Saturday, March 24, 2012

3/23-3/24/2012 I Miss the Daffodils

I’ve been talking to friends and family at home and I’m hearing a lot of, “Oh Snookie, the daffodils are in bloom.” These yellow blooms of springtime are my all time favorite flower and I miss seeing them. There are no daffodils here in the Rio Grande Valley. At least I haven’t seen any and I’ve been looking. Spring is much too early this year. Things are blooming too soon. Temperatures are too warm in places where it should still be winter. Things seem to be changing and I’m not sure I like it.

I received a box in the mail on Friday. I belong to a group of thirty some women who reside all over the world and we held a Sekrit Bunni exchange. Don’t ask me how the spelling got skewed because I don’t know the answer to that. Anyway, I got my gift from one of my online friends who resides in Maryland. As it turns out, she had my name and I had hers. Let me tell you, my friend was very generous.


See that bag of cookies on the right hand side? Three words. To. Die. For. Oh my gosh they were some good great chocolate chip cookies. I hope she gets my name again at our next exchange and she can send me nothing but cookies. Hint, hint, Jen, I know you’re reading this. I was also given several boxes of very pretty notecards and a double walled glass full of chocolates! This is some kind of friend!

Have you made online friends? This group I’m with is the most amazing gathering of wonderful women I could ever imagine. We range in age from 20’s to 60’s and we live in America, Canada and Australia. We come from all walks of life, some married, some single, some career women and some stay at home mom’s and some career women who are mom’s. We laugh. Lots! We discuss current events and get some pretty good debates going once in awhile. We share recipes and childhood memories, give advice in parenting and matters of the heart. We know so much about each other and yet we still learn something new all the time. We cheer each other on, are ready to go to bat or even use a bat on somebody if someone is treating one of us badly. Most of all, this group of online friends are here for each other and with the time zones we span, that’s pretty much around the clock. I appreciate this group of online friends so much. I wish everyone had a group like this!

When we were out in the golf cart today I took a picture of this rock.


We are so counting the days…..

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