Friday, February 13, 2015

2/9–2/13/15 Just Some Days in the Desert

(Arizona City, AZ)

We didn’t do much this week, just pretty much lived life, doing the same old, same old.

Last night at Bingo one lady, Sue E. played an entire game and didn’t get one single number!  I just can’t figure out how this can happen but it did!


On Friday we did our mini golf thing again.

Like every other Friday morning mini golf session, the same question goes through your mind. "What in the world have the Danielson's cooked up this time for us?"

When I arrived this morning everything looked "normal". Yes, normal. No chairs, no wiffle balls, everyone was putting with two hands. Quite frankly, it scared me. This can't be the Danielson's mini golf session.



I stood there, wary, watching, trying to figure it out. There had to be something out of kilter here.

As the first session was finishing up I found out what was different this game. As you finished you reached into a green bag and pulled out a golf ball with a number written on it. Whatever number it was you deducted that hole's score from your game.


I heard over and over again, “Please let me get the nine, please let me get the nine.”


For you non-players, hole nine is a tough one, its said you either get a two or a six on that one. That said, Carol Bourn got a hole in one! Yay Carol!

It figures I pulled one that only took two points off instead of one of my fives!  Same thing happened to Bob.

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