Saturday, January 18, 2014

1/18/2014 A Scrabble Game

(Arizona City, AZ)

When I was ordering things like crazy off Ebay before Christmas I ordered some things for a project I wanted to do eventually.   Eventually being the operative word here.

I won an auction for several old Scrabble boards in which all were in excellent condition.  From someone else I won an auction for four complete sets of Scrabble tiles.  When they arrived they were promptly put in the back of the closet while we were still in the park model and quickly forgotten.  Of course when we moved out of our park model when our renters came I moved the box to the 5th wheel, put it in the back of our closet and again promptly forgot it.

Our youngest, Jonathan, and his family moved to a house from an apartment they were living in.  I wanted to give them a housewarming gift but really didn’t know what they already had or what they wanted or needed.  Besides, I wanted it to be something special.  So I put the ol’ thinkin’ cap on and started thinking about what the gift would be.  I thought I might make them an afghan but I never seem to finish one once I start it so that was out and if the truth be told by the time I could finish one they would have been in the house for three years, nine months and twenty seven days.  No, an afghan would not do.  I’m not an artist so I couldn’t paint them anything.  I don’t do needlepoint and if I did it would be a long time before they got it.  Then one day the light bulb went off and I got a brilliant good idea.

I got the Scrabble boards out and the letters and started sorting and arranging.  I was going to make something and it was going to be personal.  And I really hoped they were going to like it.

I got the project all done and took it to Michael’s for framing and the final touch I wanted to put to it.  Well, I got it framed but not the way I first thought it was going to be done.  What I wanted to do just wasn’t going to work.  The fellow who was working with me was just wonderful and said, “I’ve got an idea and it will save you a ton of money.”  Well, I’m all about saving a ton of money.  Actually I was quite surprised at how much the custom framing was going to cost me even with my coupon for 40% off.  Custom framing ain’t cheap!  Anyway, his idea worked and I got the project framed.

Here’s what I made.


Now I had to figure out how to send it  I looked at the boxes I had on hand and none of them would have worked.  I stopped in the post office and none of their boxes would work except one and I just wasn’t willing to pay $16.95 to ship this. 

I had to get creative.  I finally found the perfect box.  It was sturdy and just the right size!


Yep, a Domino’s pizza box.  The local pizza parlor was more than happy to help me out.  So I wrapped the frame in bubble wrap and the box in brown paper and off it went.  I called Jonathan and gave him strict instructions that he was not to open it before Brandi got home and he was not to shake it!  Yeah, Jon’s a shaker, I just don’t think he can help himself but he promised me he wouldn’t shake this one.  As it turned out I didn’t have to worry about that one because Brandi got it first.

I had tracked it and I knew it arrived and I couldn’t understand why they weren’t calling me.  I couldn’t take it anymore and texted them.  Well, Jon was still talking about his day at work and they just hadn’t gotten to it yet.  EXCUSE ME!  OPEN IT ALREADY!  I am happy to say I got two thumbs up!

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