Monday, March 26, 2007

3/21/07 I'm So Mad I Could Spit Nails!

I was outside in the late morning when Art, the campground manager, came around on his golf cart and stopped to talk. Normally, I wouldn't have a problem with this.
Well, this morning he proceeds to tell me that Don, the guy with the water leak from the night before, was evicted! Seems as though Don had a problem with the "bill" he got for causing the leak by tripping over the pipe sticking out of the ground and he went to the owner to complain about it. That is a no-no in this campground. If you have a concern or complaint and voice it, you will probably be evicted. Anyway, in the telling of the story Art came across to me like he was "proud" of evicting this nearly 80 year old man. I have had this feeling before when Art "boasts" of having evicted this one or that one.

I thought about this for most of the day. No, I didn't sit and brood about it, it was just in the back of my mind and as word got around about Don and what is now known as his "vicious Doberman" (remember, his dog is a 17 year old cancer ridden Lab) and people talked about it......well it just didn't sit right. While waiting for dinner to cook I got online and went to and vented about this old man's treatment and all the things that have been bothering the majority of campers about this park. I had no intentions of naming the park until we were out of here until one reader wrote in and said my info about the park was useless unless I told what park I was so unhappy about. Oh, what the heck, I thought, so I posted again and told which park we were in. Made me feel good!

Bob worked around our home on wheels today, putting a few more things away that he won't be needing anymore before we leave here. He has quite a schedule worked out for what has to be done on what day so that our packing up is done in an orderly fashion. I'll do the inside within the last two days or so because we use everything inside. I would gladly pack up the kitchen TODAY but I don't think we could afford to eat all of our meals out for the next 10 days....well, we could, but who would want to? So I'll leave Bob to his packing and organizing and spend my days at the pool. Works for me!

Finally reached my parents by phone today and we've set up a time to meet for dinner on Friday. We're both looking forward to that.

I met with "the girls" tonite to play Michigan Kitty, a card game, in the clubhouse. I can't remember when I laughed so hard or so much. I didn't win any money but it was worth every penny I lost for the laughs I had. I'm really going to miss these women that have become real friends in these past few months.

3/20/07 Bob Starts the Roof Taping

Today Bob started taping the seams on the roof of our 5th wheel with a product called Eternabond. We don't have a problem with leaks this is a "just in case" measure. Bob likes to keep one step ahead if at all possible.

Here are some before and after pictures.



While Bob was busy doing this I was busy working on my tan.

Uh-oh, Dale is down again with the same thing that happened to him the last time he went fishing with Bob. He didn't make a trip to the hospital this time but is back on an all liquid diet like the last time. I don't think these two should go fishing together anymore!

We had some excitement in the park this evening. About 5 sites down the street from us an elderly man named Don was out walking his dog after dark and kicked or tripped over a water pipe of some type. A geyser of water erupted and before long the lots near his site were soaked. Park management was called to fix the "leak". That's all well and good until we heard they charged this man $50.00 an hour to fix the leak! Can you imagine?

3/19/07 Bob and Dale Go Fishing Again

Bob left this morning around 9 with our friend Dale (Michigan) to go fishing on Skyway Pier in St. Petersburg. If you have been following this, the last time they went fishing Dale ended up in the hospital. Not due to fishing of course. So we're certainly hoping for a better outcome this time.

Naturally, I spent my time hanging out with friends and at the pool.

Here are some pictures that Bob took on his fishing trip.

Look what he caught!

I bet this one caught more!

Note to Dale: Got your name right every time, didn't call you DAVE once!

Monday, March 19, 2007

3/18/07 Mom and Dad Come to Visit

Today my parents came to visit us here in our RV park. They arrived around 2 pm and stayed for several hours. Mom and I took a long walk around the park and Bob and Dad sat on our porch talking about fishing and other guy stuff. Our time together went all too fast and we've made plans to get together for dinner a couple of times before we each pack up and they go home and we continue on with our adventure. We treasure these hours because after we go our separate ways I don't know when I'll see them again. With the plans we've made I don't see us getting back to Delaware for at least two years.

Bob and I will be glad to get on the road. We've been here long enough. We've made great friends, some that I know we'll keep in touch with for years to come, but for now the time has come to move on.

I think its playing hard on every one's mind that April 1st is just around the corner. This is the date the majority of us leave Suncoast RV. While we're all looking forward to moving on or going home we know that our time together is drawing to a close. Its sad in a way. I guess this something I'm going to have to learn to deal with as I'm not good with "so longs". Ahh, such is the life of a full time Rv'er.

