Monday, January 26, 2015

1/25/2015 What Did You Do With Your Monday?

(Arizona City)

What did you today?  Did you go to work?  Did you do laundry?  Were you on the road in your Rv traveling to a new place?

Well, I didn’t do any of those things either.  What I did do was hop on my golf cart and I took a ride around the park to see what everyone was doing with their day.

I found Frank on his porch smoking his pipe, lost in his book.


Kim was dog walking.


Robert was seeing what was wrong with his fellow workampers golf cart.


This group of men was playing cribbage.


It was a day for a bike ride.


And last but not least, but which rendered the most pictures, it was a good day to take a craft class.


Pastor Carol and her completed card.



So this is what went on all around me today on this Monday.

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