Saturday, March 31, 2012

3/31/2012 The Cleanup Continues

As we rode in the golf cart this morning we took comfort in the fact it didn’t look so much like a war zone any more. Tree limbs were piled high in one place waiting to be cut down to manageable sizes for disposal, some carports were sporting new braces and were back in place where they belong.

Winter residents were out sweeping patios, others were taking the last of the porch roofs or carports that couldn’t be fixed down and we as groundskeepers had a big job ahead of us.

We decided to start with the fountain area and shuffleboard courts on the Mission Bell side.

Yesterday the shuffleboard courts looked like this.


The trees had been removed and just the debris was left.


There was a fine, silt like, covering over everything in addition to twigs and leaves and dirt.


There are eight shuffleboard courts with gutters and walk ways in between each one. Bob spent the first hour just clearing the courts themselves and the next two plus hours sweeping everything in the gutters to a large piles at each end of each gutter.

While he did that I worked on the fountain area. There are large pine trees in this area and between the hail and the wind they dropped a lot of their, um, their,,,,you know I don’t know what to call them. They aren’t leaves, it wasn’t just needles, it wasn’t branches, it was these things…


I’m sure they have a name and I’m sure I know it. I just don’t know it right now. Anyway, hundreds and hundreds of these things fell all over the sidewalks and gravel and in the fountain, just everywhere.




After three plus hours of raking, sweeping, and running trash can after trash can full of the stuff to the dumpsters we called it a day. It was getting hot in the sun and we were just getting tired!

We stood there and looked at what we accomplished today, the difference we made and we went home feeling good about our efforts.

When we got home Bob started right in on trying to salvage our stainless steel grill that sat in 8 inches of water during the storm. He took it all apart in hopes that after it thoroughly dries out it will work again. I hope so because this is just the best grill we’ve ever had.

It was laundry day for me and vacuuming day and in view of my morning and how hard we worked I called it a pizza for dinner day too.

I bet we sleep good tonight!

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