3/17/07 Happy St. Patrick's Day

I do believe this is the first time in many, many years that Bob and I didn't have ham and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day. I don't know why I didn't make it. Actually, it never even entered my mind to do so. Probably because I know I don't have the refrigerator space to store the leftovers and since I always made a BIG pot of it. I guess some things just have to change when you completely change your lifestyle.

Another chilly day here in Florida. Long pants and jackets kind of day. Darn and the pool water was just right! It is heated but with the sunny, 80 degree days we were having it was warmer than what the heater was making it.

There weren't many people out and about today because of the chilly temps. It didn't get out of the low 60's today. Its amazing to me that I would consider low 60's to be chilly. If we were "home" and it got to that temp at this time of year I would be throwing the windows open and spending the day outside playing in the dirt in my gardens. My, how times change!

3/16/07 Winter is Back!

Yesterday we were in the pool and today we're in sweats. The weather down here is crazy. We're going to have cool weather for the next 2 or 3 days and then we'll be back in the 80's. Now I was never one to wish my life away but I'll be glad when these next few days are behind us and the sooner the better!

Today was a good day to just stay in the watch TV, play online scrabble and online poker. So that is exactly what we did.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

3/15/07 The Tear Down Begins!

Today we started the tear down of the site. Nothing major, just starting to put away things we know we won't need anymore. The wind chimes are down, porch decorations are packed away and the Happy Hour bell has been removed from its perch.

Bob has emptied his tool boxes and put everything back where it belongs. I have gone through all of our kitchen cabinets and taken out things that we haven't used since we've been on the road. If I haven't used it by now, I'm not going to.

Clothes are next! We have way too many clothes with us. When you live in shorts, T's and jeans on those chilly days, well there just isn't much need for "dress clothes".

So what does one do with things you no longer need while living in a campground? You take them to the club house, set them out on a table and put out a sign that reads FREE and then just sit back in the corner and watch your stuff go! It works! I'm sure we'll have another table full before we pull out of here. I've often heard the phrase Less Is More.... that is so true!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

3/14/07 Delawareans All Over the Place!

When Bob and I left Delaware we looked at the all license plates on the way down to Florida looking for one from Delaware. We didn't see any.

Every time we've gone someplace and we're in big parking lots we look for Delaware tags. We've never seen any.

Now a couple of weeks ago, ok, ok, I forgot to tell this, Bob was fishing and ran into not one but three Delawareans in the course of one day. A few days ago we had a new RV'er check into the park and you guessed it, he was from Delaware. Slower, lower Delaware. Today an RV came in just for the night and they were put in Marv and Vi's old space. You guessed it again. Delaware. Wilmington this time, hasn't lived there in a while but was born and reared there. No way will we rival the population from Michigan, but we're tryin'!

Didn't do much of anything today, just the usual pool stuff.

3/13/07 Bob Goes Fishing

Today Bob met up with Kenny to go fishing from Skyway Pier in St. Pete's. He left here around 11:00 and met up with Kenny at the pier since Ken is staying in Clearwater now. Their plan is to fish into the night. Maybe all night if the fish are biting.

A view from the pier.

It was the
perfect day
for fishing!

In the background is the I-275 bridge.

Bob and Kenny had luck with the Mackeral running while they were there. They had lots of fun catching them on light tackle. They gave the ones worth keeping to another fella fishing from the pier.

A sunset view....

I spent the day at the pool once again. Watch out Mom,,,the tan is getting better!

Bob got home around 10:oo. Tired, but happy!

A perfect day for both of us!

Marv called last night, they made it as far as Macon, GA their first day on the road home. He just wanted us to know they were ok. He is such a sweetheart. He went on to tell me that he had a hard time saying goodbye to us yesterday. He said, "Snookie, I nearly had tears in my eyes when I had to say goodbye to you and Bob. Vi and I just love you kids." Kids....been a long time since we've been called kids. (Except of course when Mom and Dad are talking about us.)

When I went out the screen room this morning it seemed so strange not to see their rig right in front of me. We miss them already.

I don't like this saying goodbye stuff.

3/12/07 Farewell Dear Friends

Everyone was up early this morning to see Marv and Vi off. You never saw a rig get ready so fast. All the neighbors had a hand in helping Marv stow electric lines, sewer hoses and all the other stuff one has to put away to hit the road.

Here's Bob brushing off the leaves on their slide.

It seems like everyone we're friends with came down to say "so long", they are just that kind of couple.

Safe travels Marv and Vi

We're going to miss you!

In the afternoon our next door neighbors, Gary and Louise, hosted a farewell party for Bob and Sandy of Michigan who are going to make their way home. Everyday we have somebody leaving it seems.

Here are some pics from that gathering:

Ann, a very cool lady!

