Saturday, January 25, 2014

1/19-1/25/2014 Bluegrass and a First For Me

(Arizona City, AZ)

I did something that I’ve never done before.  Something I never did because I just knew I wouldn’t like it.  You know, like I know I don’t like coffee, I’ve never tasted coffee but I just know I don’t like it.

If I wasn’t in such pain with this hip and leg I wouldn’t have done this even now.  I went for a massage.  First time ever.  Only thing I can say now is….WHY HAVEN’T I EVER DONE THIS BEFORE?
Oh my gosh, heaven on earth!  My friend Bonnie has been several times and highly recommended it.  I was at a point where I would do anything for relief.

My appointment was for 10 a.m. and I only had to travel 2 blocks away.  Willie, a nickname, has her shop in a small building behind her house.  She was waiting for me and took me right away.  She showed me where to undress and told me to lay on the very well padded, very soft and comfortable  table with a heated  pad and a heated cover and to call her when I was ready.  Pan flute music was playing softly in the background and I think she waited five minutes to come in to make sure I had a chance to really relax.  This woman has magic hands.  Did she hurt me?  Oh hell yeah.  Well, maybe hurt is too strong of a word, but I could feel her follow each muscle and it wasn’t always pleasant but by the time she was done it was relaxed.  Did I feel great when I walked out?  No, I can’t say that because she really, really had to work some of the muscles hard because they were so tight.  Will I go back?  YES!  Next time will be for a  relaxation  massage  though and I’ll get the hour and a half session.

The massage didn’t take the pain completely away but it helped.  My pain medication helps me get through the night.  Sciatica is a pain in the butt!  Literally!

Bob and I went to a Bluegrass Festival in Eloy, the next town over.

It was held at the Pinal County Fairgrounds.

I’m not really into Bluegrass Music, in fact, I don’t even like bluegrass music let alone be into it, but Bob is and he wanted to come to this.  I didn’t want to go but I thought about all he does for me so I said, “Sure, I’ll go.”  Little did I know that he was perfectly content to go alone anyway.  I’ll remember that next year!

There was a large model train display so I wandered around and looked at that for awhile.  I’m not really into model trains either.


Well, you get the idea…..

There was also a quilt display.

This one made me dizzy!



From here I wandered to the Tractor Pull.

Look at the tires on this tractor!  Or lack thereof.


I have to admit, I do like a good tractor pull!


I saw only one woman driving the tractor and she did quite well.

And of course wherever there is a crowd you are going to find classic cars with their hoods popped.


And of course there was food!


Inside the biggest building there were lots of things for sale.

Need a cowboy hat?

In the market for a new potato bag?


And of course there was music!


Both indoors and out.


All in all, it was a nice day to be out of the park and a good place to do some people watching.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you finally got a massage! Keep it up for maintenance; then no one can ever again call you a tighta$$! Barb B.