Saturday, January 10, 2015

1/2-1/10/15 We’re Busy in the New Year!

(Arizona City, AZ)

We’re both starting off the new year healthy and that’s always a good thing.

Every other Tuesday we have an afternoon Piano Bar get together.  One of our residents, our friend Frank Maguire, plays the keyboards. 

The tables are set in a horseshoe around him and the residents gather to listen to this man sing and of course we all sing along with him.



In addition to piano playing and singing, Frank tells us wonderful stories from his travels and life in general.

We’re going through winter right now.  Well, as much as a winter as we have here in the desert.  That’s not to say that it doesn’t get chilly in the winter here, it does.  In fact we have nights where it gets downright cold and the mercury in the thermometers touch the freezing mark.  Thankfully this winter weather doesn’t last too long.  Of course this winter weather seems to go on forever and ever because people aren’t out and about as much.  Temps get up to the mid to high 50’s and low 60’s during the daytime.  There’s a few of us who may put on a sweatshirt but we still have our shorts on.  Me included.

We’re playing mini golf on Friday mornings now.  There’s enough players that we have to have two sessions.  The leaders of this activity, Dennis & Georgina make it especially fun because we never play just straight up mini golf.  I'll have pictures for the next weeks.

We play a card game in our park called Hand and Foot.  Its very much like Canasta for those of you who know how to play that.  This is a game I really enjoy playing.  A twist has been added to the game and its being included in our Senior Winter Olympics this year.  I’ve only been able to play once so far and it’s a bit different from the game I know.  Its called Hand, Knee and Foot.  An extra hand thrown in.  

Speaking of our Senior Winter Olympics two more games are being added this year.  Wii Bowling and Hockey,  Now Bob and I have played Wii bowling here at home on our Wii so we’re ok with that one.  Hockey,,,,I don’t know how this is going to be set up or how it will play so I’ll have to take plenty of pictures for that one.

Bob and I submitted our paperwork accepting a summer workamping job.  We’re not traveling far this year, just three hours or so away.  We’ll be in Show Low, Arizona from May 1st to September 30th.  We’ll be in Juniper Ridge RV Resort.  We’ll both be working in the Activities Department and we’ve already been told that most likely our 10 hours a week will be spent putting up and taking down the chairs for the events in the park.  THAT works for us!  This is a large park with lots going on and lots to see and do in the summertime.  We hear there is good fishing so Bob is a happy camper!  We aren’t that far from the Grand Canyon so I’m hoping that I can catch one of those spectacular sunsets there.  The weather should be just perfect.  We’ll be situated in the White Mountains where the daytime highs are in the high 80’s to low 90’s but there is very low humidity.  There’s also a golf course right there.  Neighbors of ours in the park model, Mike and Barb spend their summers in Show Low and Mike is a golfing partner of Bob’s.  This summer looks like its going to be a fun one!

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