Friday, November 18, 2011

11/18/2011 Volunteering in the Park

In the clubhouse, I guess that’s what its called here, there is a rather large board where you can sign up to volunteer to help out in different activities/events in the park. If so inclined, you could volunteer to put on a pancake breakfast, we’re not. If so inclined, you could volunteer to host the ice cream social, we’re not. If so inclined you could…the list goes on and we’re still not.

There was one that I was happy to help out with. We’re having a Craft Show on Saturday and lunch will sold to all of those who want it. There will be Sloppy Joes or tacos served. The veggies for the tacos have to be chopped so Toni, Bunky, Eddie and I volunteered to help with that. The onions were already done when we got there so we only had to deal with tomatoes and lettuce.

We started right in and took care of the tomatoes first.


Good sharp knives made quick work of this,,,,,


and in no time at all we this part done.


Bunky scooping out the tomatoes to a colander so they can drain.


Next was lettuce shredding, Toni got right to work.


Bunky chopped like there was no tomorrow!


Eddie sharpened my knives for me.


In no time at all we were done. I don’t think we were even there an hour. This is one chore I’ll sign up for again and again, at least until I cut myself on one of my super sharp knives.

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