Sunday, July 12, 2015

7/12/15 We Are Lovin’ Juniper Ridge!

(Show Low, AZ)

As the title says, we’re lovin’ it here.  The wind is gone, the days are in the 80’s with very low humidity, we’re involved in the community and making new friends.  Life is good.

Judy and I have been spending time at the pool and in the hot tub.  We’ve also gotten into checking out all the park models for sale in the park.  We hit every open house there is and we ooh and ahh over the ones we really like and roll our eyes at each over the ones we don’t.  Judy and I also will go to town at the drop of a hat.

Bob has been golfing several times with our friend and neighbor from Quail Run, Mike.  Bob also likes to take rides around this huge resort in the golf cart.  He meets more people this way.

The four of us have this Activity down pat now.  It’s gotten to the point that we anticipate each others moves and we’re working like a well oiled machine. 

Over the weekend there was another Craft Fair.  This is our most difficult set up.  Once again there was a great crowd.


Our Activities Leader made a delicious lunch that was served after the fair.

Derby Week start this week and I, for one, am really looking forward to it.

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