Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11/15/2011 Every Other Tuesday Dinner Gathering

I think I have already mentioned that a group of us go out to dinner every other Tuesday night. I look forward to this dinner as does Bob. Of course our reasons for looking forward to this are worlds apart.

Bob looks forward to having something different then our normal weekday fare. Yes, he gets bored eating the same old, same old, as I do making it. This is also a chance for Bob to eat FISH! I don’t eat fish so therefore I don’t cook it.

On the other hand I look forward to these dinners because I don’t have to cook at all, or clean up or even shop for it in the first place.

The best part of all? Our friends. We share so many past experiences with this group, so many dreams for the future with each other, read that as places we want travel to, and laughs, we share lots of laughs and that’s the very best part.

So this week Chip and Bunky got to pick what restaurant we went to. How did they get the honors? Why Bunky won the Mexican Train game of course!

So we went to Cheddars.


Chip and Bunky had never eaten in this restaurant before so its at the top of their list. Bob and I had eaten in a Cheddars in Missouri or maybe Kansas one time when we met up with Don and LaVon while on the road. We knew we were going to get a good meal so we were looking forward to it.

We arrived just minutes after Chip and Bunky and they were already inside when we got there. The first thing we noticed when we got out of the truck was the odor. Not good smells usually associated with being right outside of a restaurant but a definite odor of ………… sewer! It was overpowering. We went inside and found the other two early arrivals and we could still smell it even inside. This was not good.

What else wasn’t good was our seating arrangement. They wanted to put eight adults in a booth. Granted, it was a good size booth but just how big can a booth be? We could have gotten away with six of us and it would have been alright,,,,,maybe. Chip asked to see the manager and told him that we weren’t satisfied with the seating and also asked about the odor. The manager explained that there were tables for eight but he could put a table next to a booth for four. We agreed to that although I have to say it put some points in the negative column for this restaurant. As far as the odor was concerned the manager apologized for it and went on to explain that they didn’t know where it was coming from but they were investigating it.

Shortly after we got to our new seating arrangement Eddie & Toni arrived and they too commented on the odor. It wasn’t getting any better as time went on. We were still waiting on DeWayne & Joy to arrive so Toni called them only to find out they were at a different Cheddars. She explained where we were and 15 minutes later they were there. We took notice the odor was gone and were glad they got whatever it was fixed.

Drinks on the table, orders placed, it was time to get down to some conversation and some serious laughing.

Everyone enjoyed their meals even though the last 15 minutes or so the odor was back. Whatever that is I hope they find it and fix it!

So we can now mark Cheddars off the list of restaurants to go to this winter. We’ll play Mexican Train next week to see who picks next.

Yep, Bob and I sure enjoy our Every Other Tuesday Night Dinner Club.

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