Friday, December 16, 2011

12/16/2011 Change the Night, Change the Name

We miss Shag.

shaggOur little terrier went to the Rainbow Bridge five years ago today. A day that we will forever remember with sadness in our hearts.

You keep playing at the bridge Shag, we’ll be together again someday.

shag portrait

Now moving on to other things.

We changed the name of The Every Other Tuesday Night Let’s Go Out To Dinner Club to The Every Other Friday Night Let’s Go Out To Dinner Club due to a change in Chip’s workamper schedule and we came to find out that many Tuesday nights Dann and Pat couldn’t join us either because of their workamping commitments. So we’re going to try this.

It was Joy & DeWayne’s turn to pick the restaurant this time. They chose Lin’s Grand Buffet as their choice.


Instead of the ten of us that should have been at the dinner table, there was only six. Chip and Bunky left yesterday to go home to northern Texas for four days to have their Christmas with their son and his family. If the truth be told Bunky needed a granddaughter fix. Then Joy came down with a stomach bug so they stayed home.

We rode with Toni and Eddie and arrived just minutes before Pat and Dann. We all took notice of the pretty chandelier lights bouncing off the mirrored walls around it. Many, many crystals in this light, I would not want to have to clean it!


We were promptly seated and within minutes hello’s were said, drinks arrived and we were settled in.

I wish I could tell you how many selections there were to choose from on the buffet. Lots. Now before we go any further I just know that some of you long time readers are wondering if I had hamburger or not. The answer is no. I happen to like pepper steak. I’ll also eat beef and broccoli. Bob? Not a problem, he likes all kinds of Chinese food and was in heaven with all the choices. Now get ready for this. I even tried some things I had never had before. Yes, its true, I did. Sesame chicken can now be added to the list of Chinese things I’ll eat. I tried some General’s chicken but was taken aback when I ate it because I didn’t expect it to be hot. Not hot HOT but a tang I didn’t expect. That did not make the list. There was one more thing that did NOT make the list. Try as she might Pat could not talk me into trying THIS!


I WOULD STARVE FIRST! There is no way I would eat a baby octopus! Not this night, not next week, not 16 years, 4 months and 12 days from now will I even entertain the idea of this passing my lips. Ain’t happenin’!

I just have to put this out there. We made pigs of ourselves. There’s no other way to say it. This is one time we can actually say we got our money’s worth from a buffet. All six of us made repeated trips to the serving lines. Salads, meats, seafood and desserts, absolute gluttons!

Looking up at the ceiling there was a very large round platform type structure on which not quite life size horses stand.


We asked about the meaning behind this display and we were told they were replicas of the horses and chariots found buried in China from many, many, (think thousands) years ago during the Chin Dynasty. I did a little research and found this was a somewhat common thing to do back in the time. Think of years like 200 BC. The pieces were made from different metals, wood, turquoise and even terra cotta. Several dynasty’s have participated in this practice such as the Qin Dynasty, the Shang Dynasty and the Han Dynasty. That’s it for today’s lesson on ancient China.

As usual we enjoyed good food, great company and lots of laughs.

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