Monday, December 31, 2012

12/31/2013 New Year's Eve


We were on the road by 7 a.m. this morning because Bob and I still have our workamping obligation.

We did see a great sunrise on our way home even though the morning clouds hadn’t burned off yet.




Even though we won’t be in Key West to watch the shoe drop we have big plans to bring the New Year in.


We made it back to Key Largo in plenty of time for us to get everyone settled and ourselves to work.

The girls went fishing this afternoon up on the point and KK had quite a battle with a barracuda.  Unfortunately the fish turned as the picture was taken and it looks pathetic in this picture, but it is a barracuda.

Photo: First barracuda of 2013!

I did take a walk up to the point to see how they were doing in the fishing department.  Of course I snapped a few pictures while there.


These two dear friends of ours were so happy to be out in the sunshine and to be fishing again.


Today our fire pit  arrived.  Actually, it had been in the park for a few days but we didn’t know it.  It was delivered to the concession stand and not the ranger’s station.  I had to call and track it only to find out it was delivered four days ago.

Photo: The makings of another great evening in Key Largo

Bob building our first fire and recycling the beer boxes.

Photo: Key Largo

He had quite the fire going in no time.

A couple of weeks ago I made reservations for Snook's Bayside Grand Tiki Bar for tonight’s New Year’s Eve celebration.  Our plans included dinner first and then staying for the party.

Bob and girls were sitting outside enjoying the fire when KK said to Bob, “You know Bob, if we don’t make it to 12:00 tonight its OK with us.”  Bob responded with an enthusiastic, “Hey, that’s ok with me too!”  Just minutes later I went outside and Bob told me about the conversation that took place and asked my opinion.  I was already tired and agreed wholeheartedly that we could go to dinner and when we got tired we could leave at any time.  Great, everyone is on board with that.  And then….. I suggested we just go for a nice dinner and forget the party.  “Yeah!  That sounds good!” came from all three.  And then….I suggested we forget dinner too and order in pizza and sit around the fire or watch TV.  I heard, “Oh yeah, that’s even better!” and, “I like that idea!”.  So that’s what we did.  We all ordered  medium pizzas made just the way we each wanted our own pizza.
And by nine o’clock we were in all in bed asleep.

From this, we learned that if you party hard for three days in Key West, on the fourth day you finally realize you aren’t twenty anymore.

Bob and I wish each of you, our readers, no, make that our friends, a healthy and prosperous 2013.

Happy New Year everyone!

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