Saturday, December 8, 2012

12/8/2012 This, That and the Other Thing

(Key Largo, FL)

We had rain last night during the night.  Since it is so humid here wanted to unroll our awnings to air them out and to make sure no mold was starting to form even though we have the metal covering protecting our awning.  Our awnings hadn’t been out in a little over a week and I tell you this for a reason.

This is our awning.


Bob was sitting under the awning at the picnic table when he happened to look up at the underside of the awning and the roll bar.  Remember, our awning hadn’t been out in a week.

He called to me to get the camera and to come outside.

THIS was rolled up in our awning for the past 7 to 9 nine days!


We thought for sure it was dead as it seemed to have even lost its color.


Even though it looks like it, the frogs eyes are not open.

Bob got the picker thing we use to pick up litter and poked at it.  Much to our surprise, the eyes opened!  It was alive!

Bob knocked it off the roller and picked it up with the picker and it squirted this long stream of liquid out at us.  Now I don’t know if this little frog had been holding it for a week and really, really had to go and couldn’t hold it any longer or if this was some kind of defense mechanism.  I sure didn’t hang around to find out.  I stepped back real quick as did Bob.

So Bob picked up the frog and gently flung it into the area of the stream where we figured it would be at home.  Is it even possible to fling something gently?  Bob laid the pickers on the back of the truck and I went back into the house.  A few minutes later I got called back out and was told to bring the camera again.

It seems Bob flung the little much more gently than he thought.  It seems it held on for dear life!


This poor little frog has had a rough week!  We have no idea how he got up on the awning to begin with but to have been rolled up tight for over a week to the point you lose all your color, well, what could be worse?  When his back legs were outstretched we could see his color in that area and he’s really a very bright, almost lime green frog.

I want to take this time to welcome new Frequent Reader, Patti.  We hope you enjoy the journey.

Speaking of Frequent Readers, do you come to read here on a regular basis whether that be every day, every other or once a week?  If you could be considered a Frequent Reader have you joined the Frequent Readers in the sidebar?  If not, how about doing that today.  You don’t get anything for doing so but I do like to know who’s reading.  Just curiosity on my part.  So c’mon, sign on today.

When were in Delaware this summer we weren’t bothered with “stink bugs”.  I think they became a nuisance right after we left.  In fact, we hadn’t had any contact with them until we picked the Mobile Suite up in Tennessee.  Well, we’ve got them in Florida!  What a pain they are!  I looked at a website about them and Montana doesn't have them as yet, one more reason to can't wait to get there.


Karen and Al said...

That's just a very, very common Green Tree Frog. They frequently get into rolled up awnings, I'm surprised you didn't find a few more! They can climb right up the side of your rig and stick. I'm terrified of the little creatures, so Al has to to a frog watch and make sure none are hanging around. They are everywhere!

Haven't had a stink bug yet, but have heard they can be bad. I thought they were mostly out west.

Arlene Allmond said...

Awe snook's the frog is so cute. We've had a couple of the same ones in our shed in the corners. I'm with you girlfriend, NOT GONNA DO THE WATER THING.