Friday, December 2, 2011

12/2/2011 Ok, Bob, OK, I Will !!!

As I’ve already told you Bob has recently taken up golf. He bought clubs, balls, a glove and we are waiting for his golf shoes to arrive. He’s been to the driving range with friends and alone. He’s isn’t fanatical about it though…..yet.

The other day he played a 3 par course that is close by with Toni and Eddie. They too are golfers but have gotten away from the game in recent years. It’s been many years since Bob has played on a regular basis, before we ever met even. So its like the three of them know the basics but just have to get back in the swing of things.

Upon their return they told me about birdies and sand traps and trees that jumped in the way. No, actually they all had a good time and talked about going again real soon. And simultaneously they looked at me and Bob said, “You should go with us Snook.” Toni joined in with, “Yeah, Snookie, you should go with us, you can use my clubs.” Hmmmm….planned much?

Bob has brought this up to me several times now. Golfing. I have never had a desire to play golf. Miniature golf? Hey throw in a windmill, a water trap and lemon yellow or royal blue balls and I’m there! But an 18 hole golf course where irons and woods and real putters come into play, eh, not so much. Its really strange now that I think about it because I can watch golf on TV all day long and really get caught up in the game.

Soooo,,,,Bob has been bringing up that he would really like for me to consider learning to play golf. He points out that it would give us an activity to do together and that its good exercise and it would get us out in the fresh air and his list of reasons go on and on.

I finally gave in. I said yes I would go the next time they go to the driving range or the 3 par course. He grinned from ear to ear.

So today Toni and I went to Walmart to look for a new game to play and on my way out the door Bob yells to me, “Buy a glove, you’re gonna need a glove.”

I got the glove.


Oh Lord, what have I done?


LaVon Baker said...

I find myself really excited that you are going to learn how to play golf! You are going to really like it and it's so cute that Bob wants you to learn so y'all can play golf together. Or does he just need a partner that's as bad at it as he is? LOL. (That was mean, wasn't it?)

Wendy and Rick Fury said...

You are so in trouble! LOL! Not really, hopefully you will like it. I do, at least most times. Have fun and I know you can laugh at yourself, so you will do fine. Keep us posted on the golf outings. Have Bob take your picture during one of your swings!