Our friend, Karen

I guess this is the beginning of saying so long to our fellow snowbirds.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3/11/07 Dinner Out With Friends

After spending our days re-newing the trim and working on the tan we went out to dinner with Marv and Vi, our next door neighbors. They are leaving tomorrow for Michigan and we hate to see them leave. Over the past four months we've become good friends with them and Marv has been a constant at Happy Hour. He has kept us entertained for hours on end with stories of his youth. (he's 82)

We went to a place called Jeannie's II. There is also a I and III. If I had to compare it to any national chain restaurant I guess it would closely resemble a TGI Friday's with an older crowd.

Bob, Marv and Vi ordered grouper and all gave it rave reviews. Since I'm not a fish eater I had the steak and it too was very good.

Marv made us promise that we would keep in touch and be sure to come see them when we got to Michigan. This is a stop we'll definitely make!

We got home in time for me catch Amazing Race, one of my favorite TV shows.

3/10/07 Deja Vu?

Hmmmmm.....a repeat of yesterday. Enough said.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

3/9/07 Replacing the Trim

Today is the day Bob starts replacing the what was once white trim on our house on wheels. Through the years this trim turns a yellowish color and gets so dirty with road grime that it can't be cleaned. Since Bob takes such good care of our rig he just couldn't stand the dingy trim any longer. Getting the trim was a chore in itself. Bob went to a local dealer but the guy just gave him the brush off telling Bob he couldn't order it. So Bob emailed the factory where our rig was built. The answered saying we should contact a local dealer. A no win situation we already knew. Bob ended up calling the dealer in New York that we bought from and he ordered it for us.

Here's what it used to look like.
Pretty bad, huh?



While all this was going on I headed to the pool. Feel sorry for me. I don't do this just because I have the luxury of spending my days at the pool. I'm on a mission! You see, my mom tans so easily and she gets a very deep tan and I just know the next time I see her the first thing she is going to do is hold her arm up against mine to compare tans. I have to have one! So while its true I hang out at the pool all day in sunny 82 degree weather and I laugh and joke with all the other people, I'm really there on a mission. To have a fighting chance of winning this mother/daughter TAN WAR!

So please, feel sorry for me.
That was it for today.

3/8/07 Girls Day Out

Today I went shopping. Now that is probably not out of the norm for most women but I hate shopping! Really, really hate it! I can go months on end without stepping foot in a mall and now I've been shopping two days in a row. There must be something in the water down here.

Anyways, Nancy, my friend, called and asked if I wanted to go with her. Since I had no offers of lunch in Paris ( yeah, like I'd go there) and "Dubya" didn't need my help running the country today I figured what the heck, I need a new bathing suit anyway. So off we go to a shopping plaza up the road. First stop? The Dollar Store! I bought waxed paper.

Next stop? A store called Bealls, its pronounced Bells. I swear it was like walking into Strawbridges, my Delaware friends will understand this one. It felt like "home". I bought a few tops and I looked at their swim suits but I swear their buyers were on drugs the day they did the buying for the store. I never saw such ugly things! What I bought was on sale so all is right with my world.

Next stop? Ross's. I've seen advertisements on TV for this store but had never been in one before. It is here where I found a swim suit. We'll just leave it at that. Like all women I hate shopping for a swim suit. There's nothing fun about it. And who "sizes" these things? Since it was made in China I have this vision of a little Chinese man with a "I hate my momma" complex sitting in a corner giving out sizes for swimsuits. He needs to be shot! I had to buy a size that fits me the same as the one I had at home and its two numbers higher. Go figure!

Three stores in one day, that was enough for me!

When I got home Happy Hour was in full swing.

After dinner we settled in for TV, Survivor for me and I don't have a clue what Bob watched.

Another day in paradise.

Friday, March 9, 2007

3/7/07 Fishing, Pool Time & a Trip to the Mall

Woke today to beautiful blue skies and the promise from the weatherman of temps reaching the mid 70's. Sounds like a day at the pool for me.

It wasn't long before Bob made plans to go fishing. He puttered around the house for awhile and then decided there was a fish in the pond with his name on it. He gathered all his gear together and then loaded all the laundry in the truck for transport to the pool area.

I quickly dispensed with morning chores and made my way to the truck for a ride to the pool. Lucky for me there 4 machines available and I loaded them, poured the detergent and shoved the quarters into the slot and before they were done filling with water I was settled into a chaise lounge, book in hand, Pepsi by my side and settled in to..... bake. It didn't take long for the pool area to fill up, it was just that kind of day. I think this is an indication that in order to get one of the few chaise lounges one must get there early!

