Friday, January 16, 2015

1/16/2015 Mini Golf with Wiffle Balls?

(Arizona City)

Today we started our day with our mini golf league.  Now I may have mentioned before that Dennis & Georgina run this activity for us and make it especially fun.  They didn’t disappoint us today.

Today we played with……

…….yes, wiffle balls!

We were extremely thankful that we had no wind or a stiff breeze.

One thing for sure, we had a beautiful day in which to be outdoors.

As if it isn’t hard enough with playing those light as air wiffle balls there are rocks on the course too, think hazards.

As you can see its short sleeve shirts and shorts for most people, our weather is turning, spring is right around corner.

Our neighbor Patti.

Steve loves being outside in the warm sunshine.

We can hardly wait to see what lies in wait for us next week on the mini golf course!

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