Friday, March 2, 2012

3/1-3/2/2012 We Can Now Say…..

We can now say, “We are leaving here next month.” Ask any workamper or even just someone who full times and stays put for a season, you get to the point when you just want to go. We are so ready.

If the truth be told we’ve been ready for awhile. It’s not the workamping and it’s the not the managers, they’ve been very good to us. it’s the more than adequate amounts of rain. It’s the nearly never ending wind. it’s the chilly temps. Simply put, we’ve had enough. It’s better now, we can say….next month.

Today, the 1st of March is my dad’s birthday. We had a nice long chat on the phone today. I am so anxious to get back to Delaware as it has been almost two years now since we’ve been home. Too long, much too long.

Today we had a park model move out. It was sold recently and because it is an older park model the buyers had to take it out of the park. This is an effort to get the older, less modern looking park models out and to make room for new ones.


Actually, I think was a regular travel trailer and they built an addition on to it and added a roof over the whole thing.


It was leaning a little to the left. I would not be comfortable towing this down the road, especially since I heard it has to go about 15 miles to its new home.

We were on our way out and saw it again on the main road.


While out and about in the park today I came across this very pampered pet. I believe the pup’s name is Molly, or maybe its Maggie, I know it’s an “M” name. It should be “C” for CUTE!



As you can see it’s a rare beautiful day in the neighborhood. I took good advantage of it and spend the afternoon at the pool. Burnt myself to a crisp! Hangin’ out in the pool, talking away, paying no attention to the sun reflecting off the water and the next thing you know I’m as red as cooked lobster! Will I ever learn?

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Donna K said...

That trailer sure looks funny going down the road with the add-on attached.

That's sure a cute little dog - with it's own parasol yet!!