Friday, April 12, 2013

4/12/2013 Carpet and Furniture Shopping

(Wilmington, DE)

Today mom and I went carpet and furniture shopping. 

We went to a flooring contractors showroom to pick out new wall to wall for the living room, dining room, hallway and two bedrooms,  We have a family friend who knows a carpet installer and he sent us there to pick it out.  It was difficult at best.  it’s hard to help pick out carpet in colors you don’t care for to begin with.  When I saw she kept going back to a certain color I agreed that that one was the best.  I’m sure it will all look nice when its all said and done.

From there we went to a local department store where she saw a sofa that she liked.  The store has 20% off today so we went to get it ordered.  It will be in next week.

While in the department store we stopped to buy new curtains for the dining room.

I’m glad we have these things to keep us busy.  I’m afraid if we didn’t there would be too much time to think.  There will be time enough for that later on.  At the same time it is just putting off the inevitable for her.  Her new normal.

Back at home we continued going through drawers, cabinets and closets.  My mom is ready to clear things out that she doesn’t use or need anymore.  That was hard to do with my dad around because he was always saying,,,,I might need that someday or I’m going to fix that!  Now, it’s going!

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