Thursday, March 22, 2012

3/22/2012 Waitin’ for Tiger’s Peeps To Call!

Today was a first for me….for us. I golfed. We golfed together. The best part? There wasn’t a windmill in sight. “What does that mean?” you ask? It means we weren’t at a putt-putt or mini-golf course! Now before you get the wrong impression altogether we also weren’t at a full sized golf course either. We went to a chip and putt I think its called. Par three course.


Remember when I bought this golf glove? Well I didn’t wear it. I couldn’t find it this morning. In fact, I’m thinking I may have returned it thinking I was never going to use it.

I’ll have to look around a little more and maybe have to go buy it again.

We got up this morning, went to work and it was just delightful outside. An absolutely beautiful morning, everyone’s step was a little lighter, the hello’s a little louder, a really feel good day. We got off at eleven and Bob says, “It’s such a nice day out we should go to the golf course.” I think he was waiting for me to say, “No way, Jose, I’m not playing golf.” I think he was quite surprised that I readily agreed that yes it would be fun to go hit that little white ball and then chase after it. So off we went.

I don’t know exactly what I was expecting but this wasn’t it. We pulled into a driveway and drove past someone’s house that was in much need of a coat of paint and lots of repairs. I looked at Bob and he assured me it was ok.

As we got out of the truck the golf course owner came out and we paid her for the round of golf and to rent me a putter.

We get to the first tee and the lesson began. How to hold the club, which I find uncomfortable but maybe that’s because its just new to me. Head down, knees bent, don’t look up, keep your eye on the ball. Swing. Follow through. This whole thing is going to take some getting used to.

So we start. My first whack at the ball, and that’s exactly what it was, actually connected but the ball didn’t go where I wanted it to. Regardless, that first par three I got the ball in in five. I thought that was good for my very first time. I’d rather not talk about the hole that took me eight shots if you don’t mind. Or the other hole that took me eight either. I think I’ll pass talking about the three holes that took me seven too. I absolutely refuse to talk about the one that I had to whack that ball nine times to get it in that damn little tiny hole. There were several times I asked for a “do-over” but Bob wasn’t having any of that. Did I mention the two balls that went in the water? He had the nerve to charge me extra strokes for that!

Ok, it was par 27 for the nine holes we played. Let’s just say my age is closer to 27 than my final score was. It’s all good. It was only my first time. I’m waiting to hear from Tiger Woods’ peeps to ask me to partner up with him for a tournament any day now. I better find that glove!

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