Monday, July 13, 2015

7/13/15 Derby Week Begin…..Day One

(Show Low, AZ)

I was up and at ‘em early this morning because Derby Days starts at 8 a.m..  I had my blue  outfit picked out as blue is our team color.  I had my bag with my team lists, the week’s schedule and blue bandanna all ready to go.

We were to meet in the Grand Lodge and after our Pledge of Allegiance to our flag the Derby Week officially started.


An outline of the games and rules were given and then we took our oath for the games.

This is my special buddy, Ed.  He such a nice man.


These are judges for the games.

It was at this time we had to debut our songs or cheers.  Ours was based on Camp Town Ladies Sing This Song,,,,Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah.  Remember that song?  We changed the words to suit us.  Ours was all written out because it was kind of difficult to remember all the words.  We wish we had one something like the Orange Team did.  They had a short cheer:

Orange Sherbert, Orange Sherbert, Orange is a sure bet!

Since I am, once again, the park photographer for the Facebook page I was quite busy not only getting pics of my team but running all around getting pictures of all the teams.  In addition to me there was a professional photographer also taking pictures.  Mike is a resident of the park and was called upon to take pictures too.  His weren’t for Facebook however.  Oh, how I wanted his camera!


Our first game today was horseshoes.  I’m used to heavier, steel shoes and these were rubber.  Just not the same!  Give me the steel shoes any day!

This is Margaret O’Brien,,,,yeah, like the movie star!  She is such fun, I really like this lady!


From horseshoes we went to Ladder Golf.

One of my jobs as Blue Team leader was to keep the team in line in the order they were going to play.  I think I did a real good job of it!



We did pretty well at this event, and of course we don’t know how the other teams did, but we won’t know the Place we took until tomorrow morning.

Next up, and the last game for today was indoors at the Grand Lodge.

We had to have a bouncer and then everyone on the team was at the other end of the playing field.

Our bouncer had three tennis balls and he had to have them bounce one time and team members, playing one at a time, had to catch all three balls, or as many as  they could, in the tin the tennis balls came in. 


I thought this would be difficult but actually it was easier than it looked.



This was our first day of Derby Week.  Fun, so far!

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