Saturday, December 7, 2013

12/7/2013 Craft Fair 2013

I’ve said many times before that we have  a lot of talented people in this park.  This December Craft Fair proved my words true once again.



Lots of craft vendors came in from the outside also so the variety of crafts to choose from was quite large.

We have some jewelry designers in our park that are just amazing.

Craft items included jewelry, beautifully made stuffed animals, jewelry, homemade soups, jewelry, games made from wood, jewelry, quilted handbags, jewelry, crocheted items and did I mention we had tables of jewelry???

Kathy making a purchase from one of our resident jewelry  makers.  I have several of Carol’s necklaces.

Our park’s oldest resident, Phyllis, displays her crocheted items.

Park Manager, Brenda, sold teddy bears/rabbits that she makes.  She does beautiful work!


Lorraine, who is one of the Breezeway mural artist, displays satellite dishes that she has painted and rocks and if you look closely you can see a painted ostrich egg.


Rick & Pat sit at their table of jewelry.  Rick is the designer here.


This couple came into the park to sell their lighted glass blocks.  I’m sure you’ve seen these glass blocks with the string of lights inside and tied up with a pretty bow.  This couple also has an unusual story.   I happened to ask her how she made such perfect bows out of all sorts of materials.  She smiled, nodded to her husband and said, “His ex-wife taught me.”  I must have had a bit of a surprised look on my face at the answer because she went on to explain.  It seems her husband and his ex had a very friendly divorce and have remained good friends and share holidays because of the kids and grandkids.  Well, wouldn’t you know it the two women hit if off and are the best of friends today.


Intricate woodworking.


This fellow also worked in wood.

What I was most taken with was the pens he made from wood.

The quilted handbags I mentioned.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time, lots of sales were made and once again a Quail Run Craft Fair was declared a success!


KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

Looks like a great array of crafted items... wonderful artistic talent!

Karen and Steve
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LaVon Baker said...

Great post, Snookie. Makes me wish, again, that we were ther.