Thursday, January 15, 2015

1/11-1/15/15 A Foggy Morn and Busy Days

(Arizona City, AZ)

We’ve been putting up with a bit of rain and then a real foggy morning.


On this day we also had a Senior Resource Seminar at our park.

Local businesses came in and gave out small gifts such as tote bags, pens and pencils, others gave samples of their products. 



There was a nice turn out for this expo and I think a lot of people benefited from the free information handed out, the freebies are always welcome and a very good local restaurant The Big House supplied the most delicious pastries and coffee.

Thursday brought line dancing and the class is really getting busy.  From the looks of it my guess would be the  dance is the JB waltz.


I think the line dance was too regimented for Dennis and Grant and just got down with it!


The lady on the left is Lin.  She helps Sandy with the dance class this year.  Unfortunately she and her husband Dan are leaving our park.  The surrounding cotton fields and the dust make it harmful for Lin to breathe here, so they are leaving next month.

After line dancing it was on to shuffleboard.


This is the first year that I’m playing shuffleboard.  I played for the first time during the Winter Olympics last year but that was one day,  The shuffleboard group plays twice a week here and I’m trying to play at least once.  The two playing below are my neighbors Jodee and Kim.

We have some very talented quilters in our park.  Two ladies here made the quilts shown below and donated them for the cause. 

This pink bow quilt will be raffled off at our Cancer Survivor Dance in February.

This quilt be raffled off and the proceeds will go to benefit our Activities Department.

Yep, talented and generous  ladies!

During Bingo Thursday night we had something unusual happen.  Bingo was called before any number under O was called.  I’m glad my camera is always with me.


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