Saturday, March 17, 2012

3/17/2012 Yard Sale Day

We were up early this morning! Today, Trade Winds, our side of the park, is having a Craft Sale. This is a good day to also have a yard sale because of the traffic generated. The thing is, even though the Craft Sale doesn’t start until eight, the yard sale shopper start much earlier.

So, at o’dark thirty Bob and I were setting up the tables and putting our things that we want to get rid of out for the bargain shoppers.


It was still dark outswide when I took this picture. Take note our solar light is still on.

At quarter to seven we had our first customer. He didn’t buy anything. He looked at our Garmin GPS that we had for sale for $15.00. The GPS works, its been updated but cannot take anymore updates. We thought fifteen bucks was certainly a fair price. The man offered me two. WHAT? WHAT???? Two bucks? Are you kidding me? NO! I told him no that it was too early in the day and I know it will go for fifteen. Within the hour it did.

We really priced things to go. Look at the table on the right above. See that blue thing? Directly behind that you see a can with a red cap. That can was some kind of lubricant and had some kind device to get the lubricant into tight spaces attached to the can with some clear wrapping, I think Bob said he paid six or seven bucks for this can of stuff. What Bob didn’t tell me was that he set the can down there for a minute to do something else. I sold it. For a dollar. Oh well.

By ten thirty the majority of things belonged to someone else now. By eleven I had the table knocked down and what was left I put into a Rubbermaid tub. These things will be taken to the card room, put on a table with a sign that says FREE. Of course after the sale we found twenty more things we should have put out for sale. Isn’t that always the way?

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Donna K said...

Oh my, too bad about the lubricant...but if it doesn't walk about on its own, sell it!! That's my motto LOL! Glad you had a successful sale and got rid of some stuff you didn't need.