Monday, November 11, 2013

11/11/2013 Veteran’s Day

Today Quail Run celebrated and honored our veteran’s once again.  Veteran’s from both the United States and Canada.


We started our ceremony off with a video about the history of Veteran’s Day which was very interesting.

Canadian, Shirley Kemp and US citizen Lawrence Wilson presented our national banners.


Pastor Dale Novasky led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and I can say for certain, after watching the video on the history of Veteran’s Day that I, for one, stood a little taller and perhaps spoke a little louder.  My voice was filled with pride for the service my family and myself have given to our country.

Next we sang the National Anthems for both countries.  Do you know the one for Canada?  I really like it.

Pastor Dale spoke of each branch and Frank Maquire played each song for the branches of our Armed Services and those in the audience who served in that branch stood.


Following that musical tribute we watched a slide show on the loss this country has suffered.  It showed how many servicemen and women were lost to battle all over the world through the years.  The numbers were staggering to say the least.

Dennis and Georgina Danielson then went to the podium and presented a piece titled “What to Say to a Veteran”.


Before retiring the colors, Carole Novasky gave a Reflections Update.


We ended our Veteran’s Service with us all, Canadians and US citizens alike, singing God Bless America.

This Veteran’s Day was especially moving for me for today I wore my dad’s dog tags.


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