Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5/13/2009 So Long Friends, See You Next Season!

Today we headed further north in California. It was time to say so long to Karen and Bob. Just so long, not goodbye because we'll seeing them next season in Quail Run.

We want to thank you two again for the wonderful time we had. I know we said it when we were leaving but I want all of our Quail Run friends to know that if they are ever in your neck of the woods to stop by, you two are great hosts and really good sightseeing guides! Once again, we thank you for your hospitality and the use of your driveway.

Bob and Karen are the third couple we've been lucky enough to visit at their home and set up residence in their driveway or side yard. Who wants to be next? Raise your hand!

So Bob makes sure we get out of the driveway, leaving his mailbox intact.


The gardener in Karen comes through and she's pulling weeds before we even get to the corner.


Oops. She knows she was caught.


Our driveways space. Isn't their front yard gardens pretty? You should see the backyard! Did I take pictures? Uh,,,NO! Dummy me!


I just love tree lined streets!


We had a monster of a drive today. Longer than we usually like to go but not really long enough to make our next destination a two day trip. Between a rock and a hard place, know what I mean?

You've all heard about the California droughts that have been going for years and years it seems. Here's a look at a river that is really down. Its not even a creek anymore.


Everywhere we went, water levels way down below where they should be.


We passed this on the way. I'm glad we don't see too many road signs like this.


And these signs don't give me warm and fuzzy feelings either.


I wonder if this is a stray redwood in among these pine trees?


We finally arrived in the very late afternoon, tired, hungry and glad to be at the campground where we'll be staying for the next few days.


Our view from our kitchen windows. It was cloudy and overcast, ready to rain, but hey, its what we saw. To the right....


To the left....


Not a bad view, not bad at all.

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LaVon Baker said...

Your view... Don is drooling; me, too!
In case you're wondering who's reading from Bixby, OK.. that's me.
You have just been blogging your little fingers off! Awesome pictures. I feel like I've been in California.