Saturday, December 24, 2011

12/24/2011 A Little of This, A Little of That

Christmas Eve.

We’ll spending the evening playing games with several friends of ours here in the park. After the evening Christmas Eve service the park puts on Game Night on this side. Trade Winds that is. The “other” park, Mission Bell will have a Talent Show and then the Christmas Eve service.

It’s cold here. Not so much cold as damp, chilly and just miserable. Our friend Marv called and told us he was enjoying his best year ever in Florida. We wish we were with him. We’re tired of rain and cloudy days.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Santa Ana Wild Life Preserve with Eddie & Toni. It had been the third of fourth cloudy day in a row and we all just had to get out and DO something. We walked down a trail and looked at the duck pond but it was so wet and cloudy the pictures didn’t turn out as well I had hoped. All the same, here’s a few from that day.

We thought it odd that the bark was just falling away from the tree trunk.


Lots of moss hanging from the trees.


The duck pond.


I took these pictures of Toni & Eddie and can’t decide which one I like better.



Have you seen the latest in the Modern Day Family Christmas Card?

xmas card

Since we’ve been on the road we have been introduced to some new things to eat. Fiddleheads in Canada, halibut when we were in Alaska but this “new” thing we’ve found advertised in the grocery store circular will NEVER grace our table! GUARANTEED! I mean, what do you DO with it? WHY would anyone want to eat this?


On that note I’ll close this.


Anonymous said...

some people use it for tamales

Donna K said...

The Christmas card is too close to the truth. It's funny, we watched a show tonight called Hairy Bikers (they are cooks who travel around on motorcycles) and they showed how you cook up a hog's head. They make something called a pickled meat - YECH!!

Merry Christmas.

Lori said...

Picture #1. But Eddie isn't wearing his glasses!