Monday, March 26, 2012

3/26/2012 Welcome New Readers

I’m going to take this time to welcome some new Frequent Readers and introduce you to their blogs.

Wayne & Margie are from our home state of Delaware. They are full-timers also and Wayne writes their blog about their travels. They are also workampers and will spend the summer in Maryland. You can follow them at Wayne's RV Blog.

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Lizze Jack is also a new reader and wrote Travels with Mr. Nimble. This blog was a journal of their trip west between March and October 2010. They hope to be back on road again soon.

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Sharon Wallace write The Odd Essay. She and her husband are full-timers and have traveled all over North America. Check this blog out!

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Jessica & Harry are still preparing to hit the road. You can follow their path to fulltime status as they get the house ready and are county down the days to retirement. I remember this time in our lives so well. Follow them at Planning for RV Days with Jessica and Harry.

Alan McMillan and Gypsy Boho are also new Frequent Readers but I couldn’t find any blogs associated with them. And that’s okay!

Welcome to our journey, all of you. I hope our paths cross some day.

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