Saturday, October 12, 2013

10/5/–10/12/2013 Friends Are Coming In

On Saturday we had a potluck dinner with about 40 people attending.  Once again the great cooks of Quail Run were showing their culinary skills.

As always there was way too much food and most of us ended up waddling home.



A small portion of the food we had.

Bob has been puttering around the house, going into town for this and that and visiting his friends in the VFW.

I have been spending my days at the pool working on my tan.  Bonnie Larson is my pool companion most days.  We walk back and forth across the pool for exercise.  We walk forward, backward and do a side step to use all of our muscles.  She always seems to get there before me and tells me she’s already started working out.  Hmmmm…..I went earlier than usual one day and here’s what I found.


On Sunday I needed to go to the store and for some reason grabbed my camera.  I noticed lots of activity in the surrounding farms that are growing cotton and realized that very soon the green plants with the white cotton balls would soon be gone.

Pretty soon these fields will be nothing but brown dirt.

Tuesday Steve and Bonnie returned to Quail Run.  I have so been looking forward to this day.  Bonnie and I have become very, very good friends and have talked on the phone several times a day every day for the past few months and texted in between.  We are finally getting to get to talk in person for the next five months or so.  She called me when they pulled off the Interstate and I was ready for them.  I made a WELCOME HOME STEVE AND BONNIE sign and everything.  What Steve failed to tell Bonnie was that were stopping to fill their huge fuel tank!  So I was standing at the park entrance for what seemed like forever.  As I stood there a few other residents came over to see what I was waiting for and when they finally arrived we had quite a welcoming committee!  And I waved my sign….

Do you see my sign I’m waving? Here’s a better look at it.

Who cares if its on a 4” x 6” piece of notepad paper?  It’s the thought that counts.

The next few days consisted of pool time and shopping for me and small projects Bob wanted to get done around the house.

On Saturday Steve & Bonnie and Bob & I went over to the local Moose Club for an afternoon of Bar Bingo!  I am loving this game!  Of course the fact that I won $64.oo probably had something to do with that.

More and more winter residents are starting to trickle in.

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