I lasted until 2 pm and then just had to get out of the sun. I've often heard that the "Florida sun" is different and comparing my sun tanning hours to those of my past I guess its true. Regardless, I'm turning a nice brown.

This afternoon, Karen, our friend from Michigan brought over copies of pictures she took at the picnic. There was a really nice one of Bob and I with my parents and Kenny. She printed two 5 x 7's and 2 wallets for us. After seeing these and talking to her a bit more about her printer, Bob and I decided we want one too. While dinner was cooking I got online to see what Circuit City and Best Buy had to offer. I found the exact same model Karen has for $79.00, marked down from $129 and a $30 rebate to boot at Circuit City.

After dinner I went to the mall that is practically next door to us. This was my first visit to it and I have to say I was shocked! It was empty! Not that the stores were vacant but that there was nobody there shopping! First stop, Best Buy to see what they had in store. I couldn't get anyone to help me so I left shortly after I arrived. I was just about the only person in there so I should have had no problem getting someone to explain the differences between photo printers to me. Don't want to help me, acknowledge that I'm even there, no problem, I'll take my money elsewhere! Their loss!

I walked through a few other stores but nothing caught my fancy.

Off to Circuit City I went. I encountered a delightful young lady who knew all the answers and within 15 minutes I was out the door with our new photo printer in hand. I didn't get the same one our friend has after all even though the dollar amount was right on target. Space and weight have to be taken into consideration so I opted for a smaller printer. Lots of updated features but we can't print an 8x10 picture. I really don't see that as being a problem. So we paid a little more than the one we originally wanted cost but the compact size of it makes it just a better buy all the way around for us.

In case your wondering, Bob didn't stay long at the fishing hole. He said it was way too crowded.

Another day in our RV full timing life.

3/6/07 Picnic Day and Parents are HERE!

We got up early today to get ready for our picnic at Fred Howard Park. I am so excited! Not so much for the picnic but because I get to see my parents today. They've been in Clearwater since Thursday but today will be the first time I'm getting to see them.

My Dad's birthday was Thursday, their travel day, so I didn't get to see him on the actual date. A stop to the Hundred Dollar Store is in order to pick up his birthday cake that I ordered.

We have 28 that are supposed to be at the picnic. Already I know of two that can't make it due to a medical emergency with their friends. So we're down to 26.

Its a beautiful day today but it is only in mid 60's this morning but it is supposed to get to 70 degrees. I know, I know, you of those in the northern climes would kill for a 70 degree day, but have no fear spring is right around the corner. Still, its kinda chilly with the breeze blowing

We got to Fred Howard Park around 11:20 and as soon as we arrived I knew I made a mistake! I had called and reserved Pavilion # 9 for our group. I wanted the same one we had last time, right on the Gulf, nearby rest rooms, horseshoe pits. Ahhhh,,,,that was pavilion # 6. Not knowing I had the site numbers mixed up I told those attending that we would see them in the same place as last picnic. Oops! It wasn't long before the cell phone started ringing with friends asking where we were. This particular couple went to the last picnic and went to that site. First question I asked was anyone there, unfortunately another group had reserved the pavilion. We told them where we were and they arrived in short order. Dale was kind enough to go back to the site and direct those our group who had been to the first picnic to number 6. Oh well, this was a nice site too and maybe a blessing in disguise after all.

Here was our view from this pavilion.

It wasn't long before all the picnic goers arrived and it was quickly established that to survive the chill of the breeze you had to stay in the sun!

We had so much food! It was requested that everyone bring a dish to share and everyone brought such good things!

After eating it was time for ladder golf.

Karen from Michigan

Nancy from Connecticut

It was wonderful seeing my parents again. My Dad's brother, Kenny was also there. Here's a pic of me and my parents.

Although it was a chilly day by Florida's standards everyone had a great time!

Monday, March 5, 2007

3/5/07 Preparations for Picnic

Today was a busy day! First I should tell you that we did wake to sunny skies. It was a very pretty day, just a tad on the chilly side. Long pants, sweatshirts or jackets kind of chilly. At least it wasn't raining.

We spent the morning writing emails and making phone calls to get our address changed. We now have our address in Texas. All of our mail will be sent to our address at Escapees Hdqtrs and forwarded to us as often as we want. We'll probably opt for twice a month.

By late morning I was out collecting the rest of the money from those attending our picnic tomorrow. There's about 26 of us going to Fred Howard Park down near Tarpon Springs. This is something we did in December and everyone had such a good time we decided to do it again. The same as last time, everyone was asked to pitch in $2.00 to cover the cost of the hot dogs, hamburgers and brats plus rolls. A covered dish will be brought by each of us to share. After collecting all the money it was time to go to the Hundred Dollar Store to buy everything. It was quite a task to keep my own things needed to prepare our offering separated from the picnic items but I managed. I had quite a loaded cart by the time I was done.

