Monday, November 14, 2011

11/14/2011 I Know a Dog With a 401K

You don’t have to read the title of this over again, you read it right the first time. I know a dog with a 401K.

Do you remember GHOST from South Dakota?


When his owners people were graced with the privilege of feeding him, washing him, walking him and picking up his deposits, little did they know it would be so profitable.

Eleven years ago when they started the walks with Ghost they would pick up whatever change they found and they saved it. Probably in a jar to begin with but I don’t know that for sure. One day Jerry was walking Ghost and there stopped by the fence from blowing any further in the wind was a twenty dollar bill. The pot was growing!

Then there was the day, when out for a walk, they found a Post Office money order for one hundred dollars. It was totally intact so the person who lost it couldn’t even track it or put a stop to it if that’s possible. It was theirs for the keeping. And cashing.

Over the last eleven years they have accumulated over $1,300.00. They call it “Ghost’s 401K” Of course its not in an actual 401K but it is in an interest bearing account. It has grown quite a bit I would say. Jerry told me that he rarely goes out on a walk with his dog that he doesn’t find something, even if its only a penny.

I have often picked up change from the ground but never saved it, just put it in my pocket and it got spent somewhere along the way.

In case you are wondering, I am one of those who says

“See a Penny, Pick It Up, and All the Day You’ll Have Good Luck”

when I see a penny laying on the sidewalk. And I do pick every one up!

Since I’m a change picker upper anyway I decided to start saving it.

My change saving started with a penny I found when we were still in South Dakota.


I have picked up every penny, nickel, dime and ONE QUARTER that I’ve seen. Any my savings is growing.


So far I’ve accumulated a whole $ .93.


No, I’m not ready for real bricks and mortar bank yet, may savings are growing nicely in this.


Pick up those pennies, they do add up!


Tracy said...

Cute post. I too am a change picker upper and it really does grow. I don't even mind if the coin is tails up. I figure I already receivied some good luck by finding the money!

Ghost said...

keep looking snookie! love, ghost