Saturday, November 19, 2011

11/19/2011 Craft Show at Tradewinds

November starts the monthly craft shows here in Mission and the surrounding area. There will two here in a matter of three days. I think I better explain something about this park we’re in.

It’s called Mission Bell/Trade Winds RV Park. The owners bought Mission Bell RV Park first and then several years later when Trade Winds RV Park, which is located directly across the street, came on the market they bought it too. For the most part, the Winter Texans who have been coming here for years still consider them two separate parks. So much so that the old timers won’t cross the street to attend function on the other side. Therefore each park has its own bingo night, its own card elimination night, their own shuffleboard etc.. This side will have a craft show on Saturday and the other side will have theirs on Monday. So that no one takes exception to the term “old timers” I meant people who have been coming here for a long time, I wasn’t referring to their ages, but, if the shoe fits……

When we all first got here, workampers that is, we found it amusing that there seems to be this silent war going on between the parks. Don’t get me wrong, there are some Winter Texans who will come over here, not many, but some. We said, “Well, we’re not going to get into this we’ll do things on both sides”. Guess what? We don’t. We play bingo on this side, we play card elimination on this side, we swim in this pool, we play games on this side. Granted, dances are on that side because they have the bigger ballroom. Thanksgiving dinner will be on that side, again because of the bigger room. So now you know how it is here. On to the Craft Fair.

The Fair started at 8 a.m.. I got there at nine so that I could look around before I went to work at the quilt table at ten. I was a little disappointed. It was mostly you typical Craft Fair items, knitted things, decorative items, some leather goods etc.. Quite frankly I think things were overpriced. The crowd wasn’t all that I expected it to be either but it was explained that they expect November to be slow because so many snowbirds, oh, excuse me, Winter Texans aren’t here yet. I’ve been told December through March will be crazy though!

I worked with Bunky in the quilt room for two hours, ten to twelve. We sold raffle tickets for two quilts that will be raffled in December and we sold quilted goods and felt scarves and hats the ladies made and 50-50 tickets.

Bunky next to the quilts to be raffled. (Note: Bunky is severely hung over but you would never know it by this picture)


Saturday night I played Mexican Train with Toni & Eddie and Chip. Bob stayed home and watched TV and Bunky, well, she wasn’t feeling too good yet so she stayed home too, I think I heard her say, “I’m never drinking again!”

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Did Bunky drive a bus home, too? :-)