Sunday, December 11, 2011

12/11/2011 Dinner with Friends

This week Chip and Bunky treated us to the most delicious chicken shish kebabs. This was the dinner we were supposed to share yesterday but because of the pouring down rain got postponed until today.

They built them earlier in the day and marinated them and them cooked them to perfection.


Chicken alternating with squash, zucchini, red onion, bell pepper (all colors) and mushrooms. I’m telling you…PERFECTION!

Toni and Eddie contributed a wild rice dish and dessert and Bob and I contributed glazed carrots and a tossed salad.

Here’s Bob waiting patiently for the kebabs to be passed down.


Since it wasn’t coming he just put his plate out and Bunky put one his plate.


We all enjoy these weekly dinners so much. It gives us a chance to really get to know each other and further cement our friendships. Of course the great food has quite a lot to do with it also!

We won’t have a dinner next week because Chip and Bunky are going home for a few days to northern Texas. However, we already know we’ve got a spaghetti dinner in our future from Toni and Eddie and Bob and I are planning a shrimp boil for us. There will be lots of good meals as we plan on doing this every week.

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