Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4/30/2013 Getting’ to My New Normal

(Tucson, AZ)

I start my new normal today.  First thing we had to do was take the rental car back.  (Look a picture!  I’m back with my camera!)


I rented the car yesterday at 4 pm and the paperwork showed I had to have it back by noon today.  I thought I rented for 24 hours.  The fellow at the desk assured me I could take it until then but we were there and our next stop was the grocery store anyway!
I’ve never seen such empty refrigerator and pantry shelves as I saw when I checked to see what was needed from the store.  This was going to be some shopping trip.

As it turned out it wasn’t all that much anyway because I didn’t know the store and was getting weepy looking at things like Old Bay seasoning which me reminded me of the delicious shrimp my dad made for us.

I’m finding it doesn’t take much for tears to start to run down my face.  I think about him or my mom and the tears flow.  This is all new to me so I’m hoping this is perfectly normal and, if the truth be told, I hope it doesn’t last long.

I think about my dad so much and the memories that come to mind are things I thought I had long forgotten.  Good memories, fun memories and some not so good.  Life wasn’t always a bowl of cherries for the two of us.  In some ways we were too much alike I think.

We’re near 100 degrees today.  It’s hot.  Our air conditioners don’t stop, they are running 24/7.  How anyone could choose to live here in this heat is beyond me.  Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s a DRY heat.  Dry or not a hundred degrees is a hundred degrees.

Tomorrow I will start getting our ducks in a row with all the notes and emails and get a good timeline written down in black and white.  We’ve been here too long and things have to move now.


Jessica and Harry said...

My experience was similar. My dad passed away in February, and that whole year, the tears flowed. He was a huge football fan, and when the football schedule came out and I saw that Giants were playing Dallas, I just thought immediately of my dad, and the tears flowed. My sister was the same way. We both were so happy to see the new year come because it had been such a sad year. Dad's been gone six years now, and while the tears don't come all the time anymore, I still think of my father just about everyday. So yes, I would say it's normal.

LaVon Baker said...

It's very normal. All part of the grieving process and it will pass. The amount of time it take varies for each person. Just let the tears flow. Let the memories come. Don't hold back or try to be strong. That prolongs the process.

I am so sorry i have not ordered those booklets on grieving yet. Here's the wbsite: http://www.stephenministries.org/griefresources/default.cfm/775

They are excellent.

LaVon Baker said...

You might want to order a set for your mom, too.