Sunday, June 7, 2009

6/7/2009 Mosquitoes - 3 Quinn's - 0

Once again the sun was up by four but we managed to keep our eyes closed until eight. Since we didn't get much sleep last night I guess we were sleeping in no matter what.

Once our day started we got our tasks of tearing down and putting away everything so we can hit road underway. By 9:20 we were pulling out of our spot here in Bee Lazee Campground.


We started out with our destination being Burns Lake but since we had virtually no traffic on the road to slow us down we made really good time and were in the area in no time. Since it was still early in the day we decided to go even further to Smithers, British Columbia.

Some scenery on the way.


A going down the road picture. Take note of the brown trees in the center of the picture. They are pine trees that have been killed by the Pine Beetle. This little devil has killed tens of thousands of trees here in Canada. Everywhere you look there are dead pine trees. What a shame!


I thought these clouds were strange looking.


This was our traffic pattern for most of the day. Rough, isn't it?


I haven't seen any real wild life as yet. Oh yeah, there was that deer but we see them everywhere so it was really no big deal. Today we saw traffic sign after traffic sign with moose and elk on them telling us to be careful that we were in moose or elk crossing territory. I didn't see a one. Bob said we passed a pile of moose poop but I missed it or I surely would have had him stop the truck so I could get a picture. No,,,,no moose, no elk, no bears. Just these.....


We're traveling along the Coast Mountains and they are just beautiful!


There is a long line of snow covered mountains and with the spring thaw you can imagine how full the river banks are. This river is at flood stage or very close to it.


It seems I have a developed a penchant for old buildings, barns in particular, much like LaVon likes her dead trees. I found this one today.


We arrived by mid afternoon at tonight's spot in the Riverside Golf & RV Park.


I told you how bad the mosquitoes have been. You know, the ones with a bite that will bring a man to his knees? Well, they kept us up all night with buzzing in our ears and taking huge bites of us. Mosquitoes - 1 Quinn's - 0

I found one this morning in the bathroom and was determined to get him before he could get me. As I swatted my hand hit the shower door and I broke a nail. Mosquitoes - 2 Quinn's - 0

We had a big one in the truck cab with us today and he was so fast! We both took many turns trying to kill him but missed every time. He landed on Bob's nose at one point and when Bob swatted at him he hit his glasses and broke the nose piece off his BRAND NEW prescription glasses! Mosquitoes - 3 Quinn's - 0

But I'm thinking now maybe I should change the name to this post from Mosquitoes - 3 Quinn's - 0 to Mosquitoes 3 - Quinn's - HUNDREDS!


Tomorrow is another travel day for us. We're going to Stewart, British Columbia. We're actually going to spend some time here because there is so much to see in the area. We'll only be two miles from the southern end of Alaska so we'll be taking some day trips there.


LaVon Baker said...

origin: Latin
•preference: a strong liking; "my own preference is for good literature"; "the Irish have a penchant for blarney"

•taste, liking, or inclination (for)

•a strong inclination - example: The Knicks have a penchant for turning the ball over late in the game.

Penchant.... You go girl!!

Loved the old barn picture. Love it!

Love all the DEAD mosquitos on the front of your wheel estate.

LaVon Baker said...

Did you see that barn picture over at The Traveling Cardinals blog?

LaVon Baker said...

Did you laugh at my definitions?