Saturday, December 3, 2011

12/3/2011 Chip’s Ribs

About a week ago, right around dinner time, there was a knock at our door. Since I was in the kitchen preparing our dinner I was the closest to answer it. I found our friend Chip on the other side and he was bearing gifts! The best kind, one that is edible.

Chip declined my invitation to come in stating he had a similar package to deliver to Toni and Eddie. He handed over a foil covered paper plate and was on his way. Before I even opened it to see what it was my mouth was watering just from the aroma.

What I found was ribs. Perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned, still hot off the grill, ribs. Chip knows how to cook ribs! Finger lickin’ good. The next day when we saw him we lavished him with high praise, partly because we figured if we did that he would share his ribs again the next time he made them.

Later in the day we saw Chip and Bunky and they suggested that the six of us get together the following Sunday for a BBQ and he would again satisfy our tummies with those delicious ribs. As much as we hated to say it we had to decline as the four of us (Toni & Eddie and us) had already purchased tickets to an event. Being flexible they said, “Will Saturday work instead?” Toni and I readily agreed that would be perfect and we decided what our contribution would be.

Fast forward to today. Turns out that today is a very, very windy day and an outside BBQ, the eating part anyway, was just not going to happen, Not willing to just toss aside the chance to eat those ribs again it was quickly decided that we would have our dinner in the clubhouse library which also doubles as a dining room when needed.


So Chip made two pans of his mouth-watering ribs, Toni made baked beans and I provided a tossed salad. And we feasted.


This was so reminiscent of our dinners we had in South Dakota with our group there. We decided that we would do this more often. Its always a good time when you share good food and good conversation with friends.

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