Monday, July 31, 2006


We're going camping for the first time this year. We "won" tickets for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on Ebay. We'll have to travel to West Virginia to see them but that's ok. Well, it was OK until we found out just a few hours before the concert that it was canceled due to McGraw's sore throat. Oh well, at we least got to see a little bit of West Virginia and we met some nice people at "Big Earl's Campground".

Things around the house are in high gear now. We're painting, fixing and spending a ton of money on materials. We're looking to put the house on the market in late August or early September. Hours are long as we work at our jobs and then come home to work on the house.

We found out two of our neighbors are putting their houses up for sale in August, that's a good thing, will make for lots of real estate traffic.

I turned 53 the 26th of this month, no big deal this year, just another day.