Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10/27–10/29 There’s a Vue in Our View

(Arizona City, AZ)

Bob has taken to walking around the park every morning for exercise.  he walks up and down every street and then on alternate days around the whole block outside of the park.  He comes home with news of our friends, who has arrived, who has done what to their park model or yard, who got a new RV, just a wealth of info.

This week he came home with new different news.  News that will make a big difference for us.  Really big.  Huge even.

He told me that he saw a car for sale and that it looks pretty good.  Hmmm,,,,a car for sale.  We have been talking about getting a car for awhile now.  Quite frankly, its killing us in fuel costs to run the truck back and forth to town, sixteen miles round trip.  It would also make things easier for us when he is working on a project and needs something from the hardware store.  You see, most of Bob’s tools are in the different compartments in the truck so if one of us has to make a hardware store run everything has to be closed up and sure as my name is Snookie Quinn he’ll need something while I’m gone and his work will come to a standstill.   Hmmm,,,,a car for sale.

We had to go out later in the day and I told him I wanted to see this car.  He took me to it and I had to agree it did look pretty good.  I especially liked the color.  Dragonfly green.  It even sounds pretty doesn’t it?  I told him while we’re here we might as well ask some questions.  I didn’t realize who lived in the motorhome when I knocked on the door and when he answered I knew who it was immediately.  The first question I asked was, “Why are you selling it?”  He pointed to his new truck and said, “I just don’t need it  anymore, I’ve been wanting a pickup truck and we just got this one.”

We looked the car all over and the interior is just like new.  This couple are the first owners of this vehicle and it is evident it has been taken care of.  He told us what he wanted for it and we told him we’d be back to take it for a test drive the next day.

We did go back for a test drive and I took it for a spin first because its kind a given that this is my car.  It’s a stick shift which I haven’t driven in quite awhile.  I think my first four cars were stick shift so I  didn’t have to learn how to drive all over again.  I am proud to say that I didn’t even stall it out on the first try as we pulled away from the site.  In case you haven’t figured it out from the title it’s a Saturn Vue, a small SUV.  Its an 05 and has some miles on it but that’s ok because Saturn’s are known to go 150,000 miles or more.  Since we’ll only be using it six months out of the year it will take us a long time to get to that.

We discussed it further that evening and decided we would make an offer the next day.

We went back to talk to the couple who owned the car and we made our offer.  They accepted without hesitation and we shook on it.  It was agreed we would swap cash for keys the next day.

Our new (to us) car….


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