dance Luncheon.  As usual there was tons of food.

Both dance classes, Tuesday and Thursday gathered together for this event.



After eating we gathered for dancing.  We danced with our groups and then as one large one.

Sandy, we are going to miss you!

Friday, March 20, 2015

3/20/15 Mini Golf: Sitting, One Handed, Whiffle Ball

(Arizona City, AZ)

Be careful what you ask for. You may get it!

Several weeks ago I made a suggestion to Dennis, our mini golf leader, that it might be fun to play a game where we sat down, putted with one hand and used a Whiffle ball. I WAS KIDDING!

Well, today that happened. Thankfully it was only one hole although we all used Whiffle balls throughout the game.


It is not as easy as it looks!


She doesn’t look like she’s having much luck with the Whiffle ball does she?


Hey Dennis, I have an idea for next year!
Not only did we play in the morning, we played again this evening under the lights.
Tonight was our Mini Golf Banquet.  After a dinner of ones choice of several kinds of pizza and the giving out of prizes we went out under the stars.



So Dennis and Georgina, thank you for a great season!  You really made it fun for all of us.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3/18/2015 The Desert in Bloom

(Arizona City, AZ)

The desert is really strutting her stuff this week.

Cactus flowers are popping out all over the place!  Here’s a look at what we see as walk and ride through Quail Run.






Can you imagine what this place is gong to look like in another week?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3/17/2015 Travelin’ John – The Obituary

(Arizona City, AZ)

Arizona City, AZ.

1990something - March 17, 2015

Tis a sad day in the land of Quail Run. A day we are mourning the demise of a fairly new friend, none other than Traveling John. TJ to his friends.

TJ spent his later years sharing special moments with Diane Estus, his latest owner. Sadly, TJ didn't age well and soon was discarded.  Friends didn't see Traveling John's days as over though. After a complete makeover and many added tattoos John was transformed into a roaming vessel of cheer.


Traveling John preferred moving under the light of the moon but did travel at the whim of others.
Today, TJ was found broken. with his companions Gatorade, Keystone beer and his newest friend, Pumpkin Spice Liqueur huddled together in his bowl. It has not been determined if TJ met with an accidental death or if he was brutally murdered. No one has stepped forward to claim responsibility yet.

Traveling John was enjoyed by many and will be remembered for a long time to come. The enjoyment he brought will be shared in many Quail Run stories.

Tonight when you rise from a restful slumber to pee, remember Traveling John in your thoughts.

Image result for free clipart rest in peace
Yes folks, it’s true.  Travelin’ John is gone.  He was found in front of OUR place this morning.  To be honest I thought someone had “killed” TJ but did find out later that it was an accident.  Travelin’ John was being moved to our place and fell off of the dolly that was being used to move him.  His tank cover was broken along with the tank.

Of course funeral services were held. 

A casket was picked out.


TJ was lowered none too gently into the casket.

Quail Run residents came to pay their respects and to say a final prayer.  These two were led away crying and wailing….crying and wailing I tell ya!

It’s a sad day, a sad, sad, day.

Monday, March 16, 2015

3/16/2015 Don’t Blink!

(Arizona City, AZ)

Don't blink or you'll miss it! Traveling John is on the move and he moves fast!

From Jack Wheeler ‘s  place he moved to Ron Lichty's. Ron and Pat were out for dinner last evening and when they came home there was TJ. He said he didn't do much more than laugh and curse Jack Wheeler. He did let on that he started plotting the next move immediately.

It does look like some new things have been added to Travelin’ John.  A roll of toilet paper, a bottle of cinnamon something or other, Gatorade and a bunch of empty cans to the tank itself.

Where will Travelin’ John end up next???

Sunday, March 15, 2015

3/15/2015 Travelin’ John, Faster than a Speeding Bullet

(Arizona City, AZ)

This thing is moving faster than a speeding bullet!

Wilf Lane moved TJ from his place to Doug Kloppel's during the day yesterday while Doug and Donna were in town. Doug moved it last night in the middle of the dance to Cliff Mork's. I was able to get picture while it was there. Cliff came home from the dance and in the dark of night moved it Jack Wheeler's!

Marj discovered it this morning and her first words were, "The SOB didn't even put anything green in it for St. Patrick's Day!"


Jack's response? *&%#%$@^(*%^&$#%)+%$!


When we wrote the poem that goes with Traveling John we really expected it to at least spend 24 hours in one place since it said move it before the light of the next sun. We sure didn't it expect it to move so fast! It's all good!

I wonder where TJ is going next?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

3/14/2015 Travelin’ John, Moving at Mach Speed

(Arizona City, AZ)
Traveling John is on the move!
It was delivered to Doug Kloppel yesterday in the morning and by last evening TJ was deposited to Cliff Mork's driveway.


I got pictures of it but when I went back this morning to get a picture of it with Cliff it was already gone!

Oh, and Doug's contribution? EMPTY beer cans!


JT’s next stop was Jack Wheeler’s place. I heard it was moved very, very late at night.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

3/12/2015 Travelin’ John is on the MOVE!

(Arizona City, AZ)

When I got up today I didn’t know where Travelin’ John was.  When I left Wilf’s last night he didn’t know where it was going.

The Traveling John was on the move today! In broad daylight Wilf Lane moved TJ to Doug & Donna Kloppel's while they were in town.

When they pulled in to their parking space Donna said, "It looks like we've acquired a toilet." Doug said, "What the hell????"

When they got out to investigate this new lawn ornament they noticed a can of beer and a bottle of wine. Now get this, it was THEIR bottle of wine and beer that was taken out of their outside fridge. Way to go Wilf !


Doug standing with Travelin’ John.


Anyway, Traveling John is moving before the light of the next sun I hear. I wonder where to.