While I was gone Bob started gathering things we'll need for tomorrow. He took our CD system down and got it and the power pack ready for tomorrow. He made sure we had charcoal for the grill and got the coolers ready for packing.

I was gone much longer than I expected and didn't get started making my dishes until nearly 5 pm. I made 5 pounds of potato salad, 6 cucumbers worth of cucumber salad, a pound worth of green beans for a salad and par boiled 25 brats. In between all this I had to feed us. Its been an busy time in the Quinn kitchen. Good thing nothing needed to be baked!

We're expecting a warmer day tomorrow and I'm hoping the weather man is right!

3/2 thru 3/4 Mother Nature is a Tease!

Mother Nature is up to her tricks. She gave us delightful weather and then brought in the rain and cold to tease us.

It was chilly Saturday and not the kind of day to spend at the pool so we both ended up spending time getting haircuts, doing grocery shopping and running a few other errands. Sunday was just plain miserable. Rain, wind, cold,,,,the kind that chills you to the bone.

Bob spent part of the afternoon playing online Texas Hold Em' and I visited with Nancy and Lenny from Connecticut who live four doors down.

Nancy had just taken oatmeal raisin cookies out of the oven so I enjoyed my visit very much! Cookie baking is not something I've attempted as yet. You see, I'm afraid of my oven. There, I've said it. One has to light the oven, it just doesn't turn on like the one I'm use to. That WHOOSH noise it makes when it ignites just scares the crap out of me! I knew this going in so I had the forethought to purchase a toaster oven before we left. Unfortunately the directions are written for a rocket scientist and I'm still cooking everything in the preheat mode. Brownies take 4 preheating cycles to bake.

After dinner we settled in for an evening of television. We went to bed in anticipation of a sunny Monday morning and warmer temps.

Friday, March 2, 2007

3/1/07 Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. It is also the day he and my mom arrive in Florida for a month long stay. They'll be in Clearwater, not too far from where we are. We hope to see quite a bit of them while they are here.

Happy Birthday Dad!

This morning Kenny left us to make his way to Clearwater where he'll stay for the next two weeks at the same place my parents are.

This afternoon I spent at the pool all the while doing laundry at the outdoor laundry center. Ya just gotta love this lifestyle. Bob rode his bike quite a bit.

As usual we had Happy Hour and then settled in for an evening of TV. Sci-fi station for Bob, Survivor for me.

March. I don't know where the time is going. In less than a month now we'll be on our way to the next phase of our adventure.

There was a lot of activity in the park today as 26 rigs pulled out of here, most going to their permanent homes up north. Didn't they watch the weather reports? There's SNOW up there!

All in all, just another day, nothing exciting.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

2/28/07 A Day with Kenny

We all got up early this morning and we're glad we did. It was an absolutely beautiful day here in Florida. I've never seen so many people in the pool area at one time.

Bob and Kenny planned their fishing trips for the time he'll be here. I think Kenny has visions of big grouper on his hook and I'm hoping he catches one or more.

At one time today we all found ourselves on the computers at the same time. The guys out on the porch on laptops and me inside on the PC. You could hear "You've Got Mail" all over the place.

After Happy Hour and dinner we settled in to watch Man of the Year with Robin Williams. A funny movie, if you haven't seen it, rent it. We got it from our neighbors who rented it and gave it to us before it had to go back.

After the movie I made strawberry shortcakes for dessert. Oh those berries were so sweet! The Strawberry Festival starts tomorrow in Plant City and we have plans to attend at least once.

I can't believe this is the last day of February. Time is just flying by. Tomorrow starts our last month here in Florida. We plan on making the most of it!

2/27/07 Family Member Arrives!

Today, Kenny, my dad's brother and my favorite uncle arrived to spend a few days with us. Kenny is on a cross country trip and will spend about two and a half weeks here in Florida, staying in the same place my parents will stay in Clearwater when they arrive on Thursday.

He arrived around 3 pm, just in time for Happy Hour.

He treated us to dinner at Alli Gator's in the evening and we spent the rest of the night sitting in the screen room/porch catching up on family.

Bob and I bought a blow up air mattress at the "Hundred Dollar Store" for any guests that we may have and this was our first opportunity to use it. The box claims that you plug it in and it will inflate in two and a half minutes. It does! Its a little noisy for two and half minutes but it afforded a good night's sleep.

It's so good to see a family member again! We'll see lots of him while he's here.