Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12/28/2011 Left, Center, Right

First things first! Happy birthday wishes go out to Eugene, Bob’s brother. He is the Dallas Cowboy’s # 1 FAN! I took pictures of his shrine to the team the last time we were home. You can see it here. Shortly after we arrived here in this park, I was in the quilting room one day and saw a teddy bear made from none other than material imprinted with the Dallas Cowboy’s logo. I knew we had to have it to send to Gene for his birthday. Lo and behold it was for sale. Within minutes I had it at home and planning how to surprise him with it. I am so kicking myself for not taking a picture of it before I sent it off. I contacted our niece Lisa to send it to her so that she could take it to him on his birthday. He was quite surprised by it and we’re told he just loves it! I think the thumbs up shows that.

Dallas teddy bear.bmp

It was a beautiful day here in the Valley, blue skies, sunshine, warm temps. Everyone was busy outside doing things enjoying the summer like weather. Everyone except Bob. It seems that sore throat has blossomed into a sore throat with sore muscles and joints, a runny nose, a cough and the whole feeling of “I’m dying, please God, take me now.” I feel so sorry for him because he’s just miserable. I’m also staying away from him. Whatever this is that he’s got, I don’t want it! I have heard that quite a few in the park have gotten this bug too so its probably only a matter of time for me.

On Wednesday evenings we play a card game in the park called Card Elimination which I explained back on 12/14. Since this game usually takes just an hour or so it was decided that afterwards we would get a game or two of LCR going. We had it announced at the card game that we would playing afterwards and that everyone was welcome.


This is a dice game that I first learned about from my brother when we were home a year and a half ago. We had gone to the Elks Club one evening and gathered around the pool table there. We played for dollars there but here in this Texas RV park we only play for quarters. There were about 18 of us the first game we played. A few people had played or heard of this game before but it was new to most. (We got a game up last weekend so some played then and came back for more) We gathered in the quilting room where there is high table and the game began. Everyone starts with three quarters and the first person throws all three dice. The die have a letter L which stands for Left, a letter R which is for Right and letter C, which of course stands for Center. There is also a black dot which stands for YOU KEEP YOUR MONEY! So the first hand is thrown and let’s say it Comes up L C and “dot”. What this means is that one of the quarters is given to the person on your left, one is put in the pot in the center of the table and one you keep. Play moves to the left and that person has four quarters, the original three and the one you passed to the left. Let’s say that person rolls two R’s and “dot”. Player passes two quarters to the right,,,YOU and keeps one. Play passes to the left. Quarters keep getting passed left and right or put into the pot in the middle of the table or kept the roller all the way around the table. Of course the people on your left want you to roll L’s so they are yelling Left! Left! Left! and the people on the right want you to roll R’s so they are yelling Right! Right! Right! It’s a fast paced game, lots of laughs and Oh NO’s! Remember the C’s for Center? All the quarters that are put in the pot because of of the roller rolling C’s are out of play. This is how the winner is determined. The last one holding a quarter wins the pot. After the first game our numbers increased and we had 22 for the game. This is going to be a weekly game now after Card Elimination. Now all that has to happen is for me to win!


Lori said...

Where do you buy the dice for this game? Sounds like fun!

Snookie said...


You can buy the LCR game at any Walmart. Look in the toy department, game section, it will be on the peg board display with all the other card games.

Lori said...

Thanks for the response. I love your blog, keep up the great writing. I always know that if I need a smile for the day, reading your blog will do it for me.