Thursday, November 3, 2011

11/3/2011 States Visited Map Replaced

When we traded our Newmar Kountry Star 5th wheel a year ago our map of all the states we visited went with it. If you remember, each time we spent the night in a new to us state we added the state to the map that was attached to our slide out.

We missed that map so when I was in the local Camping World store recently I picked one up. Today is the day to get our map back.

Of course one has to start with a clean slate.


Bob puts the outline of the country on very carefully.


What I don’t for about this map is that Alaska and Hawaii are located south of California. Our last map we could add Canada and put Arizona where it belonged which we had hoped to really do that this time and also be able to add Mexico. Not gonna happen now!

Let the state placing begin!


It takes some time to get each one on because it seems as though you only get one shot at it. There’s no putting it on and taking it off to reposition. I’m glad he has the patience for this because I don’t know that I would.


Of course to do this properly one must assume the stance!


Halfway there.


All done. Nine states not filled in but we’re working on it.


We still have North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Kentucky and Hawaii to visit.


sixkidsmom said...

I'm still trying to figure out how your getting the RV to Hawaii!!!

LaVon Baker said...

Cool picture of your reflection in the shining finish of your 5er.

Hey, you need to catch up your blogging! :-)