Sunday, December 2, 2012

12/2/2012 WE GOT IT!

Arlene and Jim went to the Visitor’s Center so that Jim could see the aquarium while we started this week of workamping.  I think they went to help Jim keep his wits about him.  Let me explain.

If I was given three random letters, let’s say F, S and W and I had to use those letters in a word to describe Jim I would do as follows.  The letter F would stand for Funny!  Oh this man can make me laugh!   S would definitely stand for Sweet!  Jim is a real sweetheart, a nicer man would be hard to find.  Now we come to W. Without a doubt W would stand for Worrywart.  He worries about things enough for two people.  Arlene says she doesn’t worry about anything because Jim takes care of that department for both of them.

Though the rest of us read between the lines in the emails we received from the place we applied to for a workamping job next summer, Jim had to hear the actual words before he would accept we were actually going.  He wanted this so badly and worried all weekend that the interview wouldn’t go well and we wouldn’t actually get it.

In the afternoon they went to a local sports bar so that Jim could see his beloved Ravens play the Steelers.  A good game, but they lost and will not be in the playoffs like he hoped. (Have you noticed I haven’t even mentioned the Eagles this year?)

We had agreed we would call the campground owners, Sandy & Chip, at nine our time.  A ten of we just couldn’t wait any longer.  We put the phone on speaker and Sandy told us all about the job.  Chip chimed in from time to time.  We asked our list of questions that we had come up with and everyone was satisfied.  As soon as Sandy said, I’ll send you the contract tomorrow via email we all looked at Jim and watched him exhale a sigh of relief and have his expression replaced with the happiest smile you ever saw.  We got it!

So now I’ll tell you where we’re going and what we’re doing.  On April 25th or thereabouts we’ll be landing in MONTANA!  Yep, we’re going to Montana for the summer.  We’ll be halfway between Billings, MT and Sheridan, WY.  So that’s where we’ll be.  Perhaps you are wondering what we’ll be doing.  Well, we’ll be on a horse ranch.  It has a 90 campsite campground and Arlene and I will work the office and Bob and Jim will do things around the campground and park the campers.  We’ll work three days and have four off.  We’ll all work the same days so we’ll have plenty of time to explore the area.  Sandy and Chip told us that it will be possible that we can trade days with other couples so that we can get extended time off so that we can go to Yellowstone National Park and the Badlands.  Although we’ve been there we’re looking forward to sharing the experience of first timers Jim and Arlene.

You can see more about where we’re going to be by clicking HERE.

Are we excited?  You bet!


Mike Volentine said...

Be sure to take your boots amd hat with you to your new summer adventure in Montana.. I guess you will have a choice to go to Sheridan, WY or Billings, MT to do your grocery shopping. They are about the same distance from where you will be. I would think that Billings would have better shopping.

Snookie said...

We probably will do all of our shopping in Billings. If for no other reason, Montana, like Delaware, doesn't have a sales tax and that works for me.