Friday, December 28, 2012

12/28/2012 Dian & KK Arrive

This is a day we have been waiting for for quite awhile now. 

We got up at six this morning because we had to be Miami by 8:30 in order to be sure we would  find the right terminal where our friends are flying into.

We found where we were supposed to be and parking rather quickly.  It was a good thing because their flight arrived 20 minutes earlier than what it was slated to.

It took them awhile to get to where we were waiting and Bob and I stood there, dressed in our summer attire when they came down the concourse in clothing good for Delaware in December, complete with jeans, heavy sweatshirts and winter jackets.


We promised them we’d have a cold beer waiting for them and as soon as they got in truck they popped that first one.


Destination….Key West.


Di & KK loved the ride to Key West and who can blame them?  Turquoise blue waters would put anyone at ease and into “island mode”.



It was a three hour ride from Miami to the Naval Air Station on the island.  While we weren’t staying directly on base we had to go there to check in and get our room keys.
We weren’t in Key West long when we fell in behind this car…..


…..and not three minutes later saw this one.


What are the chances of flying three hours, driving another three and see two vehicles from such a small state like Delaware is within minutes of each other?  Slim to none.
We got settled in Truman Annex, just two blocks from Duval Street, with no problems and the girls promptly got out of their winter garb and into summer attire.  Shorts and a tee.  Oh boy, did they need some sun and some color!

We made our way to Duval Street, ready for lunch and adult beverages.

We excellent burgers and fries.  After lunch and listening to the musician on stage it was time to go for a walk to see what was going on in Key West.  On the way out we had to stop for a photo op.


…and then of course Bob and I got ours taken.


Note to Sharon who saw this on my Facebook page:  NO, I did not get a boob job!
We walked the street for awhile, stopped in some shops and had to call it an early evening.  After all, Dian & KK had been up since 2:30 a.m. in order to meet their 6 a.m. flight, it had been an exceptionally long day for them.

Of course on the way home we ran across a store that Dian couldn’t stay out of.  Bob either for that matter.  Cookies and fudge all around!


It’s so great to see these two again, its going to be a great